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Dariia Leshchenko
Feb 21, 2022
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Dedicated Mac users can easily miss most Microsoft offers, and the new Outlook wouldn't be an exception. The fact is that you can adopt Mail with little to no effort and forget about other email mentions. There's no need to download Outlook for Mac, install it, and get the license. Or so it seems. Today, our experts, who are widely suggesting Folderly for Microsoft Outlook, will explain why you may want to consider going through the lengths and consider Microsoft email client.

Outlook for Mac: the basics

One of the primary goals of Microsoft Outlook, used as one of the apps on your Mac, is to stay connected and organized at all times. You can access your emails, attachments, calendar, and contacts assigned to your account with no compromise to your confidential information.

  • Microsoft Outlook will always display the most important messages on top.
  • There's no need for extra cloud storage to keep all of your travel, bill, and reservation information in one place. You can do it all with Outlook for Mac at hand.
  • Advanced security is what differs Microsoft Outlook from similar and advertised apps.

Main reasons to consider Microsoft Outlook for Mac

The whole Microsoft Office pack is often viewed as a standard corporate pack, and there is a grain of truth to it. However, you should realize that there is more to Microsoft than meets the eye. For instance, Office Insider is a free program that grants you access to fresh updates and releases. The mentioned extension granted Microsoft users early access to new Outlook for Mac in November 2019, and the event was table-turning.

New Outlook is said to polish the email, calendar, and search experiences. The main aim of the update was to polish the app's performance and enhance the general productivity of those who download and use it. So, these are the main reasons why you may want to test the app on your Mac:

Enhanced operation

Microsoft Outlook app has been designed to speed up mail and appointment synchronization. Microsoft ensured that among new features, Mac users would find the cloud-based sync engine that the corporation uses in their main office. Such an approach ensures that every involved team member will have instant access to all messages, changes, and notifications via new Outlook for Mac. In addition, all the information is displayed in sync so that there is no room for related errors that can slow the work process down.

Flawless search update

Another useful feature that new Mac Outlook can show off is the search option. If you feel like you need easy access to relevant results, you will be satisfied by this Microsoft innovation. The truth is that the search is designed with cloud-sync technology in mind. Thus, it brings up results faster than any other app can show off. The introduced search bar pulls up the most recent search inquiries and contacts. In addition, you can keyword-search the inbox, which cuts time spent on the process in two.

Improved planning opportunities

Even if your Mac works perfectly, you may want more room for planning. That is precisely what the Mac Outlook app offers too. Microsoft has introduced a feature called My Day. The main aim of the launched update is to organize your workflow and productivity. Due to the freshly released interface, you can access all the messages, tasks, and agendas planned for the day in one place.

Single-view message conversations

You may be planning a new meeting or working on an upcoming deal, but you can't locate the requested details since they seem to be lost somewhere in the inbox. What can be more frustrating? You can start browsing through all contacts and hope that you get lucky. Or, you can use Microsoft Outlook to do it for you. The app is designed in such a way that it automatically combines the messages from the same conversation into a single view.

The app allows it to move the thread's first messages to different folders, but you can still view them together and locate them with the least amount of time and effort involved.

Calendar groups supported

Any office has a fair share of team members involved with the same project. To keep everyone posted about recent updates, Microsoft Outlook offers a chance to create and alter Group events using the app for an enhanced and smoother workflow.

Practical Mac Outlook tips to improve your productivity

Once you download the new Outlook for Mac, you may rush and test it as soon as possible. However, no matter the user-oriented approach to the Microsoft app, a fair share of practical tips will help you manage the Office app with ease.

Selective notifications

Choosing the dark mode over the rest is a matter of personal comfort when you are working on your Mac. However, some customizations come of greater importance. An overwhelming activity feed can disrupt the whole work process, especially if there are numerous active contacts on your list. Unlike other apps, the new Outlook helps you turn off most of the incoming message notifications, except for those that you deem essential. Let's say emails from your manager, family, and potential clients can be turned on while the rest are off.

Here is how you can do it on your mobile device:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook app, tap on a chosen contact, and add them to Favorites. The star mark will show next to the contact.
  • Go to Settings and choose to receive notifications only from Favorite contacts.

On Mac:

  • Open the app and go to Tools.
  • Pick the Rules option.
  • In Client Rules, create a new Rule.
  • Add the needed contact to the Rule and entitle them with the Display Notification feature.

Use the Smart Folder

The feature is called Search Folder on Windows, but for Mac, it is Smart Folder. However, you should know that these two are one and the same. The main purpose of the mentioned folder is to simplify and accelerate the search process. If there is a sender or a meeting invite that you regularly look for, you can use the tool to locate it in no time. Here's how you can do it:

  • Search the information you require and press the Save Search button.
  • You can name the search so it won’t get lost among other saved inquiries.
  • Access the entry from your Mac by hitting the Smart Folder section, located on the sidebar.

Manage the Rules

Microsoft Outlook is one of those apps that can help you optimize and organize your workflow to the fullest. All it takes is to become the Rules wizard. If you approach the matter correctly, your inbox will be neat and uncluttered. Use these tips to your benefit:

  • Ensure that a flag was automatically added to emails from hand-picked senders.
  • Outlook for Mac can archive the updates and newsletters you may need later without cluttering the inbox.
  • Gather all bill payments and receipts in the same-titled folder.

Closing thoughts

There are countless reasons why Folderly experts choose to integrate the Outlook app into their deliverability-aimed processes. Compared to other apps, Outlook for Mac is simple and effective, not to mention affordable. Should you feel like you want to find more on the matter – don't hesitate to contact us straight away!

Dariia Leshchenko
Dariia Leshchenko
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