Folderly Overview
Complex solution to identify, solve, prevent email deliverability issues
Our main goal is to make each of your emails land in the Inbox
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Key advantages
Main Features
One platform to become a Trustful Sender for any email service provider
Sustainable algorithms to enhance sender score and email deliverability
Set of technical procedures to improve and maintain domain reputation
Secure GDPR- & CCPA-ready solution that ensures your data safety
Cloud no-code application to integrate with any email service provider
Suitable for multiple industries. Easy to deploy, use, and scale for any volumes
Synergy of new-level email analysis technology and a human approach
Email deliverability rate
Average mailboxes per domain
Domains recovered
IT and Ops
CEO & Managing partners
Empower your sales and business development teams with efficient and predictable cold email outreach.
Get started now
Build a powerful email infrastructure
Use the finest tech for monitoring and maintain your domain repuation.
Monitor domain status
Get insights on your domain health, DNS settings, and sender score.
Build trust sender for your email service provider
Avoid blacklists and blocklists with active IP monitoring and advanced deliverability test.
Integrate easily
Folderly integrates via API and SMTP with major email service providers and supports custom providers.
Stay in the spotlight, even in a crowded mailbox
Build a transparent emails journey straight to the recipients’ inboxes.
Increase volumes of your email interactions
Get thousand of GPT-3 powered email interactions with automated senders, starred and auto archived.
Stay out of spam folders
Create email templates and instantly check them for spam trigger words and compliance with the best practices.
Monitor your results 24/7
Analyze and document your progress via user-friendly dashboards.
Boost your profit through your email marketing
Generate sales through all your mailboxes. Make your sales success trackable and predictable.
Ensure all of your emails are delivered
Don`t let a single important email dissolve into nowhere due to low email deliverability.
Maximize opens and replies
Unlock the full capacity of your mailbox. Increase your Sender Score and engage more recipients.
Increase your ROI
Gain more trust as a sender and fuel your brand image promotion. Make each business email contribute to your revenue.
The next-level upgrade for your current toolkit
Folderly Premium
Ensure each of your emails lands to the Inbox
Explore and perfect every component of your email deliverability. Don`t let your email landing in inboxes by chance - make it a consistent and controlled process. Manage your domain reputation, DNS settings with constant monitoring and user-friendly dashboards.
Basic Warm-Up
Start your email outreach the right way
Prepare your fresh domain and mailboxes for massive campaigns. Outline your benchmarks, track your daily warmup campaigns, see where your email land. Generate trust and make a name for yourself in the world of email marketing.
Email Deliverability Audit
Get a customized analysis of your email infrastructure
See what makes your domain tick through complex research. Gain a 360-degree view of your performance, check your authentication protocols and deliverability metrics, reveal areas for improvement and recieve customized instructions on keeping deliverability issues at bay.
Email Deliverability Test
Know where your emails land
Run automated email deliverability tests, and see where your emails land. Analyze Inbox placement through different email service providers, and get a report on DNS settings, IP information, and blocklists. Identify any email delivery-related issues, and make sure each email works to its full capacity.
We’ve got you covered
Folderly integrates with all popular Email Service Providers.
The highest-rated email deliverability platform
Approved by CEOs, sales reps and marketers across the globe.