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Enhance open and reply rates, and get your fresh domain ready to hit the Inbox. Increase volumes gradually, and become a credible sender for any email service provider.
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Security and automation
Advanced algorithms
Complex monitoring
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51% of business emails end up in Spam. What about yours?
Email service providers rely on multiple protocols to sift credible senders out of the sea of spammers. And they pay particular attention to the sender behavior of new senders. Email warm up is the first step to reaching your prospects' Inboxes.
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Send and receive emails from trusted senders
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From Spam to Inbox
Increase your email sending volumes and send more emails to the Inbox
Why is it important to warm up all your mailboxes?
Folderly's allows you to warm up and monitor mailboxes of your entire business for one price, not to waste your email campaign in spam. The more mailboxes are warmed up, the better your Inbox placement is.
Safe increase of email volumes sent from your mailbox
Signal ESP that your emails are interacted with, and you are a credible sender
Increase open rates, and reach the Inbox of your recipients
Fast and inevitable drop of open and reply rates
You're considered a suspicious sender and spammer, so your domain gets blacklisted
All emails you send end up in spam folder
How email warm up by Folderly works?
Folderly creates thousands of human-like interactions with your emails, and signals email providers that you're not a spammer, but a trusted sender.
Security and Automation
Decrease risks of corporate email data leaks thanks to automatically generated senders. Set up once and see your metrics grow.
No limitations
Connect as many mailboxes and ESPs as you wish for one price, and prepare all your SDRs for email outreach.
Effective monitoring & reporting
Get email deliverability insights for all your mailboxes from the day one, and share reports in one click.
Result-Based Approach
There is no warm up limit. Your warm up volume is automated due to your target sending volume.
Realistic email templates
Thousands of human-like GPT-3 powered email interactions are sent and replies on a daily basis.
Email template analysis
Preview your plain text and HTML emails for spam triggers, and monitor its Inbox placement rates on your dashboard.
How to get started
Create account
It takes less than a minute to connect mailboxes of any email provider
Set up warm up
Select the warm-up parameters to reach your sending goal, and enjoy 100% automation
Monitor progress
Track warm up progress and email landing folders to prevent deliverability issues
Supported ESP Providers
Folderly integrates via API and SMTP with major email service providers and supports custom providers.
The highest-rated email deliverability platform
Approved by CEOs, sales reps and marketers across the globe.
How to boost email deliverability
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