Optimizely Digital Experience Platform

Before you tune up your marketing strategy, you must ensure that every part of the process works well. Depending upon the digital experience that you provide, your user base will either grow or decrease. While effective email deliverability platforms specialize in enabling businesses to enhance their conversion rates, open scores, and potential income growth, Optimizely presents itself as an experimentation platform.

With such a tool at hand, you can test different components of your digital campaign and evaluate the received results so that you can improve every weak point of your website, strategy, or digital experience. The software relies on precise artificial intelligence testing and analytics so that the stats you get are always up-to-date and precise. If you want to learn more on the matter, we have a detailed Optimizely review for you to read through.

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Optimizely review: a brief service introduction

Optimizely is a testing tool designed to assist marketing teams in checking, modifying, and implementing various digital solutions to bring the marketing campaign to perfection. Optimizely web experimentation platform allows the decision-makers to finalize their decisions based on real-time data that the system gathers from the web, mobile apps, and various devices. 

Optimizely essentially analyzes every upgrade and change you implement into the marketing process. You can test different CTAs, landing page headings, and other components of the digital user journey. There are a few primary aspects that the software covers. They are the following:

Content Cloud

Content marketing has proved to be an effective strategy to drive user engagement and business revenue up. Thus, the Optimizely Cloud professional services present present-day marketers with a plethora of editing and testing tools, topped with effective collaboration means and an intuitive user interface to drive their rates up.

Commerce Cloud

Another critical aspect of digital experience that the testing tool covers are the variety of organizational needs that every B2B and B2C business faces. You can integrate the software with other critical systems to run online stores, manage online catalogs, and more.

Intelligence Cloud

Optimizely web platform can help you personalize a user experience to the point of establishing a loyal client base in no time. According to recent research, 80% of customers prefer brands that value their individuality. Optimizely will assist you in gathering information across the digital ecosystem so that you can provide more tailored content and user experience.

Optimizely experimentation

One of the key features that the Optimizely company is globally known for is its optimization and experimentation services. Whether it is A/B testing or multivariate testing that you look for, the system has it professionally covered.

Optimizely company: key features disclosed

Like most of the best email marketing tools, the Optimizely service has a list of peculiar features and functions that make it stand out from the rest.

Optimizely web

If you want to experiment with your site or a web page and decide how productive and successful it is, you should consider signing up for the web testing that Optimizely supports. Unlike any other Optimizely alternative, the system allows it to test multiple aspects simultaneously. The software is equipped with different editorial tools so that you can make fundamental website changes with the least effort involved. Here's what the web service supports:

  • Targeting – you can target precise experiences based on geography, cookies, and ad campaign parameters.
  • Coding – the drag-and-drop functionality of the service ensures that there is no coding requested to run an effective campaign.
  • Segmentation – you can divide your target audience based on different aspects such as campaign, device, or browse and discover precise insight on either of the elements.

Optimizely Full Stack

What is Optimizely Full Stack? Sometimes, the marketing campaign you launch goes beyond the website you run. A full Stack is A/B testing software designed to improve the customer journey by targeting each average user's steps. To help you understand the feature a little better, let's discuss what the Full Stack service consists of:

  • Optimizely feature flags – control single product features and people who have access to those.
  • Event management – access and track conversion stats that matter.
  • Momentarily updates – get instant results from any launched experimentation campaign so that all the weak spots are noticed and eliminated.
  • Raw event export – you can download all the received data to have complete access to the generated insights.
  • Randomized switches – control your traffic without general damage to the performance.

Optimizely analytics or Stats Engine

Every split test aims to bring the results to every aspect of the campaign. However, you must read all the results well and respond to them on time. The Stats Engine that the service supports has been designed to automatically adjust the received metrics so that all the stats are up-to-date and valid. Such an approach ensures that you can spot any potential issues and fix them before they cause any damage to the marketing campaign. The only downside of the Stats Engine system is that you can't react to the results and make changes during the test mode.

Developer support

So far, you have learned that Optimizely is a testing tool that requires little to no coding skills to run it successfully. However, the Optimizely team could have left the developers' league unattended. That is why the platform features a developer-oriented community that can help people in the field polish and enhances their skills.

Once you create an account with the service, you can browse through all the available developer resources to successfully develop mobile applications, web apps, and server apps. Besides, uninterrupted access to Optimizely API is included.

Optimizely integrations

No matter how precise Optimizely A/B testing is and how reliable is the Stats Engine analytics, it is never a waste to be able to integrate one testing tool with another marketing software. The friendly integration policy that the platform features ensures that you can view the process from every angle possible. Thus, you can integrate Optimizely with the following:

  • Google Analytics;
  • Adobe Analytics;
  • ClickTale and more.

These types of integration are available throughout the subscription plans that the system supports. However, some advanced integrations are available only to Enterprise users. These are the following:

  • Lytics;
  • Krux;
  • BlueKai;
  • Relay42 and more.

Such an enhanced integration policy makes testing incredibly precise and result-oriented.

Optimizely: ease of use

Even the best cold outreach tools can be easily dismissed due to their complex build and high demand for programming knowledge to exploit the platform to the fullest. While Optimizely can deliver continuous experimentation, it remains a straightforward and user-friendly tool.

There is a unique Optimizely Accelerate feature that will help you learn everything you need on split testing over 12 weeks. However, if you feel like you don't have enough time to spend on such a Bootcamp course, you can always access the presented Optiverse resource center.

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Pros and cons of Optimizely optimization platform

Some Optimizely reviews choose to leave all the downsides that the service comes without. While the disadvantages of working with the platform are minor, you should be aware of those and the presented perks before you sign up for a call with a company representative.


  • Multivariate testing available.
  • Enhanced Optimizely personalization offered.
  • Effective Stats Engine analytics.


  • Aren't the lowest-cost solutions.
  • Buggy preview mode.
  • No changes during the testing process.

Optimizely pricing policy

Optimizely pricing isn't exactly the most detailed aspect the company dwells upon. Some time after the platform was introduced to the market, there were three main plans that the users could have signed up for:

  • Free;
  • Silver;
  • Gold.

These days you won't find such an Optimizely pricing division no matter how hard you look for it. Those who consider becoming Optimizely users should contact the service rep directly to gain insight into the company's cost. So, it's safe to say that there are no fixed offers that the vendor covers.

It may feel strange that the Optimizely company is so secretive about its prices. However, there is no secret at all. Present-day service is centered on mid-size to large enterprises, and every potential client who reaches out to Optimizely has unique needs and preferences that should be charged separately. Thus, custom-built plans are what the platform specializes in at the moment.

To give you at least some idea of what Optimizely cost starts from, it is safe to mention that there are two primary product levels:

  1. Optimizely Web;
  2. Optimizely Full Stack.

The former is all about the digital experience optimization, and experimentation marketers are concerned about. The latter is designed for product developers in particular so that it is possible to test new product features. There are three main plans that you can choose from:

  • Essentials;
  • Business;
  • Enterprise.

The minimum you can expect to pay for Optimizely services would be $36K per year. There are no monthly subscriptions. The highest invoice can exceed $200K per year, so it is safe to say that Optimizely isn't precisely a low-cost tool. However, the features included in those customized plans prove to be worth every penny of investment.

Optimizely support policy

Even though the platform is user-oriented, some questions may arise along the way, and you should be aware of how to interact with the service's support. Once you visit the official website, you will find an Optibot available so you can schedule a chat with the service rep and discuss all the pressing matters. If that is not the case, you can fill out the ticket form available in the Support section and have the support agent get back to you shortly. Besides, you can send the company an email using their customer support email - support@optimizely.com

On top of that, every paid service user is usually assigned a Customer Success manager who will get you through all the processes and train your team to use the software to the fullest. Moreover, the blog and educational material sections are incredibly rich in practical and helpful information concerning the field. Besides, the Optimizely community is exceptionally responsive and supportive, let alone active.

Final words

Optimizely is an experimentation SaaS service aimed at helping business and developer communities improve their marketing efforts and attune the process to perfection. It is also a CMS platform that will assist in creating unique and valuable content for every marketing campaign. The tool is taught to recognize user behavior and continuous experimentation with the digital experience of your potential clientele. The approach ensures that you spot and fix potential weak points in no time.

It'd be logical to finish our Optimizely review stating that Episerver bought out the platform in 2020, and since then, its effectiveness and generated results have skyrocketed. If you feature any issues with your marketing strategy, it is high time you entrust the service with your worries!