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All-in-one Email Deliverability Platform to get real-time insight on your domain and mailbox health and establish a strong connection with your leads
Cold Email Outreach
Advanced email deliverability solution for cold email outreach, aiming to prevent any deliverability pitfalls, and maintain high Inbox rate.
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The package perfectly suits to:
Ensure all of your emails reach the recipients' Inbox
Don't let a single important email dissolve into nowhere due to low email deliverability.
Maximize delivery, open and reply rates
Unlock the full capacity of your mailbox. Increase your Sender Score and engage more recipients.
Skyrocket revenue from email outreach
Gain more trust as a sender and fuel your brand image promotion. Make each business email contribute to your revenue.
Open Rate
Email Deliverability
Email Marketing
Build up sender reputation for emails to your subscribers. We support any type of marketing campaigns:
Transactional or trigger emails
Product updates
Contact our specialists to find out how Folderly can help you achieve your goals and get a custom quote.
The package perfectly suits to:
Build strong relationships with your subscribers
Email marketing communication is truly effective when it reaches your recipients’ mailboxes seamlessly.
Land transactional emails in your customers’ inboxes
Ensure that all of your trigger emails reach to the recipient, and urge them to take the necessary actions.
Grow credibility and brand reputation
Domain with a good reputation, and emails going to the Inbox is the best proof that you're a credible vendor.
Engagement Rates
Email Deliverability
Folderly Premium includes

Folderly Premium includes

All email deliverability features you need for flawless mailbox performance
Real-time email deliverability testing
Learn where your emails land, and analyse Inbox placement through different email service providers
Progressive domain health insights
Obtain valid information on your domain’s healths, sender score, IP information, and WHOIS
Email authentication monitoring
Get timely status of your DNS: SPF, DMARC, DKIM, and BIMI record, and verify that you’re a credible sender
Unlimited number of email interactions
Result-based approach that allows to automate thousands of human-like GTP-3 powered or custom email interactions
Dynamic ESP & IP seed list
Ensure mailbox security and prevent email data leaks with daily rotating diverse seed lists with high sender score
Blacklists and email filter monitoring
Keep an eye on the most popular blocklists and spam filters, and get actionable removal steps
Email templates dashboard
Preview your plain text and HTML emails for spam triggers, and monitor its Inbox placement rates
Seamless integration
Folderly integrates via API and SMTP with major email service providers and supports custom providers.
Dedicated customer success manager
Your account manager to fine-tune email infrastructure, and enhance key performance indicators
Cold Email Outreach
Cold Email Outreach
Performance target
Email Deliverability
Open Rate
ROI of Emails
Dedicated Solutions
Enterprise Solutions
Large-scale solutions customized for your business goals. We strive to suit your demands and create indispensable services for a robust email ecosystem.
Secure and customized approach for specific business needs
Unlimited number of users, scalable volumes and packages
Advantageous conditions and long-term regards
Dedicated customer success team
Partner Program
We collaborate with leading technology companies to enhance the growth of the email industry and maximize results for our customers. Become our partner!
Sales and marketing performance solutions
Email testing tools
CRM and email security services
Folderly API, add-ons`, integration providers
Affiliate Program
Join Folderly referral-based partnership, and earn commission rewards with your unique affiliate link. Turn your biggest fans into your best marketers.
For marketing software and email outreach tools
For sales and marketing consulting agencies
For independent consultants
For each email-savvy, willing to grow together
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Vladislav Podolyako
Vladislav Podolyako
CEO at Folderly
There is much more accomplish.
At Folderly, we have years of experise and a professional team for identifying the root causes for email delivery failure and putting your campaigns back on track
There is much more accomplish.
There is much more accomplish.
There is much more accomplish.
There is much more accomplish.
There is much more accomplish.
There is much more accomplish.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long until I see email performance change?
It may vary case by case, but we typically expect 3-4 weeks to be the time for platform to improve the email deliverability drastically. However, we have many instances where it took 1-2 weeks or even up to a few months. You will see the difference from the day-one but be patient till Folderly will fix your spam problems. To optimize the spam fix process, feel free to contact us.
How can I get started?
Create your Folderly account with one of the monthly plans or contact us at for customer support assistance. Please note that your credit card will be charged due to your billing plan.
How can I cancel my subscription?
At any time you can visit your Billing section and cancel the subscription. Please note that all your stats and progress will be deleted as a result. Plus, all of the connected email addresses will be removed.
What does the package include?
When you buy a subscription, you will get a full access to all Folderly features with no limitations regarding these features.
Can I suggest a new feature?
Yes! Please, use a contact form to let us know your needs. If your suggestion represents value for us, we can include it as a product feature. Note, that development may take some time.