Common Challenges of Folderly Clients

Common Challenges of Folderly Clients

Dariia Leshchenko
Sep 19, 2022
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Dariia held the position of Sales Development Representative in Belkins for 2 years. Since our mother company, Belkins, does outreach, and already has a lot of experience, she has expertise in outreach.

When the Head of Email Deliverability first came to Belkins, they faced the problem of the emails going to spam. At first, the SDR team did everything on their own. Namely, they monitored tests and deliverability (that's what Folderly does automatically now). And based on this, they realized that something needs to be changed. This served as the foundation for Folderly, a service that automatically detects and corrects errors in mailing settings and helps you deliver emails directly to your inbox. Later, the decision to build the email-deliverability department inside the company. Folderly has gone through typical product stages: from a simple back-end solution and an unsuccessful prototype to an automated service that connects in a few clicks.

Meanwhile, the Head of Email Deliverability was very involved in the process when there was no Folderly and Belkins did everything themselves, and even then she understood how it all works.


Main Principles of Working with Folderly Clients

The CSM department is very focused on client education. This is important because there are many articles on the Internet about how to do outreach properly. And since everyone says different things, contradicting each other, it is difficult for the client to find the real truth and understand what exactly needs to be done and where there are problems.

Folderly differs from other email performance solutions in a tailored approach because:

  • We have expertise.
  • We know what works and what doesn't (thanks to Belkins). Belkins is growing and developing, and based on their best practice, the company has achieved successful results in the market. We tested different things, and we also have best practices that we try to promote to customers. This is our main focus.
  • We communicate and change a lot of things with clients in personal contact. We help with the outreach strategy, try to understand what their goals are, and not just increase the sender speed and not go to spam. It's not difficult to increase the sender speed and avoid going to spam, but you need to look into the future. Just fixing the spam issue doesn't work, Folderly preemptively deals with it. And if you don’t care about deliverability, don’t monitor DNS, don’t warm up the domain, and don’t constantly check templates, then in the future, you will face other problems with spam.

So, as long as you send emails, you need Folderly.

  • We work in such a way as to convey to our clients our best practices following their setup. We look at what exactly they are doing, and what their goal is, giving tailored recommendations on what exactly they need to do.

Clients Onboarding

Often, the onboarding process goes like this:

  1. We make an onboarding call;
  2. We help to set up an account and launch Folderly correctly;
  3. We find out what the client wants, what his goals are, what value will be for him, how outreach works, and whether there are errors in it (if there are, we explain what is wrong);
  4. We set milestones when we connect with the client;
  5. Further, we work with setting up DNS, templates, and so on.

Onboarding takes from a week to two, sometimes a month or more, but this is rare.

How Folderly Communicates with Clients: Communication Steps and Regular Support

The team is called a success, not support, because CSMs are proactive. They need to hear customer feedback and how satisfied or dissatisfied customers are.

Most communication takes place via email. CSMs ping the client about once a week if he does not write anything to them himself. CSMs find out how client campaigns going, not just whether they go to spam. They ask if the client is satisfied with Folderley's impact on his outreach.

Premium accounts have dedicated CSMs that are in touch with them (once a week, for sure). When the client has just arrived, communication is more frequent, because we need to set up the process. With large accounts, we create SLACK.

The Biggest Challenges the CSM Team Had to Face

A common problem is that clients do not want to change the technical setup. We are ready to offer a call with someone from the team to explain why this is necessary because this is the first thing to do.

If you want to increase the number of mailings, it won't work with this setup. We are also ready to show what exactly needs to be changed to either remove problems or increase the number of mailings to the maximum that we can guarantee.

However, not everyone understands why to change templates or remove links. It often happens that clients come with a problem, but are not ready to cooperate and think that just by connecting Folderly and doing nothing else, everything will change. But that doesn't work.

How Folderly Solves Clients' Issues While Working with Them (If Any Arise)?

If the problem is technical, there are dedicated people in the development department who have the priority to solve customer problems on the platform, if they arise.

And if the problem happens due to expectations (for example, the client does not see results on his campaigns), each CSM has best practices, according to which to act. The CSM schedules a call with the client and checks to see if everything recommended has been implemented because that's often where the problem lies.

How does a typical day for the CSM team look like

CSM opens the laptop and then the magic begins.

  1. The first thing to do is onboarding new customers. CSM writes a welcome message and arranges calls.
  2. CSM answers customer inquiries via live chat or email.
  3. CSM looks at clients' CPM and writes follow-ups.
  4. CSM also perform side-tasks (for example, they prescribe guides for colleagues).

Achievements the CSM Team Is Proud of

For our company, every time a victory is achieved when the customers are pleased. This happens when CSM helps build outreach, clients are satisfied with this and, accordingly, connect more emails and extend contracts for a long time. This is a sign that customers trust and proof that it works.

Clients trust us so much that some of them have several hundred mailboxes connected.

Therefore, when there is communication, we do everything according to best practice, the clients trust us, and we commit to their goals, then this is the ideal formula for success.

What Makes Folderly Work Approach Different from Other Companies?

In our experience, we have tried literally all the methods and tested many strategies and approaches. Therefore, we most likely have already tried everything that clients come to us with.

The killing difference is expertise.

The question of going to spam is complex, and finding the answer to it is not so easy. We have this explanation written on several pages. And in this answer, you will find what really works. And we are ready to cooperate and do it with clients.

  • We also have dynamic senders - the best thing to train a box for cold outreach.
  • We have a wider view of client outreach.
  • We are ready to commit and test different things with clients and share our experience on how it worked for us in different industries. This is our huge advantage over our competitors. No one takes such a comprehensive approach to solve the deliverability problem as we do.

What Would You Like to Tell People Considering Working with Folderly?

You have to try first. If you don't try, you won't know.

People come, they want an immediate result so that it lasts a long time and there is no need to spend money on it further. In our realities, due to different setups, we pull out of spam in a month or three. But there is no easier way.

If the client thinks, it is worth testing, trying to do outreach a little differently than he did before, and then compares the results, this will be the best proof that Folderly's approach works.

Choose a Metaphor to Describe the Way the CSM Team Works in One Sentence

No bees, no honey; no work, no money.

This idiom can be interpreted as when the clients want their emails to reach the recipients and entrust this responsible work to the hardworking Folderly team, this will bring both results and income.

Dariia Leshchenko
Dariia Leshchenko
Head of Customer Success
Dariia is the Head of Customer Success at Folderly, bringing over 3+ years of successful client management. Her dedicated approach to every customer proves that no issue is impossible to fix. Dariia advocates for the synergy of new-level email analysis technology and a human approach to improving email performance.

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