Oribi offers straightforward, user-friendly dashboards with website analytics. Users can monitor their progress and view site activity. What is more, Oribi prides itself on user-friendliness. So let’s see what’s in store for users.

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Oribi Review

Oribi is a one-stop shop for all of your marketing analytics needs. Through their state-of-the-art technology, robust features, and expert optimization advice, they enable businesses of all sizes to make more informed decisions. The website analytics dashboards provided by Oribi are straightforward and simple to use. Users will be informed of progress toward goals and overall site activity and like the ease of use that Oribi provides. Now, let’s get into more detail, shall we?

About Oribi

Oribi is one of the best email marketing tools. was developed as an alternative to Google Analytics for marketers who are worn out by the never-ending reports and do not have the time to sift through the mountains of data. Oribi is used by thousands of users in order to improve paid campaigns, reduce shopping cart abandonment, view all of their key metrics, trends, and marketing budgets in one dashboard, and credit every single marketing activity (from paid campaigns to newsletters or content) and know exactly how each one contributes to sales. Oribi also allows users to view all of their key metrics, trends, and marketing budgets in one place. In general, Oribi is the ideal solution for any company that wants to monitor the effectiveness of their website and marketing efforts because its clientele includes a wide variety of businesses, ranging from eCommerce shops to marketing firms.

Oribi Features

To fully understand the spectrum of Oribi features, it is better to divide them by category. And this is precisely what we’re going to do. Let’s go!


  • Digital Oribi Analytics Sessions- measure online traffic accurately and present the information in a beautiful way. 
  • Engagement-set up and precisely measure a suitable engagement metric, such as the average session length, the number of pages viewed per session, the amount of scrolling, etc. 
  • Pages for entry and exit-determine with accuracy the most popular entry and exit points for your website, and present data tastefully. 
  • Tracking Events Typically-standard user actions are automatically tracked by software. 
  • Individual Event Tracking-possibility of setting up unique variables to monitor any user activity on the website.
  • Retention-measure bounce rate with precision. 
  • Key conversions-monitor the percentage of users who convert by performing a specific action. Oribi has received input on this feature from 10 different reviewers. 
  • Funnels marketing channel analysis-analyze the number of users who follow a particular conversion path. Oribi has received input on this feature from 10 different reviewers. 
  • Exit and Entry Pages-find the most frequent entry and exit locations for your website with accuracy, and show data beautifully. 
  • Sessions-logically present facts and accurately measure overall online traffic. 
  • Engagement-set up and precisely measure an acceptable engagement metric, such as the average session time, page views per session, scrolling frequency, etc. 
  • Conversions-keep track of the percentage of users who become clients after doing certain activities. 
  • Search rank-users who use Search Rank receive an accurate reflection of how their search rankings stand up to those of rivals.


  • Reporting in Real Time-find out who is now visiting your site using realtime data. 
  • Trending Report on the evolution of any user behavior. 
  • Reporting in retrospect-report on historical user behavior and create prognostic models for the future. 
  • Segmentation-demographically segment a user population, order actions in time and space, and create unique segments. 
  • Mobile Reporting-websites with mobile and tablet versions have analytical tools as well. 
  • Oribi integrations-able to recognize recurring users and be able to integrate user data across devices. 
  • Customized Dashboards and Reports-enables users to create custom reports and dashboards with ease.


  • Application Programming Interface (API) / Integrations-a specification for how an application interacts with other programs. Data, logic, objects, etc. may often be integrated with other software programs through Oribi APIs. 
  • QA Checking-able to verify that the event and variable setup is appropriately reporting data. 
  • Efficiency and Dependability-users can finish jobs fast because they are not waiting for the software to reply since software is consistently available (uptime). 
  • Management of Users, Roles, and Access-depending on the users, user role, groups, etc., grant access to specific data, features, objects, etc.


  • Collecting contacts-users have the option to subscribe to original material or exchange contact information in various ways thanks to contact collection. 
  • Audience insights-sers are assisted by audience insights in comprehending audience demographics and assessing visitor behavior. 
  • Social Networking-add shrewd social sharing buttons to your content and promotions. monitor the people who are promoting your content and generating conversions.


  • User data-access to user-specific information, including location, language, gender, and online activity 
  • Site Search Reports-keywords used in internal searches are reported in the site search reporting. 
  • Load Time Inspection-monitor the loading times for various hardware and software. 
  • Campaign Monitoring-analyze inbound marketing traffic to determine the most effective programs. 
  • Sales tracking-track sales and transactions in e-commerce. 
  • Advertising Messages-able to display pop-up advertisements or other messages based on user activity.
  • Administration alerts-critical metrics can be self-monitored by the Administration Alerts System, which can then notify administrators when they rise to unfavorable levels.

Now, let’s learn more about the company itself. When and where was it founded? Is it present on social media? Keep reading this Oribi review to find out all these aspects.


Oribi Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the good part:

Oribi service pros:

  • analytics — any Oribi reviews that Oribi offers one of the finest analytical systems out there. So when it comes to analytics, there are hardly any Oribi alternatives. Not too bad for marketing attribution, right?
  • funnels feature — it allows you to better understand how various procedures convert data, particularly when people are traveling between multiple domains. This is also partially an analytics pros of the platform.
  • time — Oribi helps you save lots of time. Oribi is great if you're in management and don't have the resources to spend time setting up everything in Google Analytics or the expertise to sift through the volume of data to discover the answers you need.
  • the utilization of artificial intelligence mechanisms — with Oribi, you are able to generate amazing correlations.

Now, let’s move on to the less pleasant part of this Oribi review.

Here are the Oribi cons:

  • limited reporting — the lack of depth in the reports provided by Oribi is the only serious drawback. The reporting area only allows you to export your reports as PDFs, which can restrict the kind of information you want to include or remove.
  • poor customer support — people often complain that they’ve sent many emails, but responses were slow or nonexistent. Customer support could use some space for improvement.
  • not enough information — the Oribi doesn’t provide sufficient information about their brand. For example, the pricing aspect of the business. The sales team could add some extra information on the website regarding their pricing plans (even if they’re set individually).

Oribi Pricing

Oribi cost is a quite a requested topic. Oribi did not provide any information regarding Oribi pricing for the goods or service in question. This is a standard procedure for businesses who sell software and deliver services. The reason for this is that the platform prefers setting individual prices for each client. Oribi pricing options therefore depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of product in question, the complexity of Oribi services provided, the persona of the buyer, and many other things. 

This may seem like a downside at first, but in reality, such an approach is a very effective one when it comes to the Oribi pricing model. The good thing about it is that the sales reps will choose the relevant product just for you so that you’ll end up with the best and, most importantly, relevant results. What you may want to do is contact the brand’s sales team. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with Oribi to receive up-to-date price information.

Oribi Support

When it comes to the customer support system, they have it. You can message them via email by info@oribi.io. In addition, you can always give it a shot and get in touch with them via the above-mentioned social media channels. As for the phone call option, the company’s official website doesn’t mention any available phone numbers to dial. This way, it’s safe to assume this isn’t an option in their customer support system.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Oribi is a magic events technology. With this marketing analytics tool that includes everything, you can take your sales to the next level. Oribi is undoubtedly one of the best cold outreach tools. 

With their cutting-edge technology, robust features, and top-notch optimization coaching, they enable organizations of all sizes to make more informed, data-driven decisions. So don’t hesitate to give it a shot!