Warmbox Review & Alternatives for Email Outreach Success in 2024

Warmbox Review & Alternatives for Email Outreach Success in 2024

Vladyslav Podoliako
Jan 04, 2024
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Email deliverability tools are essential for outreach ROI. If only 10% to 20% of your emails reach the primary inbox and even less are read, you're wasting resources.

Tools like Warmbox promise to help you reach more inboxes. However, each has a different approach to fulfilling that claim.

Does Warmbox really use a sustainable approach to improve your email deliverability? Why do users keep complaining about emails being flagged as spam by Gmail?

We compare Warmbox with Folderly, examining sustainable deliverability, features, customer experience, and pricing. Plus, you’ll find a sneak peek at other Warmbox alternatives. 

Folderly vs. Warmbox: Comparison Table 



Real-time email deliverability score


A comprehensive metric based on a combination of your inbox rate, spam triggers, and adherence to best practices. It is calculated for each mailbox separately.


Not available at present, only email warmup analytics

Email authentication (DNS settings) management



Folderly regularly monitors and spots infrastructure configuration issues (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI) in real-time. Issues with DNS settings can be handled either automatically (if it's something that doesn't require your involvement) or the team will receive an alert ASAP, with detailed instructions on what to do.

Expert A-Z domain setup, including all the DNS settings, is available on request*


IP blocklists & DNS settings checker are available with every account. 

No DNS settings recommendations or service at the moment.

Email deliverability optimization


Complex approach to email deliverability fix that detects and troubleshoots issues at all levels - IP, domain, mailbox, and email content.   Folderly excels in identifying why emails might land in spam and provides expert steps to fix these issues.

This proactive approach to identifying and resolving deliverability problems is crucial to maintaining a healthy email reputation​​, adhering to the best email compliance standards).



Basic warmup, which may optimize email deliverability only in short-term and doesn't guarantee inbox placement. Also, the tool monitors IP blocklists & DNS settings.

Doesn't work with the nitty-gritty of email infrastructure—IP addresses, domains, and mailboxes.

Spam triggers monitoring




Provides a comprehensive list of reasons why your emails hit spam folders, based on feedback from major ESPs during email deliverability testing within Folderly. 

When you access Spam Triggers, you can review the list of all triggers reported by Gmail or Outlook. You can filter triggers according to the following criteria: All triggers, Mailbox, Template, Domains, and IP.


Only spam triggers connected with incorrect DNS settings and  IP blocklists.

Email deliverability consulting




Ongoing support from a personal Customer Success Manager (10+ mailboxes), access to a dedicated chat with CSMs, and detailed email deliverability consulting available on demand.

Not available at present.



With 50+ popular ESPs on every plan + other less popular solutions via API and SMTP. 

Native integration with all major mailbox provider feedback loops.


Native integrations with all popular ESPs.

Custom SMTP integration with others.

Real-time alerts 

If deliverability optimization fails on a mailbox due to an error that should be fixed manually, Folderly warns promptly.

 As usual, Folderly fixes other mistakes within 3 hours without troubling you. If the error persists, Folderly will email an alert.

Not available at present.



Visual deliverability reports and custom scores for different inboxes and strategy weak spots. You can review the deliverability chart for previous months to see the progress. + The ESP drop-down filter shows how your mailbox performed with a specific ESP.

Trend analysis and real-time alerts about deliverability issues.


Detailed dashboard with warmup activity overview, plus email deliverability score and overview of IP blocklist statistics. 


From $70

Per mailbox/ month with no usage caps

From $15/mo for inbox warmup, capped at 50 emails per day. 

Free trial

7 days

Not available

ProductHunt Rating

⭐️  5.0 out of 5.0 (with 44 reviews)


⭐️  4.4 out of 5.0 (with 42 reviews)


Warmbox vs Folderly: Core Features Compared 

A high email deliverability rate is the sum of different actions: your email infrastructure configurations, domain and IP reputation, contact list quality, email content, and design.

Warmbox only deals with one aspect of email deliverability. It increases your sender limits and reputation through a pre-programmed inbox warm-up activity. Folderly goes a notch further and helps you identify and fix all aspects of email deliverability.

The two tools differ when it comes to managing sender reputations and improving email delivery rates.

Email Deliverability Optimization 

When you invest in an email deliverability service, you want to get consistent results and protect your email performance from slumps. 

Folderly helps you achieve this through automatic inbox upkeep and reputation monitoring features, plus contextual email deliverability best practices based on your current posture.

Our platform’s algorithm is pre-programmed to automatically sustain regular email engagement, based on your current inbox placement rates and a custom deliverability score. Everything is configured for you, and you can activate the scenario with one click.

Email warmups alone aren’t enough to increase your sender reputation and improve inbox placement rates (INRs). In contrast to other tools, Folderly focuses on addressing the entire spectrum of email deliverability issues, rather than just increasing your sender volumes. You can learn the difference between email warmup and email deliverability from our previous post.

  Folderly dashboard showing daily upkeep

A Folderly Score is a real-time aggregated metric based on the inbox placement signals we receive from ESPs, detected spam triggers, and current email infrastructure configurations. The real-time score also factors in data from all major IP blocklists and known spam traps.

Contrary to Folderly, Warmbox's approach to email deliverability improvement is centered on warm-up. You can select from 3 pre-suggested scenarios or set a custom one by adjusting email sending volumes and timing. Warmbox algorithms will automatically interact with all emails, sent to their seed addresses, to increase your sender limits and generate positive engagement signals for ESPs.

Warmbox Warmup Dashboard

Image source

For each warm-up campaign, you can adjust parameters like “timing”, “max daily sending volumes”, and “reply rate”. The latter is capped at 45% to better represent natural inbox interactions. All email replies are written with GPT-4 technology.

Warmbox says to be using a network of 35,000+ private inboxes in 100+ countries. However, we couldn’t fully verify this claim. Some users complained that Warmbox mostly uses free Gmail accounts for warm-ups. Another user mentioned that the company appears to purposefully send a low volume of emails to a specific ESP (like Google or Outlook), forcing users to upgrade to a more expensive plan tier.  In other words: You may likely get a much lower quality of service with the most affordable plan.

In contrast, Folderly offers the same selection of email deliverability features on every plan. Instead of paying per a capped number of emails or users, you get an all-in access to our platform with unlimited admin users and only pay for connected inboxes.  

Deliverability Reports 

Folderly analytics dashboard helps you track all metrics that affect your sender reputation and fix things up. You get real-time stats on your inbox placement rates across all tracked ESPs (plus, we integrate with all major CRMs and marketing software platforms!).

You can segment data by ESP, tracked period, or the used email template. The latter helps you benchmark and validate different email content to ensure the highest placement scores.

Deliverability Report Dashboard Folderly

Folderly also provides real-time deliverability alerts, based on our behind-the-scenes analysis of your email deliverability infrastructure. You’ll get notified if we find any issues with your DNS records configurations or identify spam trigger words in your email content.

Also, all admin users get instant alerts when anything goes haywire with a scheduled campaign. For example, Folderly fails to run on a specific mailbox due to invalid credentials.

In comparison, Warmbox provides less detailed analytics and fewer alerts. The main dashboard only reports data on all active warm-up activities (email sent, interactions done, etc). You also get stats on inbox spam rates for the sent warm-up emails but don’t get data breakdown by ESP or template.

While Folderly lets you add, store, and use an unlimited number of email templates, Warmbox only uses their ones. This can be a nuisance since the generic templates may include spam trigger words and phrases (and you have no way to verify that). Likewise, this gives you no option to validate a new outreach template.

Warmbox Custom Warmup Dashboard

Image source

The secondary analytics dashboard includes an email deliverability score. Warmbox doesn’t explicitly mention how it’s generated, but it’s mostly based on a combination of signals from IP  blacklists and spam traps.

Email Deliverability Score Dashboard Warmbox

Image source

Unlike Folderly, Warmbox doesn’t provide any further information on spam triggers — ancillary factors like email content, HTML template design, or suboptimal SPF configurations

With Folderly, you can learn precisely why an email went to spam, which reduces the time you spend on troubleshooting.

Folderly Spam Triggers Dashboard

Email Infrastructure Configuration 

Both Folderly and Warmbox provide tools for inspecting your domain settings (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC). Folderly also has a public free DMARC and SPF Generator. 😉

But Warmbox doesn’t have any tools for Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) configuration.  

So, what Makes Folderly a Better Alternative to Warmbox?

Warmbox does what it says on the tin: email warmups. Folderly goes a step further and provides users with real-time data on inbox placement rates, spam triggers, and infrastructure configuration mishaps.

A reliable approach to email deliverability

​​From the minute you connect your mailbox and launch Folderly, the solution keeps working on improving your email deliverability. Folderly imitates 100% manual flow and follows all the email compliance rules in terms of email deliverability optimization, so you can feel safe and sound.

Content Spam Fixes 

Using common spam trigger words (the overpromising super-relatives and sales speak) and wonky formatting (like extreme punctuation or all caps) can land your inbox in spam. Folderly helps avoid that by scanning each template for triggers.

We help fix email content, Grammarly-style, by suggesting problematic words. Our spam words checker is trained on the latest, frequently refreshed spam trigger data. Test drive our tool for free! 

 Folderly email template dashboard

Paid users also receive Spam Trigger alerts, whenever we detect issues in your content. Each alert includes a detailed explanation of the issue and a “fix it” tip. With Spam Triggers, you can also quickly identify which ESP is giving you the hardest time and adjust your efforts accordingly. 

Warmbox doesn’t offer any email content checks, meaning you’d have to pay for another email optimization tool.

Expert Advice

Warmbox gives you options to configure email warmup and address some infrastructure issues…but you’re effectively left to your own devices here. If you’re not sure how to test your email deliverability or what else to optimize, you’re getting less impact from their tool. 

Folderly has more proactive support. Each user receives contextual in-app cues, auto-generated based on your inbox current performance. Our Customer Success team also regularly sands hand-curated best practices to every user. Effectively, you’re getting a white glove service without a premium price tag.

You also receive a dedicated, knowledgeable CS manager, personalized onboarding support, and proactive deliverability issues resolution. In addition, our consulting team is always available to run a full audit for you. Thanks to insights and guidance from our team, professional training provider Edthena fully recovered its sender reputation, reaching 99% deliverability and a 20% open rate (up from just 2%). IT company AMO, in turn, got a 25% open rate and 99% deliverability after working with our experts.   

Warmbox doesn’t provide any email deliverability consulting services. Their customer support is limited to tech support through an online chat and on-site self-service help section.

Warmbox and Other Alternatives

In case you don’t need a reliable approach to email deliverability, and a basic warmup is choice-to-go, here are 4 more Warmbox alternatives with similar functionality to consider:

In case you don’t need a reliable approach to email deliverability, and a basic warmup is choice-to-go, here are 4 more Warmbox alternatives with similar functionality to consider:


Easy-to use SMTP tool ideal for users seeking a direct and user-friendly approach to email warming.


Targets those who prefer a more automated and efficient email warming process.

Warmup Inbox

Appeals to users looking for a comprehensive, feature-rich email deliverability solution.


Best suited for those who prioritize simplicity and straightforward email warm-up functionalities.

Which Email Deliverability Platform to Choose? 

Expert email marketing teams need an email deliverability platform that fixes their performance and protects sender reputation, not just a warmup tool that raises your sender limits.

If you need a platform that does everything—IP reputation monitoring, email infrastructure fine-tuning, email content checks, and more—go with Folderly. See how we compare to Warmbox during a free 7-day trial!

Also, check out our article with a detailed walkthrough through top 11 email deliverability tools, along with explained criteria to consider when looking for an email deliverability tool.

Only solution that boosts deliverability to 99.99% by full-cycle tech setup, human-like approach, and real-time content optimization.
Warmbox Review & Alternatives for Email Outreach Success in 2024
Vladyslav Podoliako
Vladyslav Podoliako
Founder & CEO
Vlad is a Founder & CEO of Belkins and Folderly, a series entrepreneur and investor with over ten years of management expertise in companies with 100 million evaluation. Vlad has years of experience building and growing service companies and SaaS startups in SalesTech and MarTech. He is skilled in creating successful businesses from the ground up and building top-notch teams that drive all ventures to the top of their industries.

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Only solution that boosts deliverability to 99.99% by full-cycle tech setup, human-like approach, and real-time content optimization.