How Do You Compliment MailChimp Blacklist Strategy?

How Do You Compliment MailChimp Blacklist Strategy?

Vladyslav Podoliako
Dec 15, 2021
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It is hard to underestimate the fact that every type of business requires proper advertising to help both the customer base and the income grow. Thus, most company managers seek ways to improve marketing rates and test all possible campaigns. These days, email marketing proves to be among the most successful ventures. Yet, it's not enough to gain every email address possible and mindlessly spam the user base. Should you choose the approach, the chances of hitting a blacklist significantly increase.

If you are new to the field, the notion of a MailChimp blacklist may be utterly alien to you. To avoid all potential mishaps that can ruin your marketing campaigns and lead to the ROI decrease, you should research the MailChimp integration along with the denylist definition on a more professional level. Expert review of MailChimp blacklist professionally done by Folderly specialists will point you in the right direction.

MailChimp – a brief definition

Before we move on with the more complex representation of what is blacklist in MailChimp, you need to understand what the service stands for. Simply put, MailChimp is one of the best marketing automation services that are designed to increase email deliverability in every way known. This includes template customization, in-depth analytics, and many more.

What is blacklist in MailChimp?

Internet is a wondrous place, so it can be dangerous, too. Countless spam and hack attacks have led to various service providers' anti-spam routines. Due to those anti-spam precautions, some emails don't hit the primary mailbox despite their reliability and reputation.

The primary function of blacklists is to spot the fraudulent and harmful senders and block them permanently. Internet service providers are the leading issuers of such a list generation. However, at times, reliable websites and platforms end up blacklisted, no matter how careful their approach is. Some ISPs may even blacklist emails MailChimp sends.

To avoid blacklist emails, MailChimp leads a precise anti-denylist policy. A precise set of rules is distributed over any user who wants to cooperate with the service. In order to fully understand how to keep off any blacklist MailChimp campaigns, you should be familiar with the main terms. They are as follows:


While an email domain reputation is a more complicated notion, the domain itself is usually as simple as your site's name.


An IP address is often represented as a preset string of numbers that are associated with a given server. In the case of MailChimp, there are a few different addresses that are verified and recognized by most ISPs as reliable.


There are different types of blacklists to be aware of. Aside from blacklisted email addresses, some lists block specific IPs and domains. Should anyone use the MailChimp blacklist domain, a user won't be able to receive emails from them. You should remember that not all denylists are public.

MailChimp blacklist check

Why do some customers hit the MailChimp blacklist domain category? There are different reasons why a specific ISP may view your domain as harmful. Usually, this happens when the number of email campaigns launched from the same domain rapidly increases. However, at times, the majority of emails marked as spam trigger the same reaction.

In times like this, all you need is to initiate a MailChimp com blacklist removal operation. The fact is that no one remains blacklisted forever, and the effect is usually a temporary one.

When do you require a MailChimp com blacklist removal request?

The truth is that anyone can end up blacklisted, and some providers blacklist emails MailChimp sends. However, the service policy in the act is aimed at denylist prevention. To ensure that the involved professionals run frequent MailChimp blacklist check operations to monitor major denylists that come from reliable sources. They include the following denylists:

Should the worst happen, and you need MailChimp com blacklist removal, then all it takes is to reach out to get the company's support, and you will be removed from the denylist at short notice.

How to keep away from MailChimp blacklist removal inquiry?

One of the simplest ways to avoid using the MailChimp com blacklist removal request is to comply with major service requirements that include the following aspects:

  • Value contact permission level
  • Don't become a sender who violates the predefined terms and conditions offered by MailChimp
  • Eliminate blacklisted affiliate links from your campaigns

How would MailChimp blacklist affect your business?

No matter the temporary effect of being blacklisted and timely MailChimp blacklist removal, there are consequences to keep in mind. The main area to suffer would be deliverability email rates. However, the scale of potential damage can only be defined by the size of a denylist. If it is an unknown denylist that you end up on – the damage would be minimal, yet if you hit the other end, the consequences may harm your business.

What to do to avoid IP blacklist MailChimp category?

How does MailChimp remove the IP blacklist? The simplest route to take is to initiate a MailChimp com blacklist removal request. However, it is not enough if you want to prevent future MailChimp blacklist removal inquiries. There are a few tips that will keep you off MailChimp blacklist, and they are the following:

Receiver consent

One of the primary reasons why you may need to command, “MailChimp remove IP blacklist!” is that too many email receivers mark your campaigns as spam. This won't happen if you acquire user consent for your business to send out marketing campaigns. However, should the consumer be out of the potential lead pool, the inevitable will happen sooner or later.

Updated user list

Before you check if IP is in MailChimp blacklist, you need to ensure that the contact lists you own are up-to-date. The fact is that if a user remains unengaged with your service for over half a year, you should remove them from the contact list. Clients who aren't interested in your offers but keep receiving your emails are most likely to report spam.

Dedicated services

Regular ISPs are designed for personal use. If you try to send out mass emails from a provider such as Gmail, you will inevitably get blocked. That is what you should use MailChimp for.

Campaign analytics

The simplest MailChimp blacklist check shows how open rates drop analytics will give you an idea about what is going on with your marketing campaign. Once you spot the decrease and eliminate your website or IP from involved blacklists, you will save yourself the reputation and, consequently, the income.

Sender reputation

Your emails may go to the junk folder or hit the IP blacklist MailChimp category if you have a bad sender reputation. So you should keep an open eye for any reputation drops, too.

Spam lines

You won't have to check if an IP is in the MailChimp blacklist as often if you ensure that there are no spam words added to the subject lines you use. There are special spam line lists you can go through to be on the safe side.

Bought user list

The opportunity to save up on lead generation may feel genuinely tempting. However, most of the bought email address lists contain all sorts of random emails which may be inactive, or people who own them aren't a bit interested in anything that you sell. A poorly targeted group of people will bring you straight into IP blacklist MailChimp features.

To sum up

Can MailChimp remove the IP blacklist from your campaign? It certainly can! However, it takes a careful approach to the industry, and the more attentive you are to all the requirements that modern anti-spam systems feature, the more successful your email marketing ventures will be. Keeping off IP blacklist MailChimp, (with the must step—create SPF records) will bring the desired result in no time. Besides, together with Folderly, you can test email deliverability and make the most of the SPF records generator with the least effort involved. Contact us today to get excellent email campaign results.

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Vladyslav Podoliako
Vladyslav Podoliako
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