A Reliable Lemwarm Alternative To Rock Email Deliverability

A Reliable Lemwarm Alternative To Rock Email Deliverability

Vladyslav Podoliako
Aug 31, 2023
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In the realm of email deliverability, one of the names that stands out as a go-to solution for warming up your email accounts and maximizing your outreach success is Lemwarm. The platform has been designed to assist salespeople, recruiters, and marketers in landing their emails in users’ primary inboxes.

The question is: Is this solution indeed the best shot? 🤔

While the service enlists such practical features as a smart warm-up and ramp-up, smart content, a deliverability score, and more, the outreach landscape is ever-evolving. New alternatives have emerged to offer a fresh perspective on achieving ideal email deliverability rates. 

Folderly, as a robust and dependable Lemwarm alternative, is gaining traction among marketers and businesses alike. But before you make a decision, you need to know what to expect from both solutions.

So, let’s explore how both Lemwarm and Folderly address the related challenges of spam fix and email deliverability, providing a reliable pathway to ensuring your messages land in the coveted inboxes of your recipients.

Why Consider an Alternative to Lemwarm?

Being the practical email warm-up solution that Lemwarm is, it may lack valuable features that make a working process twice as fast and effective.

Let’s discuss a few weaker points that can make you look for a Lemwarm alternative.

Large-business-oriented price plans

The tool presents a higher-than-average price for the service on offer, which is acceptable, considering the quality. However, a start-up or small company may face budget issues when it comes to affording the presented plans.

Multi-layered refund policy

Should the service stop working due to a domain change or any other transition, it may lead to charges for the features a client does not use. It takes multiple proofs (such as CC details, bank statements, purchase screenshots, etc.) to initiate a refund. The refund period will depend on various factors making the end date unpredictable.

Unfit for multi-tasking teams

Lemwarm does not include complex team management features. It is impossible to share the updates, examples, and ideas with the team at the moment. 

Limited sender reputation monitoring

A flawless sender rate is critical for effective email outreach and a successful email deliverability score. However, Lemwarm presents limited monitoring features regarding sender score changes tracking and reacting. 

Folderly as a Lemwarm Alternative

Folderly is a full-scale email deliverability service with an expert focus on mailbox health, email optimization, and team management. Let’s take a closer look at how Folderly compares with Lemwarm when it comes to effective email deliverability.

  Folderly Lemwarm
Inbox deliverability score

Unrestricted access to where your emails land – Primary Inbox or Spam folder. Precise Inbox rate analysis to define where you stand at the moment.

Folderly Score

Inbox reputation and deliverability score reports. Number of sent emails and those saved from spam at the moment.

Screenshot 2023 09 01 at 11.32.35

Email Deliverability Fix

A small number of emails aimed at a handful of pre-selected recipients to gain 100% response. Regular spam fix to succeed with flawless domain reputation and sender score.

Spam Fix

Warm-up strategy tuned with the domain’s age. Gradual sending load increase to achieve perfect delivery rate.

Screenshot 2023 09 01 at 11.35.31

Sender reputation Protected email campaigns to ensure a high-end deliverability score resulting in impeccable sender rep. ❌
Email Templates

Email template customization with real-time problem detection, spam trigger words elimination, functional preview, and other smart improvements on offer. Enhanced Template Editor.

Email Templates

Automated and cluster-based email copies with proper structure, greetings, and signatures.


Best practices Expert advice on individual mailboxes with a success-driven strategy to ensure flawless email performance (*coming soon). ❌
Customer support Highly professional support team with a dedicated support assistant for premium users (5+ accounts) Responsive support desk.
Tech infrastructure Professional authentication and DNS configuration assistance. Effective protocol set-up and optimization. DNS checks are offered. Technical tips and guides are available.
Integration API and SMTP integration with major ESPs and custom providers (Google, Outlook, Amazon, Mailgun, etc.) Supports major ESPs.
Team management

Access to multiple accounts, seamless account monitoring, and different roles available (Admin, Editor, and Viewer). Effortless team collaboration with enhanced Accounts&Members feature.

Team Members

Interface Clean and minimalistic layout for effortless navigation. Intuitive buttons and all-in-one dashboards for a seamless user experience. Neat interface with an intuitive layout and no over-cluttering.
Rating 5 ⭐️ on G2 4.1 ⭐️ on G2

We discuss Folderly and Lemwarm as two services offering expert solutions in the field of email deliverability. No other stats are compared.

When Should You Choose Lemwarm? 

✅ You are on a tight budget. Lemwarm is a handy service when you run a small business or a start-up and want to give your deliverability boost a try. Besides, you can get free access to the tool if you sign up with the Lemlist service.

✅ You require a simple and straightforward warm-up tool. Lemwarm presents an automated warm-up solution to keep your sender score up and keep your emails from landing in spam. The tool analyzes your domain’s age to attune the sending loads, building them up gradually to succeed with perfect email deliverability.

✅ You don’t want to dive deep into the technical aspect of the deliverability process. Those who understand the backend of email deliverability may not require additional assistance in this area. Thus, if all you need is a user-oriented platform with practical deliverability functions at hand without in-depth tech infrastructure analysis and assistance, Lemwarm is the platform to sign up with.

✅ You don’t plan on working with custom providers. Lemwarm integration policy is highly scalable when it comes to major ESPs. However, it lacks versatility and adaptability regarding customer providers. In case you don’t plan to expand any time soon, the variants on offer will cover your primary needs.

When Should You Choose Folderly?

✅ You look for a complex approach to email deliverability. Folderly goes beyond primary deliverability features and encompasses a plethora of functions, including but not limited to inbox placement, spam triggers, expert practices, and innovative deliverability solutions.

✅ You seek preventive care and regular inbox maintenance. Single-time warm-up may have a limited effect on your deliverability score. Folderly presents up-to-date tips and strategies based on your present-time needs. Besides, as you continuously track your essential metrics, you won’t miss a potential issue that may affect your campaign negatively but rather eliminate it before it grows in power.

✅ You want to set up your authentication records correctly. It is not enough to enable DNS protocols. You must configure them correctly to reap all the fruit they will help you grow. Folderly presents expert assistance regarding tech infrastructure and authentication policy.

✅ You want to keep away from blacklists. Despite your relentless efforts to create a perfect email template and safely deliver it to the client’s primary inbox, blacklisted domains and IPs will ruin all. Folderly supports active blacklist monitoring and provides timely assistance should the inevitable happen.

✅ You run an outreach campaign and want to improve its effectiveness. Folderly is packed with tools honed to track vital campaign metrics so that you can improve your open rates, CTR rates, and other critical stats before they impact your campaign.

✅ You want to know exactly what’s going on with your campaign’s performance to the letter. Folderly presents in-depth analytics and sufficient reports to track email performance data, evaluate and potentially improve it.

Is it not true that talk is cheap? 🤔 It is always a good idea to test the waters, and Folderly's free trial allows you to do just that. Simply connect your first mailbox today to start your free 30-day trial. There are no commitments, so enjoy the trip and see if it satisfies your email deliverability fix goals.

Bottom Line: Alternatives Come in Handy

Lemwarm is a practical software solution if you want to limit your optimization to a safe and simple email deliverability process. However, you must understand that many factors affect email deliverability, and the practical warm-up process can’t solve all potential problems.

Unlike Lemwarm, Folderly presents a more complex answer to a low deliverability score. As you encompass such vital matters as your domain health, sender reputation, and email authentication, along with spam-free email templates, you will kill a few birds with a single stone.

More isn’t always better. It depends on your individual goals, needs, and preferences to choose the tool that covers them. Feel that an effective email warm-up will boost your deliverability score? Lemwarm is there for you. Wish to go further than that? 

Feel free to contact and consult Folderly experts at any time!


Why should you use a spam fix tool?

A positive sender reputation helps keep you out of various email deliverability pickles. An effective warm-up process will help to gradually introduce your domain to major ESPs, proving that you are a legit sender, not a dangerous scammer.

  • A proper warm-up process will allow you to:
  • Avoid spam filters
  • Build sender reputation
  • Minimize bounces and user complaints
  • Enhance email deliverability
  • Improve sending list quality and more.

What is Lemwarm's Pricing Policy?

Lemwarm offers two pricing options ranging from $29-$49 per month. Each plan includes unique features designed to boost your deliverability, yet the Essentials plan isn’t as complete as the Smart plan.

What is Folderly's Pricing Policy?

Folderly has a single price for a mailbox that covers all features supported by the platform. A monthly fee is $200 per mailbox. Every other mailbox will cost additionally. However, as you move to the 5-mailbox tier, you will get a personal assistant free of charge.

Why Should You Choose a Lemwarm Alternative?

You should consider the Lemwarm alternative when you want to pay more attention to your sender score, mailbox health, and email content quality. Moreover, Foldelry, as a legit Lemwarm alternative, always presents dedicated mailbox maintenance and professional assistance.

Vladyslav Podoliako
Vladyslav Podoliako
Founder & CEO
Vlad is a Founder & CEO of Belkins and Folderly, a series entrepreneur and investor with over ten years of management expertise in companies with 100 million evaluation. Vlad has years of experience building and growing service companies and SaaS startups in SalesTech and MarTech. He is skilled in creating successful businesses from the ground up and building top-notch teams that drive all ventures to the top of their industries.

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