Why Are My Mailchimp Emails Going to Spam?

Vladislav Podolyako
Aug 11, 2022
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Adopting Mailchimp πŸ’ software in your business set-up offers an opportunity to increase market awareness for company products and services. Your Mailchimp account creation and use follow popular marketing strategies that increase efficiency in the marketing department. However, the existence of spam filters that monitor email traffic presents a blockade you must surpass. The filters are why most of your outreach and ad content is going to spam instead of inbox landing. 

Causes of Mailchimp emails going to spam 

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The outcome of your move to reach and convince prospects over email are minimal due to the following reasons why content goes to spam:  

Poor sender domain credibility

Sender domain credibility indicates how much of a trusted sender your mailbox is among other competitors using the same marketing strategies. A reputable 🀝 mailbox sees few Mailchimp emails going to spam since protocols give you priority in the customer’s inbox. However, a questionable domain will be subject to restrictive measures to see your emails ending in the spam folder. Users implement measures to protect themselves against phishing attacks from unauthenticated senders who use emails to scam unsuspecting people. Therefore, having a low domain reputation puts you in the same box as people who do not offer trustworthy content to the market. Your content from the Mailchimp account will likely be going to spam with such low credibility.  

Use of flagged words and phrases  

The intrigues of marketing using Mailchimp emails involve careful curating to create content that appeals to the prospects and regulars for positive lead conversion. However, the detail of your subject lines and body come into question when you want to penetrate targeted inboxes to claim your market stake. Emails with words flagged by spam filters contribute to a high number of Mailchimp emails going to spam and thus undermine your campaign. Words and phrases associated with fraud occurrences make your emails questionable to the automated protocols which protect customers by sending them to spam. The list of such content updates on a real-time basis, and it is essential to keep track or fall victim to the negative response of relevant protocols.   

Content errors

πŸ“ Content errors are another contributing factor undermining the success of a marketing campaign leveraging an email sending strategy for vast outreach. Different software implemented by email sending providers (ESPs) conduct content analysis to determine the professionalism in content tailoring. Detection of grammatical errors puts your domain on a list where low inbox deliverability is beckoning unless necessary corrections happen before hitting the send button. Studying Mailchimp instructions helps you navigate the requirements and create content that does not fall victim to spam filters. 

Poor email warm-up  

Email warm-up after opening new mailbox results in the steady growth of your outreach influence from gaining customer trust. A good email marketing strategy involves building domain credibility from scratch through cold outreach via the first outgoing emails. The unique templates and professional content make people more comfortable interacting with your brand. However, using an account with a little warm-up for Mailchimp campaigns exposes you to inbox restrictions that limit your market penetration chances. Your Mailchimp emails cannot undergo bulk inbox delivery from a new account unless you have patiently built the reputation of regular client engagement via email warm-up. πŸ”₯  

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How to prevent Mailchimp emails from going to spam 

The reliance on emails to achieve business marketing goals should come with the adoption of measures to push the campaigns through various limiting conditions. The problem of spam content represents the biggest concern to achieving your strategic objectives since it prevents clients from seeing emails. The following strategies will undermine any bottlenecks and assure optimal inbox access for expected outcomes considering the professional email content:  

Implementing spam and anti-phishing measures

One way to stop Mailchimp emails from going to spam is to implement protocols that are up to date with the current flagged words and phrases. The measures involve using a list of the spam trigger words as a guide to avoiding occurrences of blocked content that clients are avoiding. Anti-phishing measures protect your domain from content structures that correspond to those used by scammers to defraud users. Many clients are reluctant to click on email marketing content that depicts characteristics of phishing attempts, and they must trust your mailbox. Avoiding content structures that make the audience reluctant to engage assures your domain reputation by allowing comfortable customer interactions.    

Proper contact management 

Contact management πŸ“‘ is the precursor to establishing an email list with professional buyers who understand your brand and accept your provisions. Implementing a suitable contact management protocol from the period of email warm-up and cold outreach informs a customer-oriented severe strategy. Mailchimp emails go to spam since many senders are not credible in the eyes of the customers and prospects who use varying measures to protect their mailboxes. However, a decisive engagement history with your audiences ensures sender credibility amongst your contacts; thus, your Mailchimp emails easily avoid the spam folder. 

Rigorous email content testing and analysis

Content errors are why Mailchimp emails go to spam ΠΈΠ»ΠΈ instead of landing in the inbox where prospects of opening and responding are optimal. Thus, tailoring your content makes emails in the right place on the clients’ end, where you want to enjoy visibility. Testing involves checking for spam in the subject lines and body to determine if you can expect to land an inbox spot for your marketing efforts.

Additionally, analysis of the templates used when sending particular messages helps decide if they relay brand professionalism to avoid spam reports from users. Careful crafting of brand template designs for your Mailchimp emails makes you stand out and thus conquer more inboxes than competitors. 

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Improved domain reputation

Domain reputation places you head over shoulders above your competition by ensuring that clients are eager for your engagements. You can immediately have your Mailchimp email in the target inbox if the recipient respects your brand and places your mailbox among important senders ⭐️. The process is automated and relies on engagement history to identify brands with which clients are willing to interact regularly. Domain monitoring keeps the mailbox safe from spam filters since the targets trust your brand and expect newsletters for varied communications.  

Automation features provided by a reliable email sending agency 

Folderly has the following automated Mailchimp protocols to facilitate a sustainable email marketing strategy: 

  1. Email sender
  2. Hosting software
  3. Email management 
  4. Email design 
  5. Drag and drop builder 

Email sending protocols

Email sending software to leverage a preexisting client list scrapped from various platforms to target prospects with a Mailchimp email campaign. Such protocols help merge mail by collecting the sheets with lists and then using the data for attachment on respective Mailchimp emails. Mail merging using such software allows for instant sending of bulk messages to multiple recipients while focusing on customization for maximum impression. The software helps to keep you engaged with prospects and real buyers and creates domain reputation, thus avoiding spam reports.  

Email hosting software

The application of email hosting software in your Mailchimp campaigns monitors πŸ”Ž email traffic to ensure that the set targets are realistic. The protocols control the outgoing and incoming emails while ensuring seamless flow between the company and multiple mailboxes. Consequently, your email marketing efforts were significantly boosted since all planned attachments are available to send and respond to alerts. The protocols determine what content is going to spam, allowing adjustments to meet new client needs for better inbox entry in the future. 

Email management protocols

Email management tools provide machine learning protocols that monitor the email responses emanating from the targets who received your communications. The protocols use artificial intelligence to determine how the clients react to emails that beat spam filters to land in their inbox. They create human-like response patterns which facilitate engagement to address client worries and make clarifications where needed.

Email management protocols also keep you away from the spam folder of a client by ensuring that you become acquainted with regular messages. The protocols deliver drip marketing emails to the customers at the desired time for continuous inbox presence to keep competitors at bay.    

Email designing tools 

Mailchimp templates are part of the email design package provided by Folderly to introduce brand trademarks and uniqueness into the mix. Despite doing little to beat the spam filtering protocols, templates offer the advantage of establishing a brand reputation through professional customer engagements. The tools help your experts to create template pieces that associate with the quality of your goods and the experience of your services. Association of such branding content with your Mailchimp emails makes people less likely to block your mailbox since they are aware of a previous engagement. πŸ“ Such trustworthiness owing to such branded content reduces the likelihood of your messages going to spam. 

Drag and drop builder

The drag and drop builder is a tool that helps automate mail merge functions when sending bulk emails to the audiences. Why do Mailchimp emails go to spam, and how does the drag and drop builder minimize the problem? First, the builder automatically extracts content on final emails from associated files such as Google sheets and documents. The final product will have carefully pre-curated email content with minimal flagged wordings that lead to emails going to spam

Secondly, the builder allows for the inclusion of predesigned template choices that offer brand awareness to the targets. Email optimization results where a significant percentage of the bulk mails reach the inbox for desired results. Emailing professional prospects will ensure your emails do not land in the spam folder because people cannot flag a trustworthy brand.  

Benefits of automation of email marketing  

πŸ’ͺ Business automation is ideal for different scales of the entity you are running because the functions have the flexibility that allows for scalable implementation. Email marketing will therefore become a success story that contributes to your expansion through the following evident elements: 

High email deliverability and open rate

The intention of beating spam filters is to fight for a visible inbox position for your emails amid the stiff competition. Understanding why Mailchimp emails land in the spam folder and adopting measures to counter the effects is effective for achieving business targets. Measures that protect your domain credibility and client trust make you subject to an upturn in email deliverability chances. Being a trusted sender eliminates the restrictions on your mailbox by the ESPs since you do not represent a danger to customers.  

Additionally, brand reputation makes your inbox-landing Mailchimp emails subject to higher open rates than those enjoyed by competing entities. People looking out for your regular engagements will experience subconscious excitement when they see your branded templates, thus opening the emails. The market awareness of your product advertisements will be top-notch from such an exciting campaign.  

Customer satisfaction

The email management protocols focus on instant responses to client questions and clarification of products, company schedules, and services. The resulting customer service experience is ideal for developing a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy where your actions align with client needs. Good CRM ensures customer satisfaction by engaging and linking πŸ–‡ the client to customer care personnel for further help. It will help to avoid spam Mailchimp communications by prioritizing content that appeals to the audience and lacks offensive word constructs

Employee satisfaction 

Employee satisfaction relies on the achievement of company targets using the resources availed. Outsourcing email marketing needs experts who adopt tools like Mailchimp achieves that expectation by streamlining customer engagements. Careful adherence to Mailchimp instructions while email sending at the organization sees the emails reach the audience, thus allowing for outcome analysis. 

The workers are exempt from the redundant function to focus on the analysis of the performance of the campaign to understand tweaks that must undergo implementation. The ease of coordinating and making decisions based on the data on the analytics dashboard ensures optimal employee satisfaction due to effectiveness.    

Lead generation and revenue upturn  

When you avoid spam Mailchimp content in your emails, your content gets to the prospect inbox directly with minimal flagging.

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πŸ“Š The successful landing correlates with opening rates of about 60%, which are ideal for a business setting a positive market impression. Tailored content for particular clients on your list will then urge the buyers to access the email, resulting in a favorable action

Reducing the emails going to spam will improve your lead conversion probability by asserting a solid inbox presence that compels prospects to react positively. The result will correlate to the increased revenues enjoyed when the financial report comes out.  


Email marketing follows rules that seek to overcome the low deliverability statistics witnessed for a better stake in customers’ inboxes. Automation tools from Folderly and Mailchimp integrations suffice in such a scenario since they assure optimal deliverability, open rates, and lead generation. However, implementation relies on a strong foundation based on some factors. First, you must build a reputable email domain with which clients will willingly engage when seeking product information. Sender credibility puts you above the thresholds for spam and phishing sanctions.  

Secondly, you should tie your cold outreach and product marketing campaigns to the engagement rules that prevent spam occurrences and client boredom. Lastly, data analytics help you to tailor new campaigns to reflect the client responses amid arising needs that require product changes. πŸ‘‰ The positive lead and income generation numbers will prove a worthwhile investment of your efforts and resources.

Vladislav Podolyako
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