Folderly vs Allegrow: Which Email Deliverability Platform to Choose

Folderly vs Allegrow: Which Email Deliverability Platform to Choose

Sofi Kompaniiets
Jan 31, 2024
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Tired of basic tools that only increase email sending volumes per inbox?

Allegrow and Folderly both change the approach to warmup.  Unlike warmup tools, these solutions handle other aspects of email deliverability: Domain reputation, contact base quality, email content, and general compliance.

The two providers include high-fidelity email deliverability analytics and some great optimization tools, as we discovered as we did a series of user tests and general market research.

But which one’s better?

Here’s a data-backed verdict.

Folderly vs Allegrow: Comparison Table 

  Folderly Allegrow

Real-time email deliverability score


Custom metrics for each connected inbox based on inbox rate, spam triggers, and compliance with best practices.


Aggregated inbox reputation score, based on spam rate and inbox placement data. 

Sender reputation management


Full toolkit for email infrastructure setup (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI). Programmatic suggestions of optimal configurations and ongoing monitoring. 

Expert A-Z domain setup, including all the DNS settings, is available on request*

✔️ Basic Warmup

At the lowest plan, Instantly only sends a capped number of emails per day without performing any extra activities (e.g., email opens or marking as important). At higher tiers, users can also program read emulation, set a custom open rate percentage, and marking as not spam. 

Spam trap monitoring


Daily stats on spam rates on every ESP. Automatic monitoring of popular blacklists and spam trap box addresses.


Daily aggregated spam volume without ESP segmentation. Smart detection of invalid email addresses and spam trap boxes. 

Content & template spam checks


Detect and fix spam words with a Grammarly-style editor for used templates.

Alerts about potential HTML and script issues.

Supports A/B template content tests on the highest account tier.

But does not assess different texts or template design elements for spam triggers.

Email deliverability consulting


Programmatic distribution of email deliverability best practices.

Email and chat-based support from the Customer Success team.

On-demand deliverability consulting and audits are available.

Users who connect 10+ inboxes receive a 15-minute free audit session. 

Only offers a free 15-minute pre-qualification audit session for new clients.

Email list validation


Doesn’t offer any email list validation tools at present. 




Automatically scans uploaded contact lists and blocks email dispatches to frequent spam reporters and contacts that are likely to produce bounces.


Real-time alerts


Instant notifications about errors, requiring manual input.  


Not available at present. 




High-fidelity inbox placement insights for each connected inbox. 

Historic deliverability reports, with an option to segment by ESP, template. 

Real-time, contextual alerts about potential issues.




Visual reports with data on spam rates and warmup activities. 

Aggregated reputation score for each inbox and a leaderboard of high-trust inboxes in your organization. 




From $120
per mailbox/ month with no usage caps.



Free trial

✔️ 7 days

❌ Not available 

G2 rating

4.9 out of 5.0

4.9 out of 5.0

Allegrow vs Folderly: Core Features Compared 

Allegrow and Folderly both have heaps of great features for improving email deliverability.  Each tool offers real-time inbox placement data and extra tools for enhancing sender reputation.

However, Folderly has better deliverability analytics and gives you information for fixing common deliverability issues, while Allegrow offers a better toolkit for contact base management.

Real-Time Deliverability Analytics

Both platforms provide real-time data on your inbox placement rates. You’ll find the analytics interfaces quite similar, offering a birds-eye view of the key metrics like inbox placement rates or spam volumes. As usual, the devil is in the details.

What Deliverability Analytics Do You Get with Folderly? 

Folderly puts the most important data right up front: Real-time inbox health score, spam rates, deliverability trends, and critical alerts about gaps in your strategy.

Folderly Dashboard Demo

Folderly score is a proprietary metric, based on data from tracked ESPs, daily inbox upkeep, and compliance with email deliverability best practices. For each inbox, you get reliable data on email placements:  Main folder, spam, or others like promo or social on Gmail.

The Deliverability Alerts tab draws your attention to problems with miscellaneous infrastructure configurations like DMARC or SPF. The Spam Triggers tab, in turn, shows you exactly why your emails are going to the wrong folder and how to fix this. But more on that in a bit 😉. 

You can review the overarching trends over any custom period (e.g., from the first day with Folderly till today). Segment data by week, month, year, or any other range.  Additionally, users can segment deliverability rates by ESP or used template. So that you could further refine your outreach strategy.

What Deliverability Analytics Do You Get with Allegrow? 

Allegrow offers a more condensed dashboard with a stronger focus on email warmup activity. You also get data on the spam volumes for each tracked inbox and an aggregated sender reputation score.

Unlike Folderly, Allegrow primarily calculates the reputation score on your domain reputation and spam volumes, rather than a wider range of factors. Compared to Folderly, Allegrow analytics interface also looks more cramped, overlaying deliverability trends for several inboxes in different colors. It also doesn’t offer the ability to view data within a custom period (e.g., last week), or segment trends by ESP or template.

Allegrow Main Dashboard

Image Source

You do get a leaderboard of email boxes with the highest reputation score, however. That’s nice if you want to better prioritize team efforts.

However, the dashboard doesn’t feature any alerts about possible misconfigurations or other types of spam triggers, impeding your outreach.

Deliverability Optimization

Folderly helps optimize all pillars of email deliverability: IP reputation, email delivery infrastructure configuration, and email content.

Allegrow has a stronger focus on optimizing email sender reputation by helping teams address factors like email list quality, contact base engagement rates, or bounce rates.

Folderly Optimization Features 

No matter what your business size or experience level is, you'll find Folderly's features robust, yet easy to use. The platform includes an intelligent inbox optimization algorithm, activated in one click. It meets all current email compliance rules and policies from ESPs.

Moreover, we’ve extensively tested Folderly at Belkins — an award-winning B2B lead-gen agency, which is behind this product too. Only after being certain that the algorithm works without a hitch, we’ve released Folderly to the public.

Folderly progress tab

The daily inbox upkeep settings are based on your current Folderly score. Your inbox gets just enough positive engagement to stay high on the ESPs’ trust radar and you don’t risk any accidental mishaps due to a casual mistake in settings.

With the basics out of the picture, you can focus on fixing specific spam triggers. We alert you about all sorts of problems — from tiny issues with your HTML templates to major industry updates in recommended DNS settings.

Spam Triggers Dashboard Folderly

We detect all possible email deliverability issues in real-time. Plus provide detailed instructions on how to patch things to get and stay at 99.99% deliverability.

Take it from our clients. Somnowell Marketing, a British digital marketing agency in healthcare, increased its deliverability rates from 40% to 100% by applying Folderly-recommended spam fixes. FrontCore, a corporate e-learning platform, not only fixed all email deliverability problems but also increased its revenue from cold email campaigns by 15%. 🚀

Allegrow Deliverability Optimization Features 

Allegrow also has a pre-programmed schedule for performing email inbox warmup using its network of crowdsourced B2B inboxes (aka other Allegrow users' inboxes). You can track exactly how many emails and replies Allegrow dispatches every day. 

By default, the schedule is pre-programmed. But users can manually change the settings to adjust daily sending patterns like email volume or reply rates for each tracked inbox.

Allegrow Dashboard

Similar to Folderly, Allegrow provides some insights about possible email deliverability issues. But these aren’t necessarily personalized to your current activity, but rather more broad-stroke industry recommendations. Neither do you get any instructions for troubleshooting.

Deliverability Insights Allegrow

Image Source 

On the pro side, if you use Allegrow together with one of the supported sales engagement platforms, you can benefit from its Safety Net™.

Safety Net automatically analyzes each scheduled email for risk factors like a high likelihood of spam complaints or bounced emails. It’s a handy feature for spring-cleaning your contact list from invalid emails or spam trap box addresses to increase email engagement rates — a positive signal for higher sender reputation.

Allegrow Safety Net

The bummer is that Safety Net only works in conjunction with Salesloft, Outreach, or Close. If you don’t use either platform, the feature isn’t available.

What Makes Folderly a Better Alternative to Allegrow 

Allegrow is a great companion for larger teams, using sales enablement platforms. It helps you minimize bounce rates, increase inbox sending limits, and monitor your domain reputation.

But Allegrow doesn’t address other important aspects of email deliverability: email content and infrastructure configurations — the two areas where Folderly stands out. ✨

Email Content Optimization

Email content and styling play a huge role in deliverability rates. Common spam words can send your emails to promo or junk. With Folderly, you easily find and fix any problematic phrases through an in-built email template editor.

Folderly Template Editor

Plus, we constantly scan all the used templates for HTML-level issues. Whenever there’s even the slightest template issue, we’ll dispatch a spam trigger alert, Plus step-by-step instructions to patch things up.

Folderly Spam Triggers

Allegrow doesn’t offer equivalent functionality. On the most expensive plan, users only get access to an A/B content testing tool. You can send two different email variants to 100 email addresses to compare placement rates. Also, users can also automatically generate a shorter email variant version for split-testing. But if you get high spam rates in either case, you’ll have to figure things out on your own. 😕

 Allegrow only helps you sort through your template options faster. Folderly supplies you with data-backed answers for creating the winning email variant. 

Email Infrastructure Configurations 

Allegrow’s platform runs hourly checks of active SPF, DKIM, and DMARC settings to verify if these are active. But you’ll have to deduce what’s wrong yourself. 

Folderly helps you correctly set up your email delivery infrastructure from day one. You can use our free DMARC and SPF record generators, plus in-app step-by-step tips to enable BIMI or address issues with SPF syntax.

Feel intimidated by the acronyms? Our Customer Success team can do the technical heavy lifting for you.

Transparent Pricing 

Allegrow doesn’t provide any public pricing information. According to third-party sources, the platform costs between $36-$72/per user per month. The two plans (Premium and Scale Plus) are team-based, for up to 10 people and up to 25 people respectively. So it may not be the best option for smaller companies. The Premium plan only allows using Allegrow on one domain (and no subdomains) and doesn’t offer access to A/B testing features.

Folderly has a simpler pricing structure. We bill per inbox, $70 to $120 per month,  depending on the total number of connected inboxes. All platform features are instantly available, no matter whether you have 1 inbox or 100 inboxes with us. We also allow an unlimited number of admin users and offer a cozy team collaboration workspace.

But if you sign up for 10+ inboxes, you also get some cool bonuses like a dedicated Customer Success Manager, personalized onboarding support, and priority resolution of any 

deliverability issues.

Final Thoughts 

You now have the full rundown of Allegrow vs Folderly. Both email deliverability platforms have competitive features, but Folderly does better when it comes to analytics, content optimization, and real-time deliverability issue detection.

You can see all of these in action during a free 7-day trial — an offer Allegrow doesn’t have on the table. 😉

Sofi Kompaniiets
Sofi Kompaniiets
Content Manager
Sofi is a Content Manager at Folderly. Harnessing the power of language, expertise in email deliverability, and digital storytelling, she crafts engaging user-first content that resonates with audiences and educates readers in simple and practical ways. Sofi works closely with email deliverability specialists to transform raw technical information into articles with great and applicable insights.

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