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Amazon AWS & Folderly Integration

Interact with emails to increase your mailbox's email deliverability and build a positive reputation.
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Interact with your inbox and maximize your Amazon AWS email deliverability

Keeping your inbox in peak condition is critical to maximizing your outreach. With Folderly, reaching more inboxes is no longer a challenge but a certainty.
With Folderly, make your way straight into your recipient's primary inbox, dramatically increasing your open and reply rates.
We make sure the time, energy, and resources you invest in your email marketing campaigns get a well-deserved return.
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Growth with Folderly
What you get with Folderly
AI-powered automation and human approach to:
Ensure your emails get delivered to make their mark every time, never being unseen again.
In addition to email deliverability growth, experience a surge in email open and reply rates.
Maximize your email revenue to validate the resources invested in email campaigns.
Increase in open and engagement rates
Average Inbox placement rate
Increase in email reply rates
$38 dollar return per $1 invested

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Folderly integrates via API and SMTP with major email service providers and supports custom providers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to make your business prosper with Folderly integrations
One thing about business is that it can be difficult to have all your tools in one place - this is where Folderly integrations come in handy! This means that you will need to find programs that bring your business tools in one place. No software does that better than Folderly. With a handful of tools, you are certainly going to enjoy our service.

The main goal behind Folderly is to increase your business’s email deliverability. We continue to increase the number of integrations to make it easier for you to integrate Folderly into your existing workflow. The list of Folderly app integration options is quite lengthy, and we will delve into it right away.
Why Folderly Integration?
Folderly integration has one main thrust that is to increase email deliverability. With email service providers (ESPs) tightening screws on spam emails, it can be difficult to get marketing messages to customers, let alone get them to read the emails. There are several reasons why using Folderly to improve your emails makes sense, and you will love all of them. The benefits of using Folderly integration over other service providers are as follows.

Comprehensive analysis. In business, data is everything, but processed data is everything and more. Folderly offers some of the best data analysis services available on the market. The bounce analysis gives clients an insight into the number of emails that failed to reach their clients. There are also several analytical benefits of using Folderly. These include the graphic dashboard.

Cyber security. Folderly tools integration offers website administrators a comprehensive plan for email security. Getting your email account hacked can be disastrous and cost you a huge chunk of business. By integrating your EPS option with the Folderly integration tool, you are assured of an effective security plan for your emails and email list.

Support. In terms of customer support, there are very few services that come close to Folderly. Folderly has a complete weekly business schedule. It means that any day of the week, you are guaranteed to get the service. 24/7 live support is another feature that can be quite useful. Most providers tend to keep customer support during business hours. That can be quite a problem in a dynamic marketing scene.
Folderly integrations directory
The Folderly integrations directory is one of the best alternatives that are available on the market today. Over 12 ESPs make using the service quite a viable option. Here are some of the ESPs that you can synchronize your Folderly Integration tools with.

GSuite. Google email is by far the most popular service in the world. G Suite is part of the Folderly app integration list. If you are already using Google Workspace, you won't have to worry about moving your email business to a different ESP. It offers flexibility and continuity across businesses, which is an undeniable advantage.

AWS. Over the years, AWS has proven to be one of the top IT support services. The company, which has also introduced an email service, is a juggernaut in the ESP scene. If you are using AWS for your email needs, you would be glad to know that Folderly integrates with the service.

iCloud Apple iCloud has become one of the top ESPs over the past few years. And the fact that Folderly integrates with the service easily makes it the best email integration service available. Even if you use your iPhone and iCloud for emails, you can easily communicate and get work done with Folderly integrations.

Microsoft Outlook. If you are on Windows, you probably use Microsoft Outlook for your email marketing. Folderly easily integrates with the email service from Microsoft, allowing to leverage on both email deliverability and email “open” scores. There are very few email marketing services that can integrate with Microsoft Outlook. Folderly is among the best ones, though.

Other ESPs that you can integrate with Folderly include: Pepipost; Proton mail; Yahoo; GoDaddy. As you can see, making use of the Folderly integrations directory totally makes sense, so don’t hesitate to try it out.