The Notion of a SendGrid Blacklist and How to Steer Clear of It

The Notion of a SendGrid Blacklist and How to Steer Clear of It

Vladyslav Podoliako
Dec 23, 2021
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Email marketing is a complex yet fruitful strategy that many marketers apply to various business industries to grow their customer bases and improve their income tremendously. However, along with the perks that the modern world offers, there are obstacles to overcome to reach the preset goal. Getting past the IP and domain blacklists is among the primary challenges to face on your way to successful email deliverability.

Many email service providers are customized to block untrustworthy emails they view as spam. Yet, not all the email addresses that end up added to such denylists as the SendGrid blacklist are worth to be treated as junk mail. The more you understand the answer to the question, “What is blacklist in SendGrid?” the easier it will be to get past it and make significant steps to improving email deliverability.

SendGrid – a brief definition

Those of you who consider SendGrid integration should be fully aware of what the service stands for. It is crucial to differentiate between SendGrid and other related platforms so that you can implement the best approach suitable for your business industry. Compared to other email deliverability services, SendGrid is a cloud-based platform that has implemented the best recent strategies and technologies that improve the rates of deliverability emails tremendously. Aside from that, you can count on Load testing along with individually formed marketing campaigns that the service offers.

What is blacklist in SendGrid?

Now, when you know what the service is programmed for, you need to realize what the SendGrid blacklist is and how SendGrid blacklist removal works. There are other crucial details to discuss, too. These include the tips to avoid the nets of blacklist SendGrid you may get in and some additional essential info.

In case you find that some Inbox service providers blacklist SendGrid, it means that the IP address you use has been detected as the one that unwanted and harmful emails have been sent from. Such grand ISPs as Gmail, Microsoft, or Yahoo use these denylists to identify and block particular IPs and domains so that only legitimate senders can reach your primary mailbox.

Once you detect that some reliable providers blacklist emails SendGrid creates, you will have to initiate a SendGrid com blacklist removal request to whitelist you as a trustworthy sender. We'll discuss the matter in detail below.

Why do you end up on the SendGrid blacklist and when do you need a Sendgrid com blacklist removal request?

The fact is that SendGrid is a popular and legitimate service provider, and that might make you wonder why anyone would be dealing with IP blacklist SendGrid in the first place? To get a comprehensive answer to this question, you should realize what types of spam traps there are. Usually, they are divided into the following three groups.

Recycled spam

It is possible to join the category of IP blacklist SendGrid if you use the email addresses that have been inactive for an extended period of time. Once you send a message to one of such addresses, you will hit the blacklist since the message will appear to be refused by the receiving server.


One of the reasons why you will be asking for SendGrid com blacklist removal is due to the incorrect address provided. No one is safe from making a mistake once putting the address in. However, if there are too many typos made and sent from the same domain, you will hit a specific blacklist in no time. 

Pristine trap

Another shortcut to a blacklist would be to exploit the addresses and domains which aren't designed to receive active emails in the first place. Usually, such traps are possible with mailing lists that contain countless purchases, rented or scraped addresses.

You should keep in mind that your email domain reputation also depends upon user feedback and email reports. The more negative responses your IP address or domain gets, the higher the chances that you will end up in the SendGrid blacklist domain category.

Where to check if IP is in SendGrid blacklist?

Once you are new to the industry, it is not enough to understand how most blacklists work and why you may end up on them. You should know where to look to run an informative SendGrid blacklist check. There are a few main platforms to check if an IP is in the SendGrid blacklist. They are the following:

  • Barracuda – is known to block IPs that send out spam.
  • Invaluement – block senders that initiate unsolicited mass email sessions.
  • MXTToolBox – presents the necessary data on whether you should initiate SendGrid com blacklist removal dues to denylisted domain or IP.
  • Spamhaus – identifies spam sources and provides anti-spam safety measures.

How do you reduce the SendGrid blacklist removal necessity?

There are a few ways to avoid sending a SendGrid com blacklist removal request. All it takes is to monitor your sender reputation, and you may never need to go further than SendGrid blacklist check.

Track your opt-ins

If you use email marketing as one of the primary campaigns, you already know how vital active and growing mailing lists are. If you want to avoid dealing with SendGrid remove IP blacklist issues, you have to work with valid and active addresses only. While it may seem that your mailing list decreases in number, it will increase in quality lead generation and manage not to get on the most known blacklists.  

Base your sunsetting on known engagement

If you don't want some high-end service providers to blacklist emails SendGrid sends, you should clean your mailing lists frequently. It helps to eliminate the emails which haven't been opened or clicked on over a certain period of time. This is the essence of Sendgrid blacklist removal.

Validate the addresses in real-time

The moment a user shares their email address with you, you should check whether it is active and if any typos can be spotted. Such an approach will keep you off the IP blacklist SendGrid.

Keep in mind the fact that despite the SendGrid blacklist domain belonging and no matter if the IP blacklist SendGrid is on, the solution to preventing the problem will always be different, depending upon the business model in use.

What about SendGrid blacklist removal?

Despite the most careful approach to the issue, you may want SendGrid to remove the IP blacklist. Thus, you should know how to behave under given circumstances. There are two main scenarios that the service will act upon:

Shared IP plans

SendGrid offers shared plans for anyone to benefit from. So if you're on the plan and you receive block messages from Spamhaus, the chances are that SendGrid is about to remove the IP blacklist. You don't have to send additional requests.

At the same time, when you check if IP is in SendGrid blacklist shared by other providers, you should remember that in the majority of cases, they have no direct effect on deliverability. Besides, SendGrid monitors those denylists too, so you can skip on the SendGrid remove IP blacklist inquiry

Dedicated IP plans

Although the service keeps an open eye for those, too, it is best to send a removal request upon your own volition. The SendGrid blacklist check will help you detect any issues that are about to arise. Yet, should you need some assistance, SendGrid will step in and help you solve the matter.

Final words

The Internet can be dangerous and involve spam attacks. The notion of blacklists hasn't been invented to make your life more complicated. On the contrary, their main goal is to prevent people from receiving spam emails and potentially harmful content. You will have nothing to worry about when it comes to SendGrid remove IP blacklist requests if you use enough precautions to let the anti-spam systems know that you are a trusted sender. Thus, to keep yourself on the safe side, you need constantly update your mailing lists, and regularly check and create SPF record.

Should you decide to test email deliverability or make use of an effective SPF record generator - Folderly experts are always ready to help. If you have any questions regarding the discussed matter, you can reach out and receive timely assistance from our trained professionals in no time!

Vladyslav Podoliako
Vladyslav Podoliako
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