Folderly as a Mailwarm Alternative for Email Campaign Success

Vladyslav Podoliako
Sep 08, 2023
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Worrying about choosing your perfect fit for addressing all email deliverability aspects? You’re not the only one. It's indeed challenging to choose among so many email deliverability tools available in the market. 

You may have already tried tools like Mailwarm or other similar solutions that promise to enhance inbox placement and sender reputation. But the question is: Does the chosen tool corresponds to all your email deliverability goals? Does it offer a comprehensive approach to fixing your domain reputation? Or is there a Mailwarm alternative that can become a better fit for your business? 

 We did a throughout research and tested both Folderly and Mailwarm for their usability in terms of email deliverability. Without further ado, let's explore the results.

Why You Might Consider a Mailwarm Alternative?

If you are reading this article, the chances are you've already faced (or are likely to face) one of these issues:

Limited inbox placement scoring 

The Mailwarm announced upcoming features, particularly spam score detection, but the mentioned addition hasn't been released yet. Sometimes, the exact inbox placement will indicate a potential breach in your deliverability fence, so it is indeed vital to have a tool that gives you real-time updates.

Missing automated reconnection

Should it happen that your email address gets suspended, you can reconnect with the service manually only. Which makes it challenging and annoying for users to do it again and again.

Not sustainable payment policy

Because of the limited functionality, premium price policy makes Mailwarm difficult to afford for start-up projects and small businesses. The price for a limited number of inboxes and basic warmup might feel like not the most sustainable option to go. 

Content quality

While the platform is tuned for sending large loads of emails, opening and replying to them as part of a warm-up strategy, the email content may lack desirable quality (which becomes the main trigger for spam filters).

Mailwarm Alternative: Folderly vs. Mailwarm

Folderly is a presentable email deliverability platform encompassing multiple features designed to improve your overall sender experience. Since both solutions are facing the same direction, it is wise to compare them so that you can finalize your email deliverability choice.

Note ❗️
This comparison focuses on email deliverability features supported by both services. Otherwise, these apps have diverse features and can't be compared as same-directed platforms.  And when reviewing and considering email deliverability solutions, it’s important to look at nine factors: email deliverability fix approach, analytics & monitoring features, spam triggers detection, integrations, best practices & recommendations, team collaboration, tech setup, email template management, and support desk. 

  Folderly Mailwarm
Email Deliverability Fix

Automated email deliverability fix in the form of sending smaller email groups to hand-picked contacts across different ESPs, with 100% response ensured.  

Spam Fix

Automated warm-up through interaction with 1000+ contacts with customizable load and frequency.  


Sender Score Monitoring

Folderly score is a custom precise metric (progress circle) to evaluate the current mailbox health. It includes a daily upkeep progress bar and changes colors and displays various badges depending on the score. 

Folderly Score



Spam Triggers

The list of spam reasons that make your emails land in spam folder. Detect all potential issues and see what exactly needs to be fixed.

Mailbox Details Spam Triggers M All Collapsed



Entire email ecosystem analysis to spot potential issues. Critical deliverability metrics, template problems, strategy weak spots, and more.

Screenshot 2023 04 25 at 14.01.27

Daily activity reports are available on the Mailwarm Dashboard. Monitor, adjust, and pause your campaigns in a single click.


Tech infrastructure Full-scale tech infrastructure setup, including DNS settings, email authentication, and DMARC&SPF Generators. (*premium feature*)

 More than 50 email service providers including the most popular ones like Gmail, Gsuite, Office365, Outlook (+ custom integrations)

Screenshot 2023 09 12 at 08.08.28

Seamless integration with various email services, including but not limited to custom SMTP, Google SMTP, Google Login, Yahoo, AOL, Yandex, and more.


Team management

Effective team management on a multi-account level. Assign/update roles (Admin, Editor, Viewer) to sync and improve the workflow.

Team Members

Template customization

Create and interact with personalized email templates. Detect spam triggers and other issues before you send the message out.

Email Templates

Support Professional support team with a dedicated success manager assigned (for 5+ accounts). Chat support available.
Free trial 30-day free trial available
Rating 5 ⭐️ on G2 5 ⭐️ on G2

So, When Mailwarm Might Be a Good Option? 

✅ You are interested in a simplified service setup. It takes only 3 steps to succeed with Mailwarm setup and activation. You have to sign up with the service, link your email account and initiate the immediate warm-up session.

✅ You primarily focus on automated warm-up. Effective warm-up has a positive effect on your sender rep and email deliverability. Mailwarm combines all these aspects and attunes them by sending scheduled and interaction-programmed emails based on your needs and preferences.

✅ You want to control your send-out sessions. You can set up the sending frequency, increase it or pause it at will.

When Should You Choose Folderly?

✅ You want to access a full-scale analysis of your sending campaign. A successful email deliverability campaign goes beyond a basic warmup. There's a plethora of analytical metrics to keep an open eye for to achieve desirable outcomes from every campaign. Folderly ensures that you have a detailed insight into every aspect of your campaign connected to email deliverability.

✅ You wish to diagnose and resolve potential deliverability issues. Once a problem is detected, the service will provide professional assistance in solving it and preventing it in the future. Moreover, according to the Best Practices feature, Folderly will attune their advice based on every client's individual requirements.

✅ You have concerns about your reputation. Sender score significantly impacts your outreach campaign, so Folderly ensures you know the precise score and possess all the means necessary to keep it up and maintained.

✅ You need expert assistance with authentication protocols. Tech infrastructure is an intricate matter that not everyone has enough experience with. Folderly experts will test and set up your email authentication, check and generate DNS protocols so that your messages don't get spam filtered and your domain stays out of blacklists (accessible only with premium feature).

✅ You are interested in optimized user engagement. Whether you want to improve your open rates, drive the click-through score up, or positively interact with other user engagement metrics, Folderly provides enough help to optimize your email content and overall sender practices.

Is it not true that talk is cheap? 🤔 It is always a good idea to test the waters, and Folderly's free trial with all features available allows you to do just that. Simply connect your first mailbox today to start your free 30-day trial. There are no commitments, so enjoy the trip and see if it satisfies your email deliverability fix goals

Bottom Line: Folderly as a Handy Alternative for Email Deliverability and Reputation Management

Mailwarm is a relatively new addition to the email deliverability platform pool, so, naturally, it may lack specific stats and required features. Folderly, on the other hand, has been in business for over 10 years, and its team knows how the system ticks. 

In case you are 100% sure that effective warm-up is the sole piece missing from your deliverability puzzle, you can take a risk and give Mailwarm a try. However, if you want to apply a more complex approach to boost your skilfully-crafted email deliverability campaign, Folderly would be your best bet, subjectively put, of course.

Lastly, you can always consult a Folderly representative and get an out-of-charge consultation based on your individual vision and email outreach plans. Not to mention that the platform features a free trial plan that anyone can access to test the service on offer.


What is Mailwarm's Pricing Policy? 

Mailwarm is quite versatile in terms of pricing options. There are three plans on offer, ranging from $69-$479 a month, and a custom plan you can discuss with the service representative. Every plan presents an enhanced sending load and additional perks.


 What are Folderly's Pricing Plans? 

Folderly has a single plan for all that encompasses all supported features, and the price starts at $200 per month/mailbox. Every added mailbox will cost additionally. Such an approach stresses an equally professional treatment of every client. Besides, a free trial period is offered.


Do Folderly and Mailwarm Offer a Free Trial Plan? 

Mailwarm hasn't presented a free trial offer yet, while Folderly has a 30-day free trial period where you can access and test all the service's features.


Why Should You Consider a Mailwarm Alternative?

Mailwarm hasn't presented a free trial offer yet, while Folderly has a 30-day free trial period where you can access and test all the service's features.


Vladyslav Podoliako
Vladyslav Podoliako
Founder & CEO
Vlad is a Founder & CEO of Belkins and Folderly, a series entrepreneur and investor with over ten years of management expertise in companies with 100 million evaluation. Vlad has years of experience building and growing service companies and SaaS startups in SalesTech and MarTech. He is skilled in creating successful businesses from the ground up and building top-notch teams that drive all ventures to the top of their industries.

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