These days, brick-and-mortar businesses transition to digital platforms at the speed of light. While every start-up, medium company, and large enterprise takes its services online, the competition gets twice as fierce. To deal with the ongoing difficulties, most brands adopt adequate digital marketing strategies to get ahead of the others. Thus, working on the email deliverability scores gets as essential as improving the SEO rates.

Whether you choose to conduct competitive research, generate site audits, or improve your content marketing, you need a dedicated SEO tool to rely on. Technical SEO isn't the most straightforward subject to grasp if you have little experience in the field. That is where services like SEMrush come of great use. For the past few years, the platform gained a supreme reputation throughout the globe, and a detailed SEMrush review will help you spot its strong points so that you can decide if it suits your business's needs or not. Our experts have ensured that no stone is left unturned. You can trust us on that!

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SEMrush review: detailed service definition

SEMrush company is often presented as the best SEO tool available on the modern market. The platform has been developed to assist marketing teams in optimizing their online services so that they achieve better search traffic. On top of that, SEMrush can present a real-time analysis of how the competitors operate so that you can improve your marketing strategy. In case you are interested in who cooperates with the service among the industry sharks, it helps to mention eBay, Quora, and

After you sign up with the SEMrush website, you can start monitoring trends and patterns that relate to the digital representation of your niche, no matter how extensive or limited it is. Very often, when it comes to describing what SEMrush does, many reviews highlight the skillful approach to the keyword research process. The data-driven analysis shows you how the competitors use various keywords and what rankings they can get based on those stats. 

SEMrush is clearly an advanced SEO tool, but even a beginner can use SEMrush to the fullest since the platform is exceptionally user-oriented and simple to grasp. A plethora of educational materials and support make it twice as easy to get used to and make the most of the service.

Here's what you can achieve together with SEMrush services:

  • Enhanced website performance.
  • Spotting the most relevant keywords.
  • Creating the most appealing and success-programmed content.
  • Supreme and effectual link building.
  • The improved search engine positioning.

SEMrush review: primary features of the service

As you can rightfully assume, SEMrush company has made quite an investment in effective digital marketing. Considering the number of features that the platform supports, it may feel challenging to pick the ones that suit your personal case best. Thus, let's review the most outstanding offers from SEMrush trending at the moment.

Position tracking

There is a reason why SEMrush is often referred to as the best position tracking tool. The mentioned feature ensures that you can monitor your website search rankings based on the provided target keywords. The tool-generated reports will present useful insight into the following stats:

  • Domain tracking;
  • Keyword tracking;
  • Geolocation comparison;
  • Competitor SEO tracking and more.

On-page SEO checker

While position monitoring matters greatly when it comes to successful process optimization, there are other areas to pay attention to. The search rankings of the site's pages are as critical if you want to get ahead of the competition. The on-page SEO checker is designed to supply you with a list of the essential steps to improve the page's ranking. These may be keyword recommendations, backlink options, content type and length, and whatnot.

SEMrush relies on target keyword stats that the system generates from real-time research. Usually, the research is based on the most prominent competitors in your niche. To put it simply, the feature enables businesses to create the best content and optimize it to the fullest, so they get ahead of the competition.

SEO templates

We have mentioned that the quality of the content you provide matters greatly, and so does its optimization. Thus, SEMrush provides all the tools that potential content creators may need. The SEO content template is usually built on the target keyword analysis. Once a writer provides a particular keyword, the system will work on an effective marketing content template that corresponds with all the SEO requirements.

Primary points that the template covers:

  • Length suggestion;
  • Readability score;
  • Keyword suggestions;
  • Backlink suggestions;
  • Keyword placement throughout the text.

The main goal of the feature is to provide a clear insight into how competitive the piece is. Moreover, the SEO tool assists in placing the best semantic keywords and potentially effective subtopics. Based on the received stats, it becomes twice as easy to create a valid piece of content that will increase your ranking and prove to be relevant to the user base.

Organic traffic analysis

Organic traffic insight is the feature that the SEMrush team has come up with to provide an even more comprehensive range of opportunities that digital marketers can benefit from. Given the traffic, insight ensures that you don't miss the chance to embrace the small amounts of traffic that keywords other than the focus ones drive.

Based on the encoded dashboard that gathers all the data from the Google Search Console, G Analytics, and SEMrush, you can figure out which keywords are unrightfully left out. The mentioned feature includes such information as click-through scores, session, keyword volume, etc. When you put all the stats together, you will have a clear picture of how your site performs so that you can upgrade and perfect it.

Site audit

Another highly praised feature that SEMrush supports would be the Site Audit. The primary function of the feature is to track your platform's health. Some issues may interfere with the utmost performance of your site without you even realizing it. Once you put the Site Audit to use, you will spot all the problems listed clearly so you can fix them one by one. In case you wonder what these issues look like, it is safe to say that anything on the scale, from duplicate contents and broken links to HTTPS implementation, can be on the list.

Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush keyword research deserves all the positive rep it gets. The mentioned magic tool can be used to evaluate different field-specific subjects, semantically related keywords, and other points to present the best ways to enhance platform optimization.

When you use SEMrush for keyword research, you can count on 20 billion keywords to be checked. Such an impressive database ensures you get a comprehensive report with all the keyword subgroups divided according to related search requests.

Simply put, the keyword research tool allows you to find the best keywords ahead of the competition. Besides, the competition rate gives you a clear idea of which options to leave out and which to include in your campaign.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Various SEO audits are a practical component of SEMrush marketing strategy, and keyword gaps aren't an exception. While the name of the feature sounds a little vague and inconclusive, it all will become clear once you learn what it does in reality. The keyword gap analysis aims to compare five of your competitors to track their keyword profiles.

Some of you may think that tracking others' keyword profiles is nothing but a waste of time. However, the real-time data will grant you valuable insight into which keywords are trending at the moment. On top of that, you will be able to spot the gaps in your competitors' lists to efficiently fill them out when it comes to your marketing strategy and campaign.

Keyword overview

If you are just beginning your SEO journey, it may be challenging to come up with industry-related keywords that can generate traffic. The overview feature is developed to provide up-to-date keyword analytics on search volumes, intents, estimated value, CPCs, and result number of a given keyword. Such an approach can help you locate keywords that land your platform on the second page of a search engine. With the list of those at hand, you can add them to your headings and text body. Once you do that, it is allowed to link other pages of your website to the keyword-enhanced page and get to the first page of search engines in no time.

Keyword alert

Some SEMrush reviews leave the alert feature underestimated, but a timely detected issue ensures that your marketing campaign does not falter. How does it work? Not so long ago, most marketing teams had to track the keyword ranking day and night to spot those that went up or dropped down. The Keyword Alert feature ensures that the system notifies you automatically when some critical rankings change. Whoever that happens, you will receive an email alert so that you can inspect the matter as fast as possible. Such a benefit will help you build up the success of your campaign instead of losing it unknowingly.

Keyword tags

If you want to get deeper into the keyword performance analysis, you need to be aware of how visible your tagged keywords are. That is where the tagging tool comes of great use. The feature allows it to access the growth metrics of tag groups, including but not limited to traffic estimates, the share of voice, and visibility stats. The only downside to being aware of this is that the tagging tool will only be available to Guru and Business users. Other than that, the feature permits your team to monitor various performance alterations of preset keyword groups.

Domain Overview

SEMrush can serve as a reliable domain overview tool too. The feature is designed to grant you access to valuable information on the site's online presence. There are different stats that the system gathers and evaluates to give you the most precise conclusion. Among those would be organic traffic, paid traffic, backlinks, etc. Such a precise domain analysis will help you understand your campaign's strong and weak points along with the competitor's stats.

Some industry giants claim that the Domain Overview feature that SEMrush supports is an open door to practical competitor analysis. Once applied to the process, the tool will help you spot potential mistakes that the competitors make and learn from those. Perfecting your online presence through a vital industry insight is yet another advantage to add to the list.

Device-based traffic analysis

In case you don't know, your platform may generate different types of traffic. Usually, they are based on the devices that the clients use to explore your products and services. The traffic analytics tool is often referred to as an advanced market research feature. The main goal of the tool is to provide relevant information on new market possibilities.

Once you put the SEMrush feature to use, you will be able to observe where most of your traffic is coming from. Knowing how the users interact with your site and which devices they use, you can attune your media plan to their needs and preferences. Anyone on your team can benefit from the presented feature, starting with the marketing manager and ending with the involved salespeople.

Link building

SEMrush SEO tool is of great use to those interested in discovering new link-building possibilities within the represented field. The service provides users with a dedicated interface developed to create outreach campaigns aimed at backlink attraction. The mentioned feature includes four different sub-branches. They are the following:

  • Link building tool;
  • Backlink audit;
  • Backlink analysis;
  • Bulk analysis.

Project dashboard

As you may have already figured out, SEO analysis comprises a plethora of different and challenging aspects. Accessing them all through SEMrush is getting ahead of the competition. However, it matters greatly to have a complete picture in front of you to visualize the whole process. That is where the Project Dashboard comes of great use.

The feature is often presented as a summarizing tool that gathers all the critical data in one place, organizes it, and presents it to the user. The system allows it to connect all the ongoing projects with the dashboard so that not even the tiniest details escape your attention. To put it simply, you can monitor the website health, monitor the position tracking, observe keyword changes and evaluate the traffic all within a single place, grasping the whole picture of the campaign.

SEMrush accuracy

While balancing between the integration of the backlink audit tool and figuring out the keyword difficulty score, it may occur to you to doubt the service's accuracy since the future of your campaign depends on it. That's natural, and it helps to point out that the provided stats that the SEMrush system generates are more than 50% accurate. Some of you may hastily assume that 50% isn't enough and you want to reach 100%.

Before you review another SEO alternative, let us tell you that the optimization process is not actually an exact science. It is nearly impossible to predict the upcoming algorithms of all known search engines. However, if you have a 50% head start, as SEMrush can promise, you already get ahead of the competition, which is what matters.

SEMrush ease of use

Based on the presented plethora of features that the system covers, it is easy to assume that a user with no previous experience in the field wouldn't manage SEMrush. However, the assumption is misleading since SEMrush comes with a straightforward, uncluttered interface and user-friendly layout. On top of that, most of the features that the service enlist are well-explained, and you can always reach out to the support desk to have some of your questions answered.

SEMrush integrations

Effective dealing with backlink analytics and keyword difficulty is the point that SEMrush covers, among others. However, in some cases, you wish you could integrate the system with other practical tools that you use in the process. Thus, SEMrush developers enabled their users to connect the system with third-party tools. You can integrate SEMrush with the following services:

  • Google products;
  • Social media networks;
  • SurferSEO;
  • WordPress;
  • Trello and others.

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How does SEMrush company retrieve vital data?

Unlike all the best email marketing tools, SEMrush has a unique approach to data retrieving. As you may have already understood, most vendors use the SEO tool to conduct effective competitor research so that they get ahead of all the other brands in the field. However, instead of a single way to pull data, SEMrush features two:

  1. Search bar pull.
  2. Project pull.

SEMrush API is spiced with a dedicated search bar to which the competitor's URL is added. Once you do so, the platform will provide you with the competitor's real-time domain analytics and keyword selection.

Should you decide to create a corresponding project, the system will gain access to all the data stored outside its database. You will gain impressive insight into the site's visibility so that you can leave it as it is or improve it to outsmart the competitors.

SEMrush toolkit

Before or after you create an account with the digital marketing research tool, you will surely come across the notion of platform toolkits. Thus, it is best if you are fully aware of what the notion stands for. SEMrush toolkit is a general name for all the reports and tools you have access to while working with the system. You can mix and match all the presented features and functions to customize and improve the marketing campaign. The chances that you will need all the tools and reports offered are slim, so SEMrush gives you a chance to come up with a project-limited toolkit that contains all the necessary instruments. You can alter the set whenever you see fit.

Why do you need SEMrush service?

We haven't even dwelled on the service's main features yet, but you may feel unsure whether you should proceed with the SEO tool. So, we will present a few primary reasons why you should consider adding the platform to your list.

Performance insight

You can't hope to get the results immediately when you launch your SEO campaign. Thus, it leaves you uncertain as to how well the optimization works. Once you implement SEMrush in the process, you will get instant access to the campaign's performance stats. You will be able to monitor traffic analytics, keyword ranking, and Google rankings.

Keyword selection

When an online user looks for a service or product, they usually exploit the most related keywords to end up with the most relevant results. SEMrush suggests the best keyword ideas to improve your visibility online. In most cases, long-tail keywords are the ones that matter, and the system is known to provide lists of the most industry-relevant options.

Competition insight

It is not enough to have all the best SEO means at hand to run a successful campaign. You need to know which perks and benefits the competitors may have over you. That is another angle that the platform can help you manage. SEMrush will provide useful insight into the competitor's keyword use and other optimization aspects to ensure enhanced campaign customization.

Maintain existing traffic

It takes time and effort for digital marketing platforms and websites to gain good traffic that suffices their needs and requirements. However, once you achieve the desired level, you should be able to sustain the existing traffic. The set of functions and features that SEMrush offers is precisely what you need to succeed with the task effectively.

Practical link building

No SEO professional would intentionally underestimate the power of backlinks. Backlinks are what ensure your services' reputation and reliability. Usually, such links lead back to authority sites that people are well aware of. SEMrush presents an excellent backlink analysis you can rely on. Besides, the system will always indicate the list of your competitors' backlinks so that you can either add them to the campaign or find even better variants.

SEMrush pros and cons

We have repeatedly stated that even the best cold outreach tools come with a set of drawbacks to be aware of. SEMrush isn't an exception. There are some downsides to consider before you finalize your decision.


  • Comprehensive keyword analysis.
  • Impressive support community.
  • Free trial mode supported.


  • Keyword Difficulty tool isn't always reliable.
  • The price range is higher than average.
  • The variety of options may be confusing at the beginning.

SEMrush pricing policy

Many small and mid-size businesses have a predefined budget that they can spend on SEO tools. Thus, precise SEMrush pricing and what it covers is an essential subject of our discussion. So far, there are four main tiers that the service presents. They are the following:

  • Pro – $119.95/$99.95 a month;
  • Guru – $229.95/$191.62 month;
  • Business – $399.95/$374.95 month;
  • Custom – you have to discuss the cost with the service representative.

Every plan has a double price feature since an annual payment will cost you 17% less than you would pay every month. As for the Custom plan, it is specially designed for large enterprises that can tune up the presented features according to their particular industry needs.

There is also a SEMrush free trial plan that you can opt for before you decide on whether the platform covers your basic and advanced requirements. The free trial lasts 30 days, and a user gains unrestricted access to all the membership features. However, you must share the card credentials for the free subscription to be activated.

While the presented information may be enough to form your opinion on whether you can afford the service or not, SEMrush pricing structure does not end with the subscription types. There are a few more details to be aware of:

SEMrush seats

A seat usually represents the number of accounts that can access the service. Either SEMrush plan offers a single seat for you to have. However, if you want more people to access the account, you can pay an additional $45-$100 (depending upon the plan type) fee to introduce another account into the system. Yet, with the Custom membership plan, you get a chance to negotiate such aspects.

SEMrush projects

Every domain overview you want to access should be registered with the platform as a separate project. SEMrush cost covers 5-40 projects, the number of which increases with each plan. While that is more than enough for an average business owner, it is surely a detail to keep in mind if you want to monitor multiple domains.

SEMrush report requests

That is the point at which you can outrun almost every SEMrush alternative. It is allowed to make around 3K requests daily, even if you have signed up for a basic Pro membership. As you level up with the subscription type, the number of report requests keeps growing, and a Business plan supports 10K daily reports.

SEMrush add-ons

While offered subscription types cover a plethora of helpful SEO means, some features come as add-ons exclusively. Everyone who gets the SEMrush Trends add-on will gain access to:

  • Market Explorer – marketing data such as user age, gender, seasonal spikes, etc.
  • Traffic analytics – you will have access to user engagement stats, traffic sources, geo data, historical data, etc.
  • EyeOn – an open eye to see when your competitors post updates. Up to 5 sources can be tracked.

The add-on will cost you another $200 per month.

What does SEMrush cost? Hopefully, you have found your answers in the section and are ready to proceed with the primary features for which the service is famous.

SEMrush support policy

We have already mentioned that SEMrush isn't that challenging to handle if you are set on making it work for you. However, the variety of features on offer and the initial complexity of the SEO industry ensure that some questions and inquiries will pop up along the way. That is why it is vital to point out that the support policy of the service is as impressive as its functionality.

Any time you have a question you can't find an answer to on your own, all it takes is to fill out the Contact Form that the system offers in the form of an interactive chat. Once you do so, the support agent will get back to you in no time if these are the working hours you choose. On top of that, you can also use their phone support, depending on your area. They offer American, Australian, Canadian, Italian, German, and French phone lines you can call during working hours, Monday through Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM.

Last but not least, the Knowledge base that the platform constantly updates will take you through every step of the process, depending upon your needs. What is more, there are frequent webinars that SEMrush hosts, which ensure that every user who wants to grow in the field has an equal and professionally-supported opportunity.

It should be added that you don't need to use a magical search bar to find a way to contact the support desk. The chat bubble appears throughout every website page, and the Contact Us button is placed at the top of the landing page so you won't miss it. Such an approach to their clientele speaks of care and dedication to the people SEMrush serves.

Final words

Summing up this SEMrush review, it's safe to claim that SEMrush is one of the most reliable SEO tools in the present-day market. It is a multi-functional SEO platform that can assist you in effective keyword research, site audit, domain overview, backlink analysis, and many more. Some marketers doubt the accuracy of the service, which is clearly stated as 50%. However, once you dive deeper into the pool of SEO niches, you will realize that 100% of predictions don't exist due to intense field flexibility and frequent search-engine-induced changes.

Suppose you are ready to put up with the offered accuracy, which is higher than most alternative services dare to claim. In that case, you can take the free trial offer and experience all the presented functions for 30 days to finally make up your mind if the tool is worth the investment. Should you worry that you won't be able to figure out all the functions the service supports, there is multilingual support to rely on. You can use SEMrush in English, Chinese, Italian, French, and German so far. Besides, the service is available in most European countries, the USA, Canada, and some Asian countries as well.

Finally, the platform's success relies on its practical approach to the industry. The system uses real-time data, enabling users to upgrade their marketing campaigns and watch the rates skyrocket. All due to the unique machine learning algorithms encoded in the tool. The very same algorithms are responsible for daily database updates so that no trending long-tail keywords go unnoticed, and your marketing efforts pay off daily!