Folderly as a Alternative for Sustainable Inbox Health

Folderly as a Alternative for Sustainable Inbox Health

Vladyslav Podoliako
Jul 31, 2023
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Looking for a better tool to stop your perfectly-crafted emails from hitting the spam folder? The truth is that only a few solutions on the market can help you truly improve and maintain high email deliverability in the long term. is one that you may have heard about (or even tried). However, while is a useful solution for contact list management, particularly for discovering more qualified leads and confirming contacts, its email deliverability potential is quite restricted.

To get the most out of your email deliverability tool and improve your domain's overall health, you need to look for a comprehensive platform that lets you take care of everything you need in one location.

If you’re going to rely on an email deliverability tool to optimize your email performance and domain health, you want to make sure you choose the all-in-one solution that enables you to manage all major things at one place.

As such, in this piece, we will evaluate Folderly as a comprehensive alternative.

Let’s start!

Why Choose a Alternative? is an enduring option for efficient contact management and cold email outreach, making it a useful CRM tool. However, it may not be the ideal answer for your email deliverability based on your goals and budget. You may want to look for alternatives to for the reasons given below.

Is focused on email contact list only 

While delivers excellent results in finding and targeting high-quality leads, it has limited features for fixing and setting up your sender reputation and email domain health.

Unsustainable in the long-term

An excellent email reputation and consistent business growth go beyond immaculate lead management. Even if you have the most qualified leads, if one of your email deliverability factors fails, you will never be able to contact even your perfect leads. 

Failures with integrations provides a lot of integrations, but you could discover that other solutions have superior integrations for your business. Certain features may not function as they should within integrations.

Too expensive for smaller businesses

For smaller firms, the pricing structure may be prohibitively expensive, especially considering the limited functionality.

Complicated for first-time users 

If you are not an expert in email outreach, you may experience challenges with onboarding and using the platform. Furthermore, there are chances that the interface is inconvenient for you.

Whatever your reason for looking for a alternative, you might find the comparison table below beneficial, as we look at the aspects of email deliverability both Folderly and cover. Alternative: Folderly VS

And here comes Folderly, with a full-cycle approach to your email deliverability that leads to 100% inbox placement.

So, how exactly do Folderly and compare in terms of optimizing email deliverability?

Let’s dive in!

Email Deliverability Monitoring Comprehensive email deliverability scoring encompassing your inbox rate, spam triggers, and best practices (*coming soon*). Email Tracker Extension that shows the complete history of email opens and link clicks.
Onboarding & Integration Easy to set up; perfectly accompanies outreach tools you already have; supports all major email service providers + custom email providers via SMPT or API. Easy to set up; supports all major email service providers.
Team Management & Collaboration

Invite new team members to manage email deliverability together; select/update roles (admin, editor, viewer).

Tech Infrastructure Setup Set up tech infrastructure, including DNS and authentication.
Email Templates

Custom email template management with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Email Deliverability Fix Moving beyond automated warmup: sending a small number of emails to carefully selected contacts for 100% response + regular spam fix to improve and keep up domain reputation and sender score. Automated Warmup.

All major ESPs + any third-party integrations via API

The unavailability of extensive third-party integrations

Customer Care Agents A dedicated support team + a personal dedicated customer success manager with premium support (5+ accounts). A dedicated support team.
Free Trial Available Available
Ratings 5 ⭐️ on G2 4.5 ⭐️ on G2

When Should You Choose 

Your primary focus is on finding & verifying new leads: If your main goal is to find and verify new leads for your business, can be a suitable choice. The platform offers a range of lead-generation tools and email verifiers to help you build a targeted and reliable contact list.

You seek a simple and automated warmup solution: provides a warmup solution that is designed to simplify the process of establishing a positive sending reputation for your email domain. It offers automation features that allow you to gradually increase your email sending volume and ensure your messages reach the inbox.

You don’t need technical setup review & assistance: If you have a good understanding of email deliverability and don't require technical setup review or assistance, can be a convenient option. The platform provides a user-friendly interface and resources to help you navigate the tools without extensive technical guidance.

When Should You Choose Folderly? 

You look for a comprehensive approach to email deliverability: If you are concerned about your overall email deliverability and want a comprehensive solution, Folderly can be a suitable choice. It offers a range of features and services to optimize your email deliverability, including inbox placement monitoring, spam testing, and domain health monitoring.

You look for regular email deliverability maintenance rather than a single warmup: Folderly focuses on ongoing email deliverability maintenance rather than just a one-time warmup process. It helps you continually monitor and improve your email deliverability metrics, ensuring your emails consistently reach the intended recipients' inboxes.

Your emails increasingly land in spam with no reason: If you are experiencing a growing issue of your emails ending up in spam folders without apparent reasons, Folderly can assist you in identifying and resolving the underlying problems. It provides in-depth analysis and diagnostic tools to pinpoint potential issues causing spam placement.

You need to set up tech infrastructure, including DNS and authentication: If you require expert assistance in reviewing and optimizing your email protocols, Folderly offers professional guidance. Their team of experts can assess your email infrastructure, authentication methods, and sending practices, providing recommendations to enhance your deliverability.

Your stakes at email deliverability are too high: If email deliverability plays a critical role in your business success, Folderly is a suitable choice. It caters to users with high stakes in email deliverability, such as e-commerce businesses or companies heavily reliant on email marketing. Its comprehensive approach and expertise can help mitigate risks and maintain a strong sender's reputation.

Is it not true that talk is cheap? 🤔 It is always a good idea to test the waters, and Folderly's free trial allows you to do just that. Simply connect your first mailbox today to start your free 30-day trial. There are no commitments, so enjoy the trip and see if it satisfies your email deliverability fix goals.

The Verdict: There’s a Sustainable Alternative!

Folderly, as a alternative, offers more features in terms of email deliverability, such as tech setup, a comprehensive approach to email warmup, regular domain health maintenance, and spam fix. It also has a team management feature and seamlessly integrates with custom email providers via SMTP or API.

Ultimately, the choice between and Folderly depends on your specific needs and priorities. If lead generation and simple warmup automation are your main concerns, may be the right fit. However, if you require a more comprehensive email deliverability solution with ongoing maintenance and professional assistance, Folderly offers the necessary tools and expertise.

FYI: Please, note that we discussed these apps exclusively in terms of email deliverability. and Folderly have different functionality and positioning and, therefore, cannot be compared head-to-head.


How To Decide Which Email Deliverability Tool Is Right for You?

First of all, write down a list of all the jobs-to-do you expect from a tool. There is no one correct answer since every business is unique. Ensure that a tool has a responsive support team, easy integration with your email service provider, and a comprehensive approach to email deliverability. Also, you can contact a support team with your personalized business goals, and request a call/ demo/ trial period to test the waters before you make any commitments.

What Are Folderly's Pricing and Plan Options?

Folderly’s pricing will depend on the number of your inboxes and the services you request. The pricing starts at $200 (for one mailbox), which gives you access to the whole range of Folderly's features.

You can contact the support team to get a quote. In addition to the Folderly Core Subscription, Folderly Premium Support (for 5+ inboxes) is available and includes your close cooperation with an expert customer success manager guiding you through all the technical setup and fixing email deliverability to achieve a 100% inbox placement rate. 

Why Should You Consider a Alternative?

You should consider the alternative if the email deliverability features offered, such as automated warmup or email list verifier, are insufficient and your email domain reputation continues to decrease. Also, consider a alternative if you are looking for regular & dedicated inbox maintenance.

Vladyslav Podoliako
Vladyslav Podoliako
Founder & CEO
Vlad is a Founder & CEO of Belkins and Folderly, a series entrepreneur and investor with over ten years of management expertise in companies with 100 million evaluation. Vlad has years of experience building and growing service companies and SaaS startups in SalesTech and MarTech. He is skilled in creating successful businesses from the ground up and building top-notch teams that drive all ventures to the top of their industries.

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