Mailwarm Review: Why Email Experts Choose Folderly

Mailwarm Review: Why Email Experts Choose Folderly

Vladyslav Podoliako
Jan 08, 2024
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There’s a lot of software promising to improve your email deliverability rates. But only a handful of products fix your email deliverability once and for all, rather than deliver marginal or temporary results.

Take a look at a comprehensive Mailwarm review before making a choice, and learn why Folderly, a comprehensive email deliverability platform, is a better choice for long-term results than warmup tools (to indeed rock inboxes in 2024).

Folderly vs Mailwarm: Comparison Table

While reviewing Mailwarm, we put it side-by-side with Folderly, a comprehensive email deliverability platform, so you can see the difference between email deliverability tools based on warmup and a comprehensive email deliverability fix.


Email Deliverability Fix

✔️ Sustainable & full-cycle

A complex approach to email deliverability fix that detects and troubleshoots issues at all levels: IP, domain, mailbox, and email content.  Folderly excels at identifying why emails might land in spam and provides expert steps to fix these issues. To optimize email deliverability, we use only paid G-accounts, unlike cheap warmup tools, and 100% imitate the human approach.

✔️ Basic Warmup

Maliwarm only improves email deliverability through email warmups. You can schedule daily email dispatches to Mailwarm’s inbox network to increase your sending limits. Emails are capped at 50, 200, or 500 per day, depending on the plan.

Real-time email deliverability score


A comprehensive metric based on a combination of your inbox rate, spam triggers, and adherence to best practices. It is calculated for each mailbox separately.



Announced as an upcoming feature. 


Sender reputation management




Suggests optimal technical infrastructure configurations (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI). Regularly monitors IP and domain health in real-time, and detects potential spam triggers.

Expert A-Z domain setup, including all the DNS settings, is available on request*

Doesn’t provide any extra tools for email delivery infrastructure configuration. 

Spam trap monitoring


Daily reports on the number of emails that land in the spam box, segmented by every ESP.

Monitors well-known blocklists and spam trap box addresses.


Monitors blocklists and spam traps, but doesn’t provide reports on spam scores at present. 

Content & template spam checks



Real-time spam word detection and fix suggestions.

Quick email previews, unlimited customizations and personalized best content practices from Folderly team

Email placement and spam fix with your personalized templates to test them for deliverability.

Not available at present.

Email deliverability consulting


Ongoing support from a personal Customer Success Manager (10+ mailboxes), access to a dedicated chat with CSMs, and detailed email deliverability consulting available on demand.

Not available at present.

Email list validation

Not available at present.

Not available at present.



With 50+ popular ESPs on every plan + other less popular solutions via API and SMTP. 

Native integration with all major mailbox provider feedback loops.




All popular ESPs via custom SMTP.  

Real-time alerts


If deliverability optimization fails on a mailbox due to an error that should be fixed manually, Folderly warns promptly.

 As usual, Folderly fixes other mistakes within 3 hours without troubling you. If the error persists, Folderly will email an alert.

Not available at present.


✔️ Advanced

Visual deliverability reports and custom scores for different inboxes and strategy weak spots. You can review the deliverability chart for previous months to see the progress. + The ESP drop-down filter shows how your mailbox performed with a specific ESP.

Trend analysis and real-time alerts about deliverability issues.


✔️ Basic

Daily sending activity reports are available on the dashboard.


From $ 120 per mailbox/ month with no usage caps.

From $69/mo for one inbox, capped at 50 email warmups.

Free trial


7 days

Not available at present.

Mailwarm vs Folderly: Core Features Compared 

Email warmup tools like Mailwarm do one thing: Progressively increase your inbox sending volumes with automatic email dispatches to owned email accounts. In theory, this increases your email sender reputation, which, in turn, increases the number of emails that land in the primary tab. 

In practice, however, email deliverability goes way beyond warmup. To ensure flawless email delivery, you also need to have the correct DNS settings, maintain a good IP reputation, and keep an eye on your email content. In contrast to Mailwarm, Folderly handles all aspects of email deliverability: Sender and domain reputation, email, infrastructure monitoring, and email content.

Email Deliverability Fix 

Your emails can end up in spam for a variety of reasons: low sender reputation, suboptimal email infrastructure configurations, or template content issues (check more non-intuitive reasons in our article Why your emails are going to spam).

Folderly fixes the entire spectrum of email deliverability problems. Mailwarm only applies one patch solution — increases your sender limits.

In the background, Folderly performs daily inbox upkeep, programmed by us to ensure ongoing sender reputation management. The upkeep cycle was originally tested and designed for our parent company, Belkins — one of the leading lead-gen agencies. Over the years, we further fine-tuned it, based on the feedback from mailbox providers and known spam traps to ensure organic, effective, IP and domain reputation management. 

Folderly Email Optimization Mailboxes Dashboard

If anything’s out of the ordinary, you’ll receive an instant alert with an issue description and recommendations for fixing things up, either directly in the app or on your email delivery platform. Our always-available customer success team can also help with all sorts of fixes on request. 😉

In contrast, Maliwarm only improves email deliverability through email warmups. You can schedule daily email dispatches to Mailwarm’s inbox network to increase your sending limits. Emails are capped at 50/200/500 per day depending on the plan.

Mailwarm’s algorithms will then perform automatic interactions — open, reply, mark as important — to send positive signals to the email provider. You can set a custom sending schedule and custom reply ratio (although 30% is recommended).

Mailwarm Dashboard

But here’s the thing: Higher sending limits per inbox don’t always translate to higher deliverability rates. 

There are 4 pillars that help to improve email deliverability: Sender reputation, recipient database, content quality, and proper infrastructure setup.

Mailwarm only addresses one element (and only to an extent) — sender reputation. By warming up an inbox, you can indeed progressively earn the good graces of ESPs. But you can easily mess things up.

If you mix up the sending limits and send a flood of emails in several hours, your reputation will get worse. Maliwarm also doesn’t provide any reports on inbox placement rates — so you just have to blindly trust that the tool is working. As one user mentioned, this may not always be the case: 

Mailwarm Review Comment Screenshot

Other reviewers also mentioned that Mailwarm uses generic content for email warm-ups, which itself can trigger spam filters and land your emails into spam. 

Real-Time Deliverability Scores 

With Folderly, you can get real-time data on how you're hailing.

Folderly Main Dashboard

Your email deliverability score is based on your inbox rate, the number of detected spam triggers, and applied email deliverability best practices. You also get a 30-day overview of your deliverability stats across all tracked ESPs to understand how you’re hailing. 


Folderly Best Practices Dashboard


Many new users start with a lower Folderly Score — but our platform helps raise email deliverability to 100% through a combination of manual and automatic actions aka everything we’ve mentioned in the previous section. 

Review inbox placement rates, segmenting all data by ESP. For example, you can benchmark Outlook 360 vs. Gmail deliverability rates or compare how different outreach templates perform. 

Mailwarm doesn’t provide any real-time scores or deliverability analytics. You only get daily progress reports on email warmups. 

Content Spam Triggers 

Folderly helps you identify spam triggers in emails with contextual insights. So that you can test and improve your email templates.

Our email spam word checker flags spammy word combos in your email and suggests better alternatives. Our algorithm was trained in the latest spam word lists and it’s frequently refreshed to produce even better results. (Btw, you can try spam words checker for free)

Spam Words Checker Dashboard

Folderly users benefit from more advanced spam content checks, done in the background. Learn exactly why your latest email went into spam and get advice on how to not have that happen ever again. 

Take it from Сhad Cornies, CEO of No Rules PR. Before Folderly, only 15% of Chad’s media outreach emails landed in the sender’s main inbox. Our Spam Trigger tool immediately helped Chad identify why his emails missed the mark: They were a bit too heavy on bold fonts, included spam words, and had a couple of more HTML-level problems. Plus, the company had incorrect SPF & DMARC record settings.

Once everything got fixed, No Rules PR email deliverability increased to 96% 🚀

Mailwarm doesn’t provide any tools for analyzing email content or detecting other email deliverability issues. Due to the lack of inbox placement tests and deliverability insights, you're left wondering if you're hitting spam triggers or not. 🤔

What Makes Folderly a Better Alternative to Mailwarm 

Folderly email deliverability platform is like a telescope. 🔭You can zoom in on every aspect of email deliverability and spot the tiniest issues. Mailwarm is more like using a pair of binoculars, you get the general view but may miss the finer details that can impact deliverability.

✅  Guaranteed Email Deliverability Fix

Mailwarm gives you the impression of some action: Email sent, interactions done, replies made. But you have no way to verify if Mailwarm is making a change to your scores without using another email deliverability tool to run an inbox placement test. 

Folderly provides real-time data on your sender reputation (Folderly Score), and inbox placement rates for all tracked ESPs. 

Additionally, we provide guidance on fixing spam triggers and implementing email deliverability best practices to help you improve your inbox health.

The combination of algorithmic and human expertise allows us to guarantee higher email deliverability — and we’ve got over two dozen case studies attesting to that claim! 

✅  Spam Trigger Detection

Folderly helps you diagnose the exact cause(s) of poor email deliverability rates aka the dreaded spam triggers.

We track four groups of spam triggers: domain, IP address, template, and mailbox, using signal data from email services providers — and report that back to you as contextual recommendations.

Mailwarm doesn’t provide any other analytics, beyond daily sending activity reports. 

Spam Triggers Folderly

✅ Access to Email Infrastructure Configuration Tools 

Proper DNS record configurations prevent spoofing and phishing, authenticate via SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, and contribute to senders’ trustworthiness. Misconfigurations or the absence of DNS records can cause email delivery issues or result in legitimate emails being marked as spam. 

Folderly automatically detects any issues with: 

  • IMAP/SMTP configurations 

  • DNS records configurations: SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI

We also provide instructions for fixing those — or can have that part done for you as a white-glove service. 

Mailwarm doesn’t offer any tools for email infrastructure management. But hey, you can always use our DMARC generator or SPF generator for free.

Better Value for Money 

Mailwarm offers an attractive starter plan at $69/mo per inbox (with annual billing), which makes Folderly’s $120/mo starter price look higher.

But the thing is that both tools have different pricing models.

Mailwarm bills per number of sent emails and available data seats. At the Starter plan, you get only one seat, meaning that only one user can have access to your Mailwarm account.

Folderly, bills per inbox, not per user or per email sent. You can share access with several different users to collaborate on your email campaigns (We have a very cozy team space!). Folderly plan also hooks you up with more product features: Unlimited inbox placement tests, real-time deliverability analytics, sender reputation monitoring, spam trigger analysis, and more!

If you were to use Mailwarm’s lowest plan and pay extra for those extra tools separately, the total software costs would be 2X-4X higher than Folderly’s plans.

Other Mailwarm Alternatives

In case you don’t need a reliable approach to email deliverability, and a basic warmup is choice-to-go, here are 4 more Mailwarm alternatives with similar functionality to consider:

In case you don’t need a reliable approach to email deliverability, and a basic warmup is choice-to-go, here are 4 more Warmbox alternatives with similar functionality to consider:


Gives you the chance to choose from 3 pre-suggested scenarios or set a custom one by adjusting email sending volumes and timing

Targets those who prefer a more automated and efficient email warming process.

Warmup Inbox

Appeals to users looking for a comprehensive, feature-rich email deliverability solution.


Best suited for those who prioritize simplicity and straightforward email warm-up functionalities.

Folderly vs Mailwarm: Which Email Deliverability Platform to Choose? 

If you need a simple email warm-up tool with a fast setup process to boost the reputation of a new domain or inbox, Mailwarm claims it can do the trick (but doesn’t provide analytics to back this up).

But if you want to ensure ongoing email inbox health and maintain a strong sender reputation, Folderly is a better option.

Tets-drive Folderly for free for 7 days to determine if our platform is right for your company!

Vladyslav Podoliako
Vladyslav Podoliako
Founder & CEO
Vlad is a Founder & CEO of Belkins and Folderly, a series entrepreneur and investor with over ten years of management expertise in companies with 100 million evaluation. Vlad has years of experience building and growing service companies and SaaS startups in SalesTech and MarTech. He is skilled in creating successful businesses from the ground up and building top-notch teams that drive all ventures to the top of their industries.

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