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Why should I use the Folderly SPF Record Generator?

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Why should I use the Folderly SPF Record Generator?

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Why should I use the Folderly SPF Record Generator?

Get a holistic view of your email system

Folderly conducts a complete audit of your mailbox’s health, including DNS records (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI), domains, IP addresses, and templates.

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With Folderly, you have peace of mind knowing exactly where your emails will land, even before sending them. Our solution helps identify and fix deliverability issues—quickly and efficiently.

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Improve your bottom line with optimized email deliverability. Our clients saw an extraordinary increase in their open rates of up to 70% and a remarkable 15% rise in reply rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an SPF record?
An SPF record is a Sender Policy Framework record containing a list of trusted email servers for your domain. It enables receivers to verify the email's source IP, acting as a digital bouncer to protect the domain's reputation. At the heart of every SPF record is the record syntax. Utilizing an SPF record generator ensures proper syntax and helps reduce the risk of errors.
Why do I need an SPF record for my email domain?
An SPF record is a necessity for any organization sending emails from its own domain, as it helps ensure security against malicious actors and establishes trust with ISPs and mailbox providers. With the ever-increasing cyber threats, taking proactive steps is the only way to stay ahead. By using an automated SPF record generator, you can create a valid SPF entry quickly and efficiently.
What happens if I don't have an SPF record?
Without an SPF record, your emails may be flagged as spam, resulting in delivery issues or malicious actors impersonating your domain and harming your domain reputation. Having two or more SPF records will also lead to failed checks and hurt your sender score. An SPF record builder, therefore, helps you avoid these issues by generating a single, accurate record for your DNS settings.
How does an SPF record generator work?
An SPF generator simplifies the process of creating a valid and secure entry for your DNS settings by automatically analyzing your current configuration and offering tailored guidance on what should be included in the final version of the record. All you have to do is enter your domain, choose authorized ESPs and email outreach tools that you use (if any), and it will generate a suitable SPF entry for you quickly.
How does an SPF record generator help me maintain a positive email reputation?
Using an automated tool to generate SPF record ensures that no mistakes are made during the creation process, which would otherwise cause validation failures when receiving mail servers check the authenticity of emails sent from your domain name. Consistent authentication improves deliverability rates by proving legitimacy so receivers trust emails originating from your domain name more often, thus maintaining a positive sender reputation over time.

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