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We help you unlock the potential rewards by turning your delivery rate all the way up to a perfect 100% after joining forces with Folderly. Imagine every single one of your emails reaching the Inbox - like hand-delivered invitations!
This means more eyeballs on your message, more happy conversations, and a higher chance of your audience joining the party. The result? A substantial opportunity for revenue growth!
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We know email deliverability can be a tough nut to crack. That's why at Folderly, we focus on understanding the uniqueness of your case and craft personalized solutions for your email outreach. Here's how we do it:
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Spot & fix
Effortlessly connect your mailbox with any Email Service Provider
Take a quick peek at your email placement
Pinpoint any immediate issues that need attention
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Follow Folderly’s guidance to fixing your email ecosystem
Make your email templates ready for the spotlight!
Tackle those pesky issues that stop your emails from getting cozy in the inbox
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Monitor your deliverability metrics with detailed dashboard
Find your emails zipping straight to the Inbox, right where they belong
As delivery rates climb, watch your cold outreach evolve into a profitable revenue generator

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the details of our Email Revenue Calculator
What exactly is the Email Revenue Calculator?
The Email Revenue Calculator is a powerful tool designed by Folderly to give you a clear picture of the potential revenue that can be generated from your cold email campaigns. By considering factors such as the size of your target business, number of emails sent per month, average open and reply rates, and average deal size, the calculator offers a precise estimate of the revenue you might be looking at.
How does your Email Revenue Calculator work?
The Email Revenue Calculator efficiently processes the data you provide - including your industry, target business size, number of emails sent per month, average open rate, average reply rate, and average deal size. Using a well-calibrated formula, which takes into account the average conversion rates depending on the target business size, it computes an estimate of the revenue you could potentially generate.
How do I use Email Revenue Calculator?
To use the Email Revenue Calculator, follow these steps:

Step 1. Choose the size of the business you are targeting:

  • Small Business: Up to 50 employees or $10M in revenue.
  • Mid-Size: Between 50-500 employees or up to $50M in revenue.
  • Large: 500+ employees or over $100M revenue.

Step 2. Input the total number of cold emails your team sends on a monthly basis.

Step 3. Provide the average open rate, which represents the percentage of recipients who open an email out of the total number of delivered emails. Not sure about this one? No worries, just pick your industry from the dropdown, and the calculator will play the guessing game for you.

Step 4. Enter the average reply rate. This metric reflects the percentage of recipients who respond to your emails. Similar to the open rate, if you're unsure, the calculator can adjust based on your industry.

Step 5. Finally, input the average deal size, reflecting the average value of your closed deal. Once you have entered this information, the Email Revenue Calculator will analyze the data and provide you with a revenue estimate.
Can the Email Revenue Calculator be used for any industry?
Absolutely! It's built to work for any industry that uses cold email outreach, adapting to different key metrics and business models.
How do you calculate potential revenue generated with Folderly?
Folderly calculates potential revenue by examining the benefits of achieving an email delivery rate of 100% through the use of Folderly's services. With all your emails efficiently reaching the inboxes of your intended recipients, you ensure maximum visibility for your messages. This enhanced exposure can lead to increased engagement and a higher likelihood of conversion, contributing to an increase in email-generated revenue.

Looking to improve your email ROI?

Folderly is here to be your co-pilot on this email adventure, powering up your cold outreach like never before.
Map out your email’s journey with Folderly