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Hit the crowded Inbox with online email tester
Learn where your emails land to solve and prevent email deliverability issues
Analyse Inbox placementthrough different email service providers
Check your email placementInbox, Promotions, or Spam
MonitorIP information and blacklists
Get an overview of DNS settingsSPF, DMARC, DKIM, BIMI
Get a detailed reportand share it in one click
Check email templates you commonly use for cold outreach
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We guarantee high email deliverability. As a result, your email performance will grow drastically.
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Real-time email deliverability testing
Email deliverability dashboard
Progressive domain health insights
Unlimited number of human-like email interactions
DNS and email authentication monitoring
Custom email templates
Email content analysis (spam words insights)
Blacklists and spam filters monitoring
Variety of ESP integrations
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Watch your back about DNS Settings
We got you with this short explainers
Sender Policy Framework
Prevent spoofers from sending spam from your domain with verification that ensures your emails are coming from a genuine IP address.
Domain Keys Identified Mail
Avoid being “binned” or blocked with a DKIM cryptographic key to show contents of your email haven’t been tampered with.
Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance
Protect your domain from unauthorized use by enabling authentication of the incoming email on top of SPF and DKIM.
Brand Indicators for Message Identification
Check whether Email Service Providers see your domain as trustworthy and improve your open rate by providing your company logo.
Mail eXchange record
Correct MX record ensures that your prospects can reach you back. Furthermore, it reduces your company`s risks of spear phishing or BEC attacks.
IP Address
Use a dedicated IP for your reputation to be impeccable. It is the best way of managing your sending behavior and making sure that no other users can interfere with your campaigns.
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