Redefining Email Productivity: A Comprehensive Strategy

Redefining Email Productivity: A Comprehensive Strategy

Ilija Sekulov
Jul 24, 2023
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Enhancing email productivity isn't simply about managing your inbox — it's a strategic business decision that can significantly boost your bottom line.

Let's spill some facts. The potential return on investment for a streamlined email strategy is substantial. With the right approach to email productivity, every euro invested could yield an impressive €35 in return.

Get ready to learn the key limitations to email productivity in 2023 and how to eliminate them with such powerful tools as Folderly and Mailbutler.

Email Productivity: What It Is and What It Isn’t

Email productivity refers to the efficient management and use of email to save time, reduce stress, and improve communication. It's about more than just keeping your inbox at zero. It involves organizing emails effectively by using email to ticketing system, prioritizing responses, and using tools and strategies to manage the flow of information. It's about ensuring you're not spending unnecessary time sorting through spam or trying to find that one important email you received last week among hundreds of others. 

Think of email as something to help you get things done, not as something that stresses you out or distracts you.

Email productivity is about making email work for you rather than you working for your email. 

It's about setting boundaries and creating systems to use email effectively without it taking over your life. Poor email management can lead to wasted time, missed messages, and increased stress. But managing emails well can give you more time for important stuff and make your work life less chaotic and more peaceful. The key is to find the right balance and discover what methods work best for you.

Common Barriers to Email Productivity 

With 121 emails an average person receives every day, there are a few serious barriers we may face:

  1. Information Overload: One of the main barriers to email productivity is information overload.
  2. Missed Emails: It can be tough to sort through them and figure out which ones are really important. This can lead to important emails being missed or delayed responses. Many people at work get hundreds of emails a day. Trying to handle all that can feel like too much. It's easy to lose track of important emails in the flood of newsletters, promotional emails, and less important communications.
  3. Poor time management: You can spend so much time answering emails that you don't have time for other important things. Additionally, the constant interruption of incoming emails can disrupt focus and productivity. Don't forget, every time you switch between tasks, it can slow you down a bit. This is called the switch cost. So, every time you stop what you're doing to check your email, you're paying that switch cost. 
  4. Cluttered Inbox: Spam and unwanted emails also pose a significant challenge. They clutter the inbox, making it harder to find important emails and increasing the time spent managing emails.

The Psychology of Email Overload 

Email overload can have significant psychological impacts. The constant influx of emails can lead to feelings of overwhelm and stress. This is partly because each new email represents a demand on your time and attention, which can create a sense of pressure and urgency. Furthermore, an overflowing inbox can make it difficult to find important emails, leading to additional stress and anxiety.

To combat email overload, it's important to develop effective email management strategies. This could include setting specific times to check your email, using folders or labels to organize your inbox, and regularly deleting or archiving unneeded emails. 

Strategies for Improving Email Productivity 

Setting up an effective email routine can help manage the flow of emails. This might involve:

  1. Organizing emails.
    This can involve setting up folders for different types of emails, using labels or tags, and regularly archiving or deleting old emails. If you keep your inbox tidy, you'll spend less time looking for specific emails, and you won't lose important ones in all the clutter. Minimizing digital clutter is a good piece of advice in general, and it should be applied to more than just your email management. 
  2. Email etiquette is another important aspect.
    This includes keeping emails concise, using clear and descriptive subject lines, and responding promptly to important emails.  It also involves understanding when to use 'reply' versus 'reply all', and when to use CC and BCC. If you use good email etiquette, your emails will be respectful and get the job done. By following good email etiquette, you can improve your communication and reduce the time spent on email.
  3. Taking regular breaks from checking email can actually improve productivity.
    Constantly checking and responding to emails can interrupt your focus and reduce your efficiency. By setting aside specific times for email and taking regular breaks, you can maintain your focus and improve your productivity. During these breaks, it's key to totally step away from your inbox and concentrate on other things you need to do or want to enjoy. This can help to refresh your mind and reduce the stress associated with constant email checking. 

How Mailbutler Enhances Email Productivity 


Mailbutler is a powerful email assistant tool designed to enhance email productivity. It offers features like:

  • email tracking
  • email scheduling
  • Smart Assistant powered by AI
  • task and notes
  • email signatures
  • email templates
  • collaborators
  • and more

Mailbutler's email scheduling feature allows you to write an email and schedule it to be sent at a later time. This is really handy when dealing with different time zones. You can make sure your emails get sent at the best time for the person getting them. Plus, you can write emails whenever works best for you without stressing about if it's the right time to send them. 

The task creation feature allows you to turn emails into tasks, ensuring important actions aren't forgotten. This is really useful for handling emails about projects. You can keep tabs on tasks and deadlines right from your inbox. You can even set reminders to follow up so you don't forget to reply to important emails on time. This way, no important message slips through and you're always in control of your emails. 

Mailbutler also offers features for organizing emails, such as the ability to add notes to emails and the option to snooze emails, allowing you to focus on your current task and deal with the email later.

And with integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the Smart Assistant you can simplify email communication with these features:

  • respond to emails with 1 click
  • summarize emails with 1 click
  • compose emails based on short input keywords
  • create to-dos from emails
  • find contact information
  • improve spelling or grammar on your emails before sending

The Role of Email Deliverability in Productivity 


Email deliverability refers to the ability of an email to reach the intended recipient's inbox. If your emails aren't getting through properly, they might end up in spam or not get delivered at all. This can mess up communication and slow down your work. Ensuring high email deliverability is crucial, especially for businesses. 

Emails that don't reach their intended recipients can lead to missed opportunities, miscommunication, and decreased productivity. This means you need to handle things that can impact whether your email gets through. This can include how trustworthy your email server is, what's in your emails, and what the person getting the email prefers. By getting a handle on these factors, you can make sure your emails get through better and actually reach the people you want them to. 

How Folderly Improves Email Deliverability 

Folderly is a comprehensive email deliverability solution. It offers services like Email Deliverability fix, a comprehensive Folderly Score, Templates Management with quick spam content detection, and easily integrates even with custom providers. 

By monitoring your domain health, you can identify and address potential issues before they affect your email deliverability. By ensuring high email deliverability, Folderly helps ensure effective communication, which is a key aspect of productivity. 

Key features Folderly offers include:

  1. Email Deliverability Fix: Ensures maximum deliverability and provides quick assistance to stop your emails from landing in spam.
  2.  Folderly Score: Helps you to get a quick understanding of mailbox health. It’s a comprehensive and precise metric that encompasses your inbox rate, spam triggers, and best practices.
  3. Template Manager: Add, edit, spot content spam triggers, preview, and save your email templates in a few clicks.
  4. Team Management: Invite team members, assign roles, and handle member-related tasks while ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Future Trends in Email Productivity 

As technology keeps advancing, we can look forward to new trends and increased productivity in email tools.

One major trend is the increasing use of AI in email management. AI can help to automate routine tasks, organize your inbox, and even provide insights into your email habits.

We're also seeing a shift towards communication platforms that bring together email, instant messaging, and video conferencing in one place. It's all about having everything integrated for smoother communication. These platforms can help to streamline communication and improve productivity.

Additionally, as more people work remotely, tools and strategies for managing email effectively in a remote work environment will become increasingly important. 

How can AI email assistants help improve email productivity?

AI has been making impressive progress in different areas, and email management is no exception. It's playing a big role in helping us handle our emails more efficiently. AI email assistants, like Mailbutler's Smart Assistant, can significantly improve email productivity by automating routine tasks, organizing your inbox, composing and responding to emails with one click, summarizing emails and more. 

Automation of Routine Tasks 

AI email assistants can automate a variety of routine tasks. For example, AI can automatically categorize and organize your emails into different folders or categories based on their content or who sent them. This saves you the trouble of sorting them manually and saves time too. They can also automatically flag important emails, so you don't miss any crucial communication. 

Intelligent Email Organization 

AI email assistants can help keep your inbox organized. AI can classify emails based on their importance, subject, or sender, which makes it simpler for you to locate specific emails when you need them. Some AI assistants can even 'learn' from your email behavior and automatically sort incoming emails based on your past actions. 

Insights into Email Habits 

AI email assistants can provide valuable insights into your email habits, helping you understand how you spend your time and where you can make improvements. They can track metrics like how often you check your email, your average response time, and more. 

Enhancing Communication 

AI email assistants can also help enhance your communication. They can suggest responses, check your emails for tone and politeness, and even correct grammar and spelling errors. This can help you communicate more effectively and professionally, saving you time and potentially preventing misunderstandings. 

With Mailbutler's Smart Assistant, you can take advantage of the 'Message Templates' feature. It lets you create and use pre-designed email templates for commonly sent emails. This saves you from having to write the same email repeatedly and saves valuable time. 

Bottom Line: Email Productivity All About Making Emails Work for Us

Email productivity is all about setting boundaries and creating systems so that we can use email effectively without it taking over our lives. It's about finding a balance and creating a system that works for us. And with tools like Mailbutler and Folderly, we have powerful allies in our quest for email productivity. 

By using the right strategies and tools (see how to choose email deliverability service), we can completely change how we handle emails. This can boost our productivity, reduce stress, and create a more organized and peaceful work environment. It's about making email work for us, rather than us working for our email.

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Redefining Email Productivity: A Comprehensive Strategy
Ilija Sekulov
Ilija Sekulov
Digital Marketing Consultant & Senior SEO/SEM Specialist at Mailbutler
Ilija Sekulov is a seasoned professional in the field of digital marketing, with a particular focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). He has more than 8 years of experience, offering his expertise in these areas to a diverse range of clients.

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