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Folderly Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission rewards for referring customers using your unique affiliate link in content such as blog posts, emails, and webinars
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Are you looking for legitimate ways to get passive income? Do you know all about email deliverability? Try the email affiliate marketing program from Folderly!
What Commission Rate Do Your Email Marketing Affiliate Programs Offer?
Currently, we don't have multiple email marketing affiliate programs. This is because we decided to focus on one solution to make it straightforward for our affiliates and partners. So, our affiliate email program offers 15% of the subscription price.

You'll receive this commission from every user who subscribes to Folderly. We generate a personalized email affiliate link to track customers who started using our tool through your promotion campaigns.

Email marketing affiliate programs have become extremely popular during the last few years. That's because more than one-third of publishers from various industries earn around $20k per annum from their affiliate emails and other affiliate activities.

And, probably the most beautiful part of this income is that you can get it even when you sleep. Once you recommend our tool in your video, post a review in your blog, or email affiliate links in your weekly newsletter, they work for you.

And, since the minimum monthly charge for our users is $160, you can get $4,800 each month if you attract 100 subscribers through your affiliate marketing email or other channels.
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How Can I Withdraw Earned Money from My Affiliate Marketing Email Campaign?
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