How to Integrate Zoom Outlook Plugin Successfully?

Dariia Leshchenko
Feb 14, 2022
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Starting with 2020, the whole field of business meetings has shifted online. The increased demand for video conferencing apps ensures that some software is destined to rule the niche. Many large, medium, and small company representatives claim that Zoom is the best in the industry.

That being said, the app developers put a lot of time and effort into creating various useful plugins. So no matter the vastness of the user base, there is a suitable option for all. Since the suitability of Folderly for Microsoft Outlook can’t be denied, the topic of today’s survey is the Zoom plugin for Outlook. Worry not – the synergy between the two is easy to grasp and use to your utter advantage!

How to add Zoom for Outlook?

Zoom is a free plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Yet, you should ensure that the device that you need this add-in for Outlook for corresponds with the set of mandatory parameters. To save you the trouble of looking for all the details, we will list them for you:

  • Your Microsoft Outlook shouldn’t be lower than 2010 for Windows and 2011 for macOS.
  • Given that Microsoft Outlook plugin is a 64-bit app, if you have a 32-bit system, you should open Microsoft Outlook add-in as a desktop site.
  • Zoom Outlook plugin is incompatible with Catalina, so you will have to switch to Mojave or some higher macOS to use it effectively.
  • Once you have all the prerequisites in order, all it takes is downloading the Zoom plugin for Microsoft Outlook by picking it from the Download Center. After the download is finished, the install wizard will take you through the setup process successfully.
  • After the setup, you should restart Outlook. Next time you open Outlook, you’ll notice the Zoom ribbon added to the top. Now you can schedule your meeting using the app any time you have the urge.

Does Zoom Outlook for Mac exist?

Those of you who use Outlook on your Mac computer may be in need of a Zoom plugin designed for the system. However, once Microsoft removed its support for plugins for Mac, Zoom stopped the macOS Outlook plugin production as well, all due to the security concerns from Apple. It is possible to use Zoom Outlook plugins, but it is not advised since the safety of your projects may be compromised.

How can you create a meeting in Zoom for Outlook?

Once you set up the Zoom plugin for Microsoft Outlook successfully, you may wonder how to create a Zoom meeting. The process is simpler than you could have imagined. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Start with opening your Outlook app.
  • You will find the Schedule a Meeting option right under the Home section.
  • Choose the Meeting ID, password, audio, video, and other options if needed.
  • Press the Continue button, and the meeting info will be added to the calendar automatically.

If you want to use the Zoom for Outlook add-in, the procedure will alter slightly. However, if you follow these steps precisely, you will succeed with the meeting creation in no time. Here’s what you should do:

  • Go to the AppSource page in the Microsoft Store and get the add-in.
  • Now, find the calendar online and create a New Event.
  • Press the More Options button to make the Zoom icon (blue ribbon) visible.
  • Provide all the requested details, click on the icon, and choose the Add a Zoom Meeting option.
  • Sign in to your Zoom account.
  • Save the meeting.
  • Done!

How do you update the Zoom Outlook plugin?

It is advised to regularly update your Zoom for Outlook since there are new updates released frequently. Just like the Microsoft Outlook policy is all about positive user experience and effectiveness, so is Zoom. Occasionally, Zoom Outlook users come across minor bugs and errors, which a launched update is programmed to fix. In addition, the Zoom Outlook plugin update is often spiced with new practical features aimed at perfecting the overall usability of the tool.

The safest way not to miss any Zoom Outlook update is to check for available updates. All you have to do is hit the Microsoft Outlook Download Center to notice any updates waiting to be installed. Then, restart the Outlook program to have the innovations activated.

What are the most common Zoom Outlook plugin issues encountered?

No matter how professional and user-oriented Microsoft Outlook is, there are cases when the Zoom Outlook plugin refuses to work. There is one common issue to be aware of:

Zoom Outlook is greyed out

You may come across the mentioned issue when someone on your team is about to schedule a meeting for another person in a shared calendar. You will need to decide whether the problem lies within the shared calendar or comes from the Zoom Outlook plugin.

The shortest route to check the issue is to test the add-in on the Outlook page. Should it work properly, the problem is with the calendar. Re-adding the calendar will help. However, if the issue is not with the add-in, you may want to consult a Zoom support agent.

Final words

Countless companies and sales teams prefer to integrate Folderly with Microsoft Outlook to improve their deliverability rates and overall email performance. Should you be willing to join the business ranks that are profit-oriented and supplied with all the means to achieve a pre-set goal, you should contact us as soon as possible. Our trained experts will help you solve the most challenging problems and put your business on the right track in no time! 

Dariia Leshchenko
Dariia Leshchenko
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