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Dariia Leshchenko
Feb 15, 2022
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Dealing with incoming emails for small businesses may seem like a piece of cake. However, once your user base grows, it takes time and effort to develop a suitable email app that will help you filter and sort all of your important messages. That is where Microsoft Corporation seems to have made a considerable breakthrough.

Should you be interested in spicing up your mobile device experience with a dedicated mobile version of an email app, the email app for Outlook deserves all the attention it gets. Since Folderly for Microsoft Outlook is one of the countless opportunities to reap from cooperation, our experts will point out all the perks and potential disadvantages of integrating an Outlook account and its mobile variation into your workflow.

What is the Microsoft Outlook email app?

In 2014, Microsoft Outlook acquired a mobile app – Acompli. The default email app was flawed and lacked the essential features that the corporation wanted it to offer. Thus, after some time, the application was revamped and generously spiced with new features.

The new Outlook mobile variation has become one of the most requested mobile apps on the market; even Edison Mail cannot keep up with it. Your Outlook account can be easily integrated with popular operating systems, including Android and iOS. You can use the Outlook app to coordinate your emails, attachments, and calendar. The simplicity and user-oriented approach that the mobile email app features deserve your attention too.

Some people who are still unfamiliar with the Outlook mobile app may contradict in favor of Edison Mail since Edison's app supports Gmail. However, Microsoft Outlook is perfectly compatible with Microsoft 365, Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, and other accounts.

How do you set the Outlook mobile app up?

Both the workflow and the installation process of the Outlook mobile application are utterly simple and user-oriented. There are a few simple steps to take to succeed with the pre-set task.

Download the app from the app store. Depending on the type of device in use, you may want to choose either Play Store or App Store. Once you find the application, download it to your device.

Launch Outlook. You can find the app icon on the home screen. Tap the icon to initiate the process.

Log in. Once the app is running, you will be asked to continue the process by tapping the Get Started button. After that, the application will require an email and password. While there is no verification email to deal with, you should still provide the Microsoft 365 associated address and press Add Account. After you provide the related password, click the Sign-In button to log into the account.

Email sync. Once you sign in to your account, your emails will automatically start to sync with the mobile device in use. In addition, the app will offer to pass through an informative tutorial to help you better understand how everything works.

Advanced features of the Outlook mobile app

The Outlook email account can be accessed from all your devices. What is more, all of your email friends, co-workers, and family members from multiple accounts can join the single email app and observe messages of the utmost priority in the Focused Inbox. Aside from that, the Outlook mobile app allows you to switch between the calendar and email folders so that you can book your meetings and share online availability in just a couple of taps. Don't forget the fact that you can also use Microsoft Outlook to share media files and other vital documents as available attachments.

Yet, there is a list of advanced features that can predetermine the undeniable success of the email app. They are the following:


Should you decide to exploit the Outlook mobile application, you can expect all the necessary files to be held in one place. What is more, the app enables its users to connect with Office, One Note, Excel, and other practical Microsoft 365 tools. You can access your Word files with the Outlook mobile email app and store them locally or on your Google Drive. It's possible to make use of app integrations such as Zoom and WebEx to initiate and join video meetings too.


Microsoft Outlook is incredibly useful when it comes to planning and organization matters. The properly integrated calendar will notify you about what's next on the plan. It should be added that the messages of the main priority are always displayed first. It is possible to connect the email app with your social media to avoid missing an important event.

Artificial intelligence

You can find unread messages, find email accounts, or discuss Google apps with a simple voice command. The Outlook mobile app is designed to ease and simplify your workflow so that there are replies already suggested when it comes to answering an email. It should be added that you can use your calendar to notify you about potential flight delays and other travel data automatically. Another practical feature is the function that groups emails and conversations united by a shared subject so that you can track them effortlessly. Lastly, the Outlook app can play your messages for you in English when you are busy with something else, for example, driving a car.

Primary benefits of email app for Outlook

The Outlook mobile app's features may help you realize that the tool is spiced with a grand variety of useful perks. The deeper your knowledge in the area, the easier it will be to transition to Microsoft Outlook.

Seamless Microsoft 365 integration

It's already been mentioned that you can share various attachments via the app. However, you may lack an understanding of how the function works. The fact is that the Outlook application is developed to integrate with OneDrive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage variations easily.

Once Outlook mobile version was launched, Microsoft ensured that Microsoft Teams could be integrated with the app. So, now you can effortlessly create teams and join existing meetings with just one tap.

Effective time management

Managing your email accounts on the go may be challenging without a suitable application at hand. With the Outlook app, you can stay as organized on the road as you would be in the office. You can make use of the following features:

  • Agree and accept meeting times
  • Explore Meeting Insights to keep up with changes
  • Share calendars
  • Look for available conference rooms
  • Use Scheduling assistance to find the best time for each meeting

Enhanced productivity

The Outlook mobile application is one of those tools that will assist you in meeting your pre-set goals and needs with the least time and effort required. You don't have to worry that you may miss a vital change in the workflow since you are using your smart device at the moment.

Focused Inbox

One of Outlook's most effective features is the Focused Inbox folder. With the feature intact, you can sort all the incoming messages into Focused and Other. This way, the app helps you prioritize incoming mail and interact with pressing issues straight away.

In case you are curious about how the sorting process takes place: Machine learning is put to use. The specially-designed algorithm points out the senders you often interact with and tops the incoming messages from these addresses as the primary ones. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can keep clear of wasting your time on opening promotional emails ahead of partnership offers.

To take it even further, the Outlook mobile app will trigger notifications only when the Focused Inbox is activated. Of course, the application isn't flawless. If there are some newsletters that you don't want to miss, you will have to go to the Other inbox and manually preset it to always be directed to the Focused Inbox instead.

Handy search tab

When it comes to the general layout of the application, it should be pointed out that the search tab the app provides will display the most used contacts, upcoming events, and files. You can use the search tab to look for something using a keyword too. This approach speeds up the work process tremendously.

Improved security

Since your email may contain a fair share of valuable and sensitive information, it is crucial that the app you use is secure enough for the data to remain private and uncompromised. Microsoft 365 ensures that you can work from anywhere as long as an uninterrupted Internet connection is established. Concerning the Outlook mobile app, you have nothing to worry about because the developers put a lot of thought and effort into providing a high level of security that any user can rely on. You can always try to enhance the encryption and integrate the app with reliable third-party encryption providers too.

Effective Outlook mobile version tips

With all the innovative perks and features that the app is said to offer, you may want to start working with it straight away. To help you succeed with the task effortlessly, Folderly suggests you use the following tips to your advantage.

Bulk action

Interacting with an extensive list of emails may seem like a tiresome and time-consuming task. However, the Outlook mobile app presents a handy bulk unsubscribe feature. You can also use it to flag or delete a fair share of messages at the same time. All you have to do is hold a message in the inbox for a while and then drag it up or down to highlight all the messages you want to cover. Once you are done with the process, all it takes is to pick the action that you would like to perform.

Tap search

The handiness of the search bar can't be underestimated. However, you need to be aware of how you can interact with the magnifying glass icon to succeed with your intended search. If you tap the icon once, the app will enlist all the recent top search results. However, if you tap it twice, you will be able to type in the keyword perfectly and speed up the process.

Event planning

One of the handiest features of Outlook mobile representation is that you can plan new events without the need to search for another third-party calendar planner. All it takes is to open the provided calendar, then hold the date for a few seconds to add time and other details to the event. Once you click the checkmark, the entry will be saved. To make the business routine a bit more entertaining, you can add charms to your events too.

Final thoughts

To sum up, it's safe to state that the Outlook mobile app is a secure and effective tool for busy and success-oriented people. Besides, Folderly experts have been using the app for a while now to deal with potentially arising deliverability issues in the most effective manner possible. Should you have any questions unanswered – don't hesitate to contact our professional team!

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