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Complex solution to identify, solve, prevent email deliverability issues

Our main goal is to make each of your emails land in the Inbox
Complex solution to identify, solve, prevent email deliverability
Main features
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Main features
One platform to become a Trustful Sender for any email service provider
100% email deliverability
Reach your audience every time you send emails. Our advanced algorithms ensure your emails land in your recipients' inboxes and avoid being marked as spam.
Deliverability placement
Gain full visibility on where your emails land—be it the inbox, spam, or promotions folder. Make data-driven decisions to improve your deliverability rates.
Template analysis
Create and manage custom email templates with an easy-to-use dashboard, analyze them for potential spam triggers and other issues that may affect your delivery rates.
Team management tools
Manage and invite new team members, select and update the roles and effectively handle member-related tasks while ensuring a seamless experience for all users.
Spam triggers
Identify the reason that causes your emails to be marked as spam, and prioritize key issues for maximum efficiency. Ensure your email delivery is under control without any guesswork.
Folderly’s best practices
Benefit from our handpicked best practices to maintain a healthy mailbox and achieve high email performance. Backed by our deliverability team with 10+ years of experience.
How it works
We take a holistic approach to solving delivery issues
We know email deliverability can be a tough nut to crack. That's why at Folderly, we focus on understanding the uniqueness of your case and craft personalized solutions for your email outreach. Here's how we do it:
Step 1
Spot & fix
Effortlessly connect your mailbox with any Email Service Provider
Take a quick peek at your email placement
Pinpoint any immediate issues that need attention
Step 2
Recovery time
Follow Folderly’s guidance to fixing your email ecosystem
Make your email templates ready for the spotlight!
Tackle those pesky issues that stop your emails from getting cozy in the inbox
Step 3
Boost email revenue
Monitor your deliverability metrics with detailed dashborard
Find your emails zipping straight to the Inbox, right where they belong
As delivery rates climb, watch your cold outreach evolve into a profitable revenue generator
Use cases
How will you use Folderly?
For outbound campaigns
For email marketing
Ready to supercharge your email deliverability? Let us show you how it's done!
Reach the recipients' Inbox
Folderly’s advanced algorithms analyze your outbound email campaigns and identify issues that cause your emails to be filtered out of recipients' inboxes.
Increase delivery, open and reply rates
We will identify the most pressing issues by analyzing your entire email ecosystem and suggest the simplest ways to address them.
Skyrocket revenue from email outreach
By delivering 100% of your emails, you can significantly boost your sender score, generate more leads, and ultimately increase your email channel's ROI.
Inbox rate
Open rate
Reply rate
Ready to supercharge your email deliverability? Let us show you how it's done!
Trusted by over 200 forward-thinking companies

Supported ESPs

Folderly integrates via API and SMTP with major email service providers and supports custom providers.
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