Folderly vs Everest: How Two Deliverability Tools Stack Up

Folderly vs Everest: How Two Deliverability Tools Stack Up

Dariia Leshchenko
Dec 14, 2023
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It’s no secret that many email deliverability tools only do basic email warm-ups and not much more.

Folderly and Everest by Validity go the extra mile and address every pillar of email deliverability: sender reputation, recipient database, email content, and proper infrastructure setup.

But, of course, no two SaaS tools are alike.

Here’s a detailed comparison of how Folderly and Everest differ (with product screenshots, full pricing deets, and a candid take on key features).

Folderly vs Validity Everest: Side-by-Side Comparison 


Real-time email deliverability score


The score is a comprehensive metric based on a combination of your inbox rate, spam triggers, and adherence to best practices. It is calculated for each mailbox separately.


The score is calculated for each IP address and is based on parameters like total email sending volume from IP, complaint rates, infrastructure setup, and other parameters.

Email authentication setup



Folderly regularly monitors and spots infrastructure configurations issues (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI) in real-time. Issues with DNS settings can be handled either automatically (if it's something that doesn't require your involvement) or the team will receive an alert ASAP, with a detailed instructions of what to do.

Expert A-Z domain setup, including all the DNS settings, is available on request*


Automatic monitoring of SPF and DKIM authentication issues, as well as DMARC  compliance and BIMI validation. Infrastructure feature helps identify DMARC compliance trends.

No expert DNS settings setup available on demand. 

Content & template spam checks


Real-time spam word detection and fix suggestions.

Quick email previews, unlimited customizations +  personalized best content practices from Folderly team.

Email placement and spam fix with your personalized templates to test them for deliverability.


Preview email designs and subject lines across multiple devices. 

Test email content for spam terms.

Both features are available on a higher account tier. 

Email deliverability consulting



Ongoing support from a personal Customer Success Manager (10+ mailboxes), access to a dedicated chat with CSMs, and detailed email deliverability consulting available on demand. 

Not available at present. 

Best Practices

Best practices feature is the combination of AI-driven + manual recommendations personalized for your mailbox and based on deliverability tests. You can view the list of step-by-step practices for every problematic issues within your Folderly Dashboard.

Not available at present. 

Email list validation


Not available at present. 


100-1,400 subscriber validations per month on the lowest plan. 

Integrations with ESPs


With 50+ popular ESPs on every plan + other less popular solutions via API and SMTP. 

Native integration with all major mailbox provider feedback loops.


All major ESPs on the Elements Plus plan. 

Native integration with all major reputation monitoring data feeds and over 30 mailbox provider feedback loops.


Real-time alerts 


If deliverability optimization fails on a mailbox due to an error that should be fixed manually, Folderly warns promptly. As usual, Folderly fixes other mistakes within 3 hours without troubling you. If the error persists, Folderly will email an alert.


Customizable alerts you can setup in your account.

Deliverability reports and analytics



Visual deliverability reports and custom scores for different inboxes and strategy weak spots. You can review the deliverability chart for previous months to see the progress. + The ESP drop-down filter shows how your mailbox performed with a specific ESP.

Trend analysis and real-time alerts about deliverability issues. 




Engagement analytics dashboards with historical ​​deliverability performance trends are available for 30 days. 

Competitor intelligence to monitor your competition’s volume trends, send frequency, and subject lines available as a premium add-on. 



From $ 120
per mailbox/ month with no usage caps (cheaper for longer subscription)

Deliverability basic essentials for small senders from $20/mo per mailbox (limited features), deliverability + testing basic essentials from $525/mo

Free trial

7 days

Not available 

G2 Reviews

⭐️ 4.9 (90 reviews)

⭐️ 4.2 (186 reviews)

Everest Validity vs Folderly: Core Features Compared

To help you make the right choice, we’ve zoomed in on the key product features, showing you how each works. 

Real-Time Deliverability Analytics 

Folderly and Everest provide real-time sender scores based on signals from mailbox providers on email placements, spam rates, and complaint volumes, among other parameters.

Both tools also have IP monitoring and domain health analytics, alerting you about  potential sender reputation issues.

What Deliverability Analytics You Get with Folderly 

Once you’ve connected your inbox to Folderly, you'll get assigned a custom score, updated in real-time after you launch email deliverability optimization. The score is a comprehensive metric based on a combination of your inbox rate, spam triggers, and adherence to best practices.

Mailbox Details Dashboard

Within your deliverability dashboard, you can see the percentage of emails that land in the main inbox, spam, and promo folders. Daily upkeep progress bar shows you that email deliverability optimization is currently in progress. 

All deliverability reports go back to the very first day you launched Folderly,  so you can trace your progress and get a comprehensive view. Unlike Everest, Folderly lets you segment historical data by ESP for any selected period so you can see the progress for every selected ESP.

Plus, the unique feature Spam triggers allows you to check the list or triggers to learn why your emails are going to spam  and fix ‘em in a separate section within your dashboard, so you get the full picture and know which actions made your emails land in spam.

Mailbox Details Spam Triggers

What Deliverability Analytics You Get with Everest 

Unlike Folderly, Everest calculates a Sender Score for each used IP address (rather than inbox), plus aggregated data from its global network of mailbox providers, spam filtering companies, and spam trap networks.

The score is based on parameters like total email sending volume from IP, complaint rates, infrastructure setup, and other parameters. You also get historical analytics, showing changes over 7 and 30 days. 

Sender Score IP Based Everest

Sender Score IP Based Everest


On your account analytics dashboard, you’ll also see data about spam trap hits, suspicious email triggers, and user and signal spam complaint rates. Plus, you can instantly view whether you have appropriate SPF, DMARC, and DKIM configurations for monitored domains and subdomains. 

Everest lets you monitor an unlimited number of IP addresses and connected domains, with pricing based on the total volume of sent emails.

Deliverability Optimization & Best Practices

This is probably the most important reasons of why you are going to "hire" an email deliverability tool. So let's dive into some details.

Folderly Optimization Tools and Best Practices

When it comes to automated optimization, from the minute you connect your mailbox and launch Folderly, the solution keeps working on improving your email deliverability. Folderly imitates 100% manual flow and follows all the email compliance rules in terms of email deliverability optimization, so you can feel safe and sound. 

Folderly Email Deliverability Optimization Progress

You can always press "Monitor progress" to see the details of the daily deliverability upkeep. Automated daily upkeep covers a significant number of tasks that are otherwise required to be done manually. 

When it comes to manual email deliverability optimization and best practices, apart from providing real-time inbox placement stats for all connected inboxes and spam triggers lists, Folderly gives you a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting issues directly within the spam triggers dashboard:

Definition of Issues Folderly

Also, Folderly has a separate Best Practices dashboard where you can see a comprehensive list of best practices, chosen for your domain based on previous audits, along with expert tips from the Folderly team.

Best Practices Dashboard Folderly


Everest Deliverability Insights and Optimization Tools 

Everest only lets you do up to 10 inbox placement tests per month on the lowest plan with limited mailbox provider coverage—4 mailboxes total. 

Only users on a Professional plan (pricing on-demand) can send test emails to its advertised global seed network of “thousands of recipients and 140 internet service providers across the globe”. 

On the pro side, Everest segments placement insights by region, inbox type (personal vs business), and ESP. You can also compare inbox placement tests side-by-side to identify trends in email deliverability. 

Everest Compare Inbox Test


Unlike Folderly, Everest doesn't run daily email deliverability upkeep that doesn't require your involvement. It gives you some instruments and comprehensive monitoring tools, but not an automated fix. Also, you don't get a detailed list of best practices for your specific scenario.

 Fixing Content Spam Triggers 

Using pam words in your email templates can send your email straight to the Junk folder even when your email delivery infrastructure is perfectly optimized. 

Likewise, poor email HTML design and odd-looking email subject lines can tank your email open rates and sometimes even inbox placement rates.

Folderly and Everest help you avoid these mishaps (in a slightly different way).

How Folderly improves your email content 

Folderly has a convenient Email Template Dashboard, where you can upload, store, and validate custom email templates in plain text or HTML format

We’ll automatically run a spam trigger test for each template, highlighting all problematic phrases and offering better word choices, Grammarly-style. 🤓

Mailbox Details Email Templates Dashboard Folderly

Once you’re done, preview how each template will look in HTML on different user devices. Spam tests and previews are unlimited.  

(Btw, we also use your email templates when running inbox placement tests, meaning you can validate each outreach template before sending it to your mailing list!).

How Everest improves your email templates

Everest also runs spam tests for email content, but only on an Element Plus plan (starting from $525/mo).

Unlike Folderly, Everest doesn’t test individual templates for spam words. So you’ll have to figure out the best wording for yourself.

Instead, the tool focuses on technical email design characteristics like image size/loading speed, broken or missing links, and HTML code errors. 

Email Content Analysis Validity


You can also preview your email HTML rendered across hundreds of supported devices and browsers on the same plan. But design previews are capped at 10/mo.

What Makes Folderly a Better Alternative to Everest 

Everest undeniably has a competitive product, with a rich set of analytics, reputation monitoring, and email design validation features (plus one of the industry’s largest global seed lists).

Folderly provides equally accurate email deliverability insights (sans any usage caps) and goes the extra mile when it comes to customer success, pricing, and platform functionality. 

Only Sustainable and Proven Features

Everest Validity offers an option to install a tracking pixel on higher account tiers to obtain extra insights on top standard email marketing metrics like open rates, clicks, and unsubscribe volumes. With the Everest pixel, you can also learn what emails get opened, on which devices, and how long they are viewed. 

Wait but why is this a disadvantage? 

Tracking pixel usage can negatively impact email deliverability. As Folderly expert explains:

“A tracking pixel is a 1x1 HTML-based image, embedded into your email. Users can’t see it when the email loads, but ESP spam filters can detect it and classify your email as promotional or spam." 

Both Google and Microsoft already allow users to manually prohibit pixel tracking in their settings by disabling automatic image loading. The latest Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) update, released with iOS 15, does this automatically.

The bottom line: Pixel tracking can tank your email deliverability scores and boost the numbers on your analytics dashboard. So even if this feature is available, we don’t advise using it. 

Folderly, in turn, offers trusted and proven services within the platform so your sender reputation stays solid. For instance, to test your emails within different ESP, we use only paid business accounts and your own templates, so it immitates the real outreach. Also, we support a comprehensive approach to improve email deliverability, and that's why we designed Best Practices and Spam Triggers features so you can also control the situation and stay a credible sender in the long-term. 

More Competitive Pricing 

Good email deliverability tools don’t come cheap. But Folderly gives you better value for your money.

Everest Validity pricing is based on the total number of emails sent per fixed number of users. At the cheapest Element plan (priced from $20/mo) you can send up to 5k emails/month and the price goes up to $215/mo if you dispatch up to 50k emails.

In each case, extra overcharge fees apply for going beyond the plan limits. So it’s easy to rack up a higher bill if your team goes beyond the account limits.

Folderly has a more predictable pricing model. We charge a flat rate of $120/mo per inbox and the price goes down to $50/mo if you connect multiple inboxes or opt for an annual subscription. We also offer custom pricing plans and discounted rates to long-term customers. 😉

In other words, The more you use Folderly, the cheaper your plan gets.

Unlike Everest, we also don’t have any usage caps or account tiers. All Folderly features are available to an unlimited number of users. 

For example, Folderly allows implementing Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) on every account tier, while Everest Validity has this as a premium feature, only available to Professional plan users (pricing on-demand).

Likewise, you can run unlimited content spam checks on Folderly, but with Everest, you’ll have to pay $525+/mo to access similar functionality.

Proactive Customer Support 

Folderly is a SaaS tool, with all email deliverability features available out-of-the-box. Account setup takes roughly 15 min and experienced email marketers can immediately start working on their scores.

But we also realize that not everyone wants to dig into every email deliverability best practice, especially the oddly technical ones. That’s why our product includes automatic AI-powered checks, plus easy access to human expertise.

Behind the scenes, our Customer Success team remains on standby, monitoring your progress. All users having 10+ mailboxes also receive daily personalized recommendations, hand-picked by their personal Customer Success Manager. Our CS team can also help with email infrastructure setup—just shoot a message.

And if you get 10+ inboxes from us, you’ll also get: 

  • Dedicated client success manager

  • A guided onboarding experience 

  • Active domain and IP monitoring

  • White-glove resolution of deliverability issues

Whether you’re a Folderly user or not, you can also opt for on-demand email deliverability consulting — a personalized session with our top email consultants where you’ll learn how to fix and prevent any email delivery-related issues.

Hear directly from David Kreiger of SalesRoads about how our consulting team helped the lead generation agency fix its technical infrastructure, improve its sender reputation, and reach 99% deliverability and 53% open rates.

In contrast, Everest Validity only offers online self-guided support and pre-recorded monthly workshops (which focus more on their product than email deliverability at large). Dedicated onboarding and Customer Success managers only get assigned to enterprise accounts. Unless you’re paying the highest rates, Everest won’t go beyond essential tech support. 

Folderly vs Everest Validity: Which Email Deliverability Platform to Choose? 

Still not sure? Here’s the easiest way to choose: Try Folderly for free.

You can test-drive all of our email deliverability features for a week, chat with our knowledgeable customer success reps, and then have your verdict.

If things don’t pan out with Folderly, you can always switch up to Validity Everest or another email deliverability platform.

We’d be sad to see you go, but we're glad that you’ve found a product that works for you ❤️. 

Dariia Leshchenko
Dariia Leshchenko
Head of Customer Success
Dariia is the Head of Customer Success at Folderly, bringing over 3+ years of successful client management. Her dedicated approach to every customer proves that no issue is impossible to fix. Dariia advocates for the synergy of new-level email analysis technology and a human approach to improving email performance.