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Advanced email warming up algorithms
Get your new domain ready for massive email outreach campaigns in just two week. Increase volumes gradually, and become a credible sender for any email service provider.
Unlimited GPT-3 powered interactions
Fully automated process to imitate human like interaction. Due to thousands of GPT-3 generated templates, email warmup is universal for any industry.
Ensured mailbox security and automated senders
Folderly`s warmup solution provides automatically generated senders for dialogue-like interactions. Decrease risk of corporate email data leaks.
One pricing for the features you need
We guarantee high email deliverability. As a result, your email performance will grow drastically.
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Multiple number of mailboxes per account
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Folderly integrates with all popular Email Service Providers.
How to boost email deliverability with an email warmup solution
Do you want to know why email warmup solution is a great way to grow email deliverability and build a reliable sender reputation? Learn how warmup tools work!
Leveling Up Your Email Deliverability: Does an Email Warm Up Service Help?
50% of all sent emails are spam. That's why spam detection algorithms are continuously improving. This means that if you register an account and launch a cold email campaign right away, all the emails can land in a spam box. The thing is, mailing out 200+ messages a day from a newly-registered email account is spam behavior. You need to gradually grow this number to build a reliable reputation for the new domain. This process is called email warming.
How can email warmup service help?
Email warm up service: how does it work?
Email warmup tool: how to choose the right one?
Can I warm up email without a warmup email tool?

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