Mixpanel: Product Analytics Tool

The online marketing industry is growing by the day, and field competition is fierce. You need all the help you can get to outperform competitors and make your services and products the best. However, you can't boost your reputation without a dedicated user base. Thus, user actions usually predetermine the direction of the marketing campaign.

Many brands pay a lot of attention to the notion of email deliverability, and for a good reason. Yet, that is not the only crucial metric you should monitor. The better you understand the user behavior, the easier it will be to tune your strategy and formula to the clients' expectations. Mixpanel is one of the most popular web analytics tools that can help double the conversion and multiply the revenue. All you need to do is decide that you want to track user experience and read our professional Mixpanel review to know how to succeed with the task!

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Mixpanel company: a brief introduction

What is Mixpanel? That is one of the primary questions to answer before you decide to introduce the Mixpanel service into your marketing process. To put it simply, Mixpanel is an effective product analytics tool designed to monitor user engagement online. The main aim of the software is to track user journeys online, whether they sign up for the service, watch a demo, come back, interact with the platform's features, and so on.

Mixpanel reports are incredibly detailed and user-centered so that you will understand all the customer interactions related to your products and services. Aside from that, the system will give you valuable insight into whether the client accessed the platform from the web or mobile device. To depict the work of the analytical tool in further detail, you should imagine it providing the answers to the following questions:

  • Who are the most active visitors, and which features do they use?
  • How long does the client engage with a product?
  • What can I do to get more users?
  • When do the consumers drop off the sales funnel?
  • Who are the best platform's referrals?

Mixpanel company provides in-depth product analytics through code implemented into your marketing platform. You can use it based on the event you decide to monitor. With the practical Mixpanel API intact, you can gather important data from various sources and transform it into detailed reports that can improve the sales process later on.

Mixpanel ensures that the mobile and web user analysis it generates covers the needs of companies of all sizes. Provided user insight will help you tune and upgrade every applied strategy and existing funnel.

Mixpanel review: best features disclosed

Mixpanel services are centered around how people engage with your service or product. Once you understand how users interact with your website or app, you can improve the offer and increase conversion. Mixpanel outstanding features can help you succeed with your goal.

Event tracking

Despite the simple and straightforward user interface that the tool comes with, it grants you direct access to real-time data on where your clients come from and what they do on your website. Based on both web analytics and mobile analytics, you will be able to analyze all the user events and benefit from the gathered information.

Funnel segmentation analysis

Every client visits the platform with some intentions. While one customer requests a Mixpanel demo, the other makes a purchase straight away, and the rest just sign up for the service or leave. Based on such customer segmentation, the software allows it to create different funnels. Once you discover all the strong and weak points of your funnel, you will be able to improve user conversion along with the services you provide.

Trend analysis

The trend feature is all about the event analysis. Mixpanel customers can track all the events and see how they relate to one another. Such a data visualization approach ensures that you have a clear insight into every web user and know precisely where to place them and what to expect from them.

Mixpanel integrations

Mixpanel analytics comes in incredibly handy when you want to monitor user engagement, but you may require other means to enhance the conversion process. The software allows it to integrate any other tool that you see fit. Be it Facebook integration or Google AdWords and Optimizely. All are supported.

User-friendly interface

Considering the plethora of features that the system supports, you may wonder if you would be able to exploit it to the fullest if you are new to the field. The user interface that the service is equipped with is client-oriented and easy to understand. You can create detailed reports with little to no experience effortlessly.

Mixpanel dashboard

The cross-functional dashboard that the service comes with will help you track all the essential indicators of your campaign. Creating dashboard reporting and sharing it with the team is yet another advantage of the analytics tool. Besides, effective push notifications will keep you up-to-date about all the ongoing changes in the system.


Pros and cons

Even the best cold outreach tools come with a set of downsides and drawbacks. Most Mixpanel reviews fail to mention the software's potential disadvantages but we find it necessary to highlight all the good and the bad about the platform.


  • Auto-save feature enabled.
  • Great analytical features.
  • Responsive dashboard.


  • No live support.
  • Price policy above average.
  • Lengthy setup process.

Mixpanel pricing policy

It is not a secret that all the best email marketing tools come at a price. Mixpanel pricing policy isn't much different from the related services in the field. There are three main plans that it covers:

  • Free.
  • Growth.
  • Enterprise.

Depending on the size of your project, you can pick either option.

Free plan

All it takes is to sign up with the platform and access your free membership version. The plan includes the following features:

  • 100K MTUs.
  • Constant history access.
  • Basic reports, including Flows.
  • Data dictionary.
  • Tracking and notifications.

Growth plan

The first pre-paid plan that the Mixpanel company has is the Growth subscription. The package includes everything that the Free version features, but you can increase the MTUs based on your needs. Thus, the Mixpanel cost starts at $25 a month, but it can change depending on the number of tracked users you choose. Among the trending features that the plan covers are the following:

  • Unlimited saved reports.
  • Data modeling.
  • Impact report.
  • Group web analytics.
  • Data pipelines add-on.
  • Email support.

Enterprise plan

Mixpanel pricing policy has one more option that you can apply for. However, you need to talk with the service representative first to find out the precise cost. Yet, you may have a closer look at what the package includes:

  • All the features from the previous plans.
  • Enhanced access control.
  • Experiments and Signal reports.
  • SSO and auto-provisioning.
  • Seasonal pricing.
  • Event-based pricing.
  • Live support.

Mixpanel support policy

Even though Mixpanel is a simple and straightforward analytics tool, some questions may arise along the way. Yet, there is no Live chat option available unless you are an Enterprise plan user. However, you can fill out the Mixpanel data form to contact support and have any matter solved. Should you be willing to find the answer to the pressing issue on your own, the blog and FAQ section of the platform is more than extensive. Besides, you can access the content library, join webinars and read other users' stories to make up your mind about the software.

Final words

There is barely any other Mixpanel alternative that can offer you such a detailed insight into online user behavior. With all the stats and reports that the software features, you can monitor every step a client takes and improve your chances of a successful sale. Use this Mixpanel review as your guiding light when you decide to implement new software into your marketing campaign and enjoy the profitable outcome!