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Featured in Folderly Premium
Featured in Folderly Premium

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Hit the crowded Inbox with online email tester

Learn where your emails land to solve and prevent email deliverability issues
Analyse Inbox placement
Analyse Inbox placementthrough different email service providers
Check your email placement
Check your email placementInbox, Promotions, or Spam
MonitorIP information and blacklists
Get an overview of DNS settings
Get an overview of DNS settingsSPF, DMARC, DKIM, BIMI
Get a detailed report
Get a detailed reportand share it in one click
Check email templates
Check email templates you commonly use for cold outreach
One pricing for the features you need
One pricing for the features you need
We guarantee high email deliverability. As a result, your email performance will grow drastically.
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Folderly Premium
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Package includes
Real-time email deliverability testing
Email deliverability dashboard
Progressive domain health insights
Unlimited number of human-like email interactions
DNS and email authentication monitoring
Custom email templates
Email content analysis (spam words insights)
Blacklists and spam filters monitoring
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Watch your back about DNS Settings
We got you with this short explainers
Sender Policy Framework
Prevent spoofers from sending spam from your domain with verification that ensures your emails are coming from a genuine IP address.
Domain Keys Identified Mail
Avoid being “binned” or blocked with a DKIM cryptographic key to show contents of your email haven’t been tampered with.
Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance
Protect your domain from unauthorized use by enabling authentication of the incoming email on top of SPF and DKIM.
Brand Indicators for Message Identification
Check whether Email Service Providers see your domain as trustworthy and improve your open rate by providing your company logo.
Mail eXchange record
Correct MX record ensures that your prospects can reach you back. Furthermore, it reduces your company`s risks of spear phishing or BEC attacks.
IP Address
Use a dedicated IP for your reputation to be impeccable. It is the best way of managing your sending behavior and making sure that no other users can interfere with your campaigns.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Test Emails and Check Their Deliverability?
Why Do I Need to Test Emails?
Because you probably don't want them to land in a spam folder. This can often happen to new email addresses that lack email domain reputation , which, in its turn, directly impacts the deliverability rate. So, email testing will help keep this rate high enough to reach each contact's inbox. However, while one can test an email within a couple of seconds, building a reputation isn't an immediate process. Whether you have registered an email today or have used it for many years only for private messaging, you can't send an email campaign from it right away. That's because spam-detection algorithms continuously test emails and will consider sending even 100 messages to your subscribers a spammy behavior –– since you've never done this before.

Every receiving SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) does test email domain. And to avoid spam filters, you need to prove that your email address is legitimate to do mass outreach. And this can be done only through proper warm-up campaigns –– a gradual increase of outgoing emails volume, getting replies, marking emails as important, and taking them out of the junk folders. Doing this manually is possible but is quite time-consuming. Moreover, you'll need to test emails regularly during this journey and be able to analyze the metrics an email checker shows. That's why an email test service is a practical option, and each email test site offers professional warm-up services.
How to Test an Email and Can I Test Email Online?
Email testing is as easy as going to a website, entering the address you want to check, and clicking the button "Test my email!." Within a minute or so, an email tester will identify your email server IP, check if your address appears on any blacklist, and test if SMTP mail servers treat your domain as fraudulent. It will also do the verification of your DNS (Domain Name System) configurations as their setup is essential for showing email servers that you're a reliable sender. To set up the DNS parameters, you can use our SPF record generator and test email sending again –– metrics will improve. Once you use email automation platforms, it's crucial to include their domain names into the SPF record. Otherwise, third-party email campaigns can impact your reputation.

Usually, at the end of an email deliverability test, you get a sender score (or its equivalent) that estimates the delivery success of your messages. And if it falls below the set benchmark, it's vital to know what to do next. Email test web pages will provide recommendations, but a professional email test service team needs to approach critical cases. However, if you leverage the transactional email API providers for your digital marketing outreach, doing an email test isn't always necessary. These platforms regularly test email sending parameters and keep their reputation clean. There are many tips on how to get out of spam folders and keep your sender reputation healthy. And, after you've learned how to test an email, we share some recommendations on how to grow an email testing score.
What if an Email Tester Shows Poor Deliverability?
When a reliable email test finds your inbox placement rate low, it means that almost every mail server identifies your messages as spam. And in this case, your email address requires not only a professional email warm up service but rather a complex email deliverability audit. Here are some of the tips that will help you improve the test email metrics:
  • Keep your contact list free of old, unused, or non-existing emails. When you send a message to a non-existing address or a contact with a full inbox, you get a bounce message or non-delivery report. The first one is called hard bounce, the second –– soft bounce. Both increase your bounce rate, and if it keeps growing, mail providers will mark your emails as spam. So, test email online to keep the bounce rate below 4%. And add spam traps to your sign-up forms –– this will stop spam bots from submitting fake emails to your contact list.
  • Check the content of your emails. Attachments, multiple links, various images, GIFs, and spam-trigger words make your emails suspicious to spam filters. And though marketing outreach can't do without HTML format, try to insert links to secure web pages (https) only, use a few images, avoid spammy punctuation like three exclamation marks, and check the list of words identified as spam. Also, make sure that your cold email subject line is clear and relevant to its content before you test emails again.
  • Add a visible link to unsubscription. There's nothing more damaging your sender score than users marking your emails as spam. Still, it often happens because users see it as the only way to stop seeing your messages –– as there's no opt-out opportunity. So, when you test your email for deliverability next time, make sure to add an unsubscription link and check that it really unsubscribes users. You shouldn't make opting-out a challenge for users or ask them for additional actions or more personal data in exchange for removing them from the list.
  • Ask recipients to move your emails out of spam. This will make every mail server change the status of your domain or IP address. At first, such a request may seem odd to your subscribers, but you'll see its effect after the following email to test. You can use this method also to double-check if the person is interested in your messages, and it isn't a bot that made a spam sign-up to your newsletter. Still, double opt-in works ideally to avoid spambots harming your contact base.
  • Send consistently. A regular increase in sending volume will lead you to the maximal capacity of your email address. However, spam filters are susceptible to changes in both outgoing messages volume and schedule, so you need to keep both parameters stable before you test emails next time. It would be great to keep the daily quota around 100, and once you need more –– register another account. In addition, you'll need to send each email a couple of seconds later to imitate human behavior. Well, now you're prepared to test email sending and get positive results.
What Is the Best Email Test Service?
Numerous instruments can do an online email test of your deliverability. Their features vary, so you can pick up the email test tool that suits your business best. However, with Folderly ,we tried to make email test service effective, understandable, and user-friendly. That's why you'll see an easy-to-read dashboard with critical metrics and sender score logs on our email testing platform. A top-notch email tester should also check your SpamAssassin score. Almost all email clients use the SpamAssassin system to detect spam content, so knowing this number is beneficial. Our email test tool also supports 50+ ESPs (Email Service Providers), so whether you prefer Gmail, Outlook, Office365, G Suite, or others, we have you covered.

Among other features that a reliable tool to test emails need to have are these:
  • Ability to monitor and check multiple email campaigns and keep their history –– to track which changes in parameters bring positive results or affect your campaigns.
  • Possibility to add team members to work on marketing campaigns together and split tasks. Here you also need to pay attention to how convenient the interface is for collaboration purposes.
  • Opportunity to test an email before launching outreach. It's always a good practice to allow some time to fix issues before sending your next campaign.
  • Preview option. Since email subscribers use different mail clients, operating systems, and screens, you probably need to check how your message will look on various devices.
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