Introducing: Folderly Spam Triggers Feature Update

Introducing: Folderly Spam Triggers Feature Update

Sofi Kompaniiets
Jan 05, 2024
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How do you know why Gmail and Outlook flagged your email as spam? What exactly triggered email spam filters? No more guesswork with the Folderly Spam Triggers feature.

Thanks to the latest upgrade, Folderly's Spam Triggers feature can now identify a larger set of spam triggers reported by Gmail, in addition to a full list of those reported by Outlook. Even those who have signed up for a 7-day trial can now access the list of triggers, the reasons sent emails are associated with them, and a detailed guide on how to resolve the issues.

All change starts with awareness. Reduce the anxiety and disappointment caused by low email deliverability and reply rates by making educated adjustments to increase email deliverability.

Gmail Spam Triggers Dashboard Folderly

How Does the Spam Triggers Feature Work? 

In simple terms, the Spam Triggers feature is a comprehensive list of reasons why your emails hit spam folders, based on feedback from major ESPs during email deliverability testing within Folderly.

  1. You connect your Mailbox to Folderly.
  2.  Folderly launches daily email deliverability upkeep, which includes detecting triggers.
  3. You can access the identified triggers either through your mail dashboard or by pressing on Spam Triggers in the user’s menu.Folderly Main Dashboard
  4. You can filter triggers according to the following criteria: All triggers, Mailbox, Template, Domains, and IP for your convenience.Filters Spam Triggers Dashboard
  5. Along with the list of spam triggers, you get recommendations and tools to proactively optimize your email outreach strategy. You can see and reflect on potential reasons that caused the spam trigger to appear, as well as see a list of actions to prevent the appearance of the problem again in the future.

    Such a comprehensive approach is one of the crucial differences between Folderly and warmup tools.Spam Triggers Reasons. Dashboard




    Note ❗ Most spam triggers can be fixed inside the application. However, some triggers can be fixed only within your ESP and require your involvement.

    To read more about types of spam triggers, check out our Help Center articles about Spam Triggers and Outlook spam triggers

Why This Feature Is Crucial for Email Deliverability

A sustainable approach to email deliverability starts with awareness. You need to know exactly what made your emails land in spam to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

  • No more guesswork: know precisely why your emails land in spam.

  • Saved time and effort: with automated issue detection, you save sources that would otherwise be spent on manual analysis and troubleshooting.

  • Solution-oriented approach: get detailed information not only about the trigger but solution

  • Improved deliverability & sales: By avoiding spam-triggering actions, you keep your email deliverability high and ensure your emails land in inboxes, leading to more sales and high-quality connections.

Test Spam Triggers Feature for Free

By providing users with a detailed and updated list of spam triggers, along with reasons and resolutions, Folderly significantly reduces the guesswork and frustration associated with emails landing in spam folders.

Haven’t you tried it yet? The good news is that the spam triggers feature is included in the 7-day Folderly trial, so you can sign up right now and test it yourself. Save time and effort otherwise spent on manual analysis and troubleshooting and enjoy improved email deliverability, increased sales, and better-quality connections.

Sofi Kompaniiets
Sofi Kompaniiets
Content Manager
Sofi is a Content Manager at Folderly. Harnessing the power of language, expertise in email deliverability, and digital storytelling, she crafts engaging user-first content that resonates with audiences and educates readers in simple and practical ways. Sofi works closely with email deliverability specialists to transform raw technical information into articles with great and applicable insights.

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