Turn your biggest fans into your best marketers

Folderly Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission rewards for referring customers using your unique affiliate link in content such as blog posts, emails, and webinars
Turn your biggest fans into your best marketers
Folderly Affiliate Program
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Time to get creative here. Use your unique referral link to inform your friends, and prospects the wonderful benefits of using Folderly.
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Take home 15% recurring monthly commission for every successful referral.
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Our clients say

  • This email software is the best thing anyone could think of. My emails actually get read and not end up in the spam folder. Keep on with the good work.
    This email software is the best thing anyone could think of. My emails actually get read and not end up in the spam folder. Keep on with the good work.
    Roman Sevast
    Founder & CEO at Awesomic
  • The one and only way to send marketing emails to the Inbox. Now our open and click-through rates are twice as high.
    The one and only way to send marketing emails to the Inbox. Now our open and click-through rates are twice as high.
    David Cagigas
    CTO Founder at Edworking
  • The tool saves time and efforts for our email marketers. Workable way to increase email engagement.
    The tool saves time and efforts for our email marketers. Workable way to increase email engagement.
    Aleksandra K
    Public Relations Specialist at Stripo
  • Significant impact on the overall performance of email campaigns. This tool helps to ensure that all the efforts made on outreach are worths it.
    Significant impact on the overall performance of email campaigns. This tool helps to ensure that all the efforts made on outreach are worths it.
    Oleg B
    CEO & Founder at Gradual
  • I love that Folderly continues to maintain my domain health month after month to ensure that my e-mails always land in the recipient inbox versus "junk"!
    I love that Folderly continues to maintain my domain health month after month to ensure that my e-mails always land in the recipient inbox versus "junk"!
    Brian Hicks
    Sr. Sales Executive at Belkins
  • The tool is automated and it's not time-consuming. We could see great improvements in our email campaigns since our deliverability issues were fixed.
    The tool is automated and it's not time-consuming. We could see great improvements in our email campaigns since our deliverability issues were fixed.
    Vira S
    Public Relations Specialist at Netpeak
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Learn How to Make Money with Email Affiliate Campaigns Now!

Are you looking for legitimate ways to get passive income? Do you know all about email deliverability? Try the email affiliate marketing program from Folderly!
What Commission Rate Do Your Email Marketing Affiliate Programs Offer?
Currently, we don't have multiple email marketing affiliate programs. This is because we decided to focus on one solution to make it straightforward for our affiliates and partners. So, our affiliate email program offers 15% of the subscription price.

You'll receive this commission from every user who subscribes to Folderly. We generate a personalized email affiliate link to track customers who started using our tool through your promotion campaigns.

Email marketing affiliate programs have become extremely popular during the last few years. That's because more than one-third of publishers from various industries earn around $20k per annum from their affiliate emails and other affiliate activities.

And, probably the most beautiful part of this income is that you can get it even when you sleep. Once you recommend our tool in your video, post a review in your blog, or email affiliate links in your weekly newsletter, they work for you.

And, since the minimum monthly charge for our users is $160, you can get $4,800 each month if you attract 100 subscribers through your affiliate marketing email or other channels.
When Will You Pay Me for My First Affiliate Email Buyer?
Once a user clicks on your affiliate email marketing link, our system adds the relevant record and starts counting down the cookie lifetime. If the prospect makes a purchase within 30 days, the status of this referral changes, and you'll see its amount added to the next payout.

According to our email marketing affiliate program, partners are eligible for the first payment on the first day of the month following your first deal.

So, if your affiliate marketing email contact subscribes to Folderly services on February 5th, you'll start getting payments for this client on April 1st. This is because our company only pays after one month of cooperation with an affiliate.

Our representatives will send you the email affiliate campaign pack to provide you with the necessary materials. You can promote our tools on various platforms more effectively, grow conversions, and increase ROI with them.

Our helpful resources include content pieces, banners, images, and ready-to-use kits for social media, affiliate emails, and other promotional channels. That's how we create the best email marketing affiliate program.
How Can I Withdraw Earned Money from My Affiliate Marketing Email Campaign?
We arrange payments to the participants of our email affiliate programs on every first day of the month. And currently, we transfer the balances due to your bank account. As soon as the funds are released, we will inform you.

So, we automatically send your money to the USD account, and this is how you can withdraw it. However, you'll need to ensure that your bank allows international transfers.

Please remember that it's your responsibility to submit the required supporting documents. Please have them prepared beforehand once your bank asks to confirm that the funds come from the affiliate email programs. This will help avoid any delays with receiving your remuneration.

But since we offer one of the best affiliate programs for email marketing, we're always ready to improve our cooperation with partners. We welcome blog owners, content creators, freelance publishers, independent consultants, and agencies to join our referral program.

So, if you can't accept bank transfers, please let us know and we'll try to find a mutually beneficial solution.
How Can I Get the Email Affiliate Link to Promote Folderly?
We immediately send you an email to confirm the receipt of your application once it reaches our mailbox. However, according to our policy, we need some time to set up your partner ID and generate your individual affiliate link.

That's why it may take up to two days from the moment we get your request to join our partner network and the affiliate program email we send back. However, you get all the necessary details to start your promotion campaign right away with this confirmation. Feel free to add this link to your copy or images.

By the way, affiliate email outreach is one of the most effective ways to promote products and services to a targeted audience. People typically check their mailboxes no less than ten times a day, so a well-crafted personalized message with a catchy subject line will most likely be noticed, opened, and read.

And, if your readers trust your expert opinion and your affiliate marketing email comes in time, the chances that they buy the recommended tool are high. And the more sales you generate with Folderly, the more money you'll make.
How Will You Identify Users Who Subscribe through My Affiliate Emails?
We track every customer's activity with a cookie that lives for one month. And, if the user decides to sign up to Folderly within this period, we'll be able to link back this subscription to your ID. One of the main advantages of our referral campaign is that you get complete visibility of how your affiliate email links work.

The informative dashboard reveals the statistics about every referral link you send. It shows the available number of active referrals and how long every clicked email affiliate link will still be available for. This data will help you forecast revenues and plan your marketing activity to get the best results.

Will I See My Email Marketing Affiliate Program Commissions? As soon as we send the email affiliate campaign link to your address, we connect you to the Folderly platform. On its dashboard, you can monitor your referral activities, see how much you will get paid for each attracted customer, and see the progress of recurring commissions. Once a user clicks on your referral link, the relevant cookie automatically triggers our system and you immediately see the earned remuneration.

So, rest assured that our dashboard will keep you informed about any activity generated by your affiliate emails. It will monitor all to-be-paid funds and monitor the status of the sent transaction. Moreover, it also keeps a record of all past transactions. This way, you'll always be able to retrieve any necessary information in case of any issues.

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