Google Analytics: Web Analytics Service

Growing a successful online business is a challenging and effort-consuming task, especially if you want to get ahead of the competition and improve your marketing scores. Different marketing strategies available at the moment help you achieve the goal. However, how do you know that your strategy brings the results you count on? How do you determine your email deliverability scores and access other analytical data?

You can exploit various analytics tools to review customer trends, behavior, conversion, and other critical information. With such advanced tools, you can spot potential weak points and fix them before they bring damage to the campaign. Besides, there is a lot of room for improvement too. So, today we will discuss one of the most popular analytical platforms – Google Analytics. Our dedicated Google Analytics review will help you understand how the tool works, its benefits, and its weak spots.

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Google Analytics review: service definition

What is Google Analytics? If you are new to the field, you may want to learn the analytics tool. The best way to describe the service would be to state that it is a powerful tool designed to supply valuable statistics and analysis of the marketing process that can be used to optimize the trending search engines effectively. Google Analytics works as a part of the Google Marketing Platform, and anyone with a Google account can access it for free.

The primary aim of the Google Analytics service is to analyze website traffic and user behavior. With such data insights at hand, the marketing team can discover the primary source of their online traffic, monitor their marketing campaigns, and observe user engagement. All these functions can be used to improve both client conversion along with website traffic increase.

Google Analytics company has access to the client data using page tags. Such tags are encoded in every page available on the Internet. It is a type of trace that every user leaves. The system analyzes all the traces so you can visualize custom metrics such as the number of users, page views, session duration, bounce score, and much more.

Primary features of the Google Analytics company

All the best email marketing tools are evaluated depending on the services provided. Thus, we should discover what Google Analytics offers and what makes it different and better from the competitors.

Analytics Intelligence

The service grants access to current web analytics, business performance, and modeling possibilities. Such relevant data will help you optimize the existing marketing channels and capabilities and figure out new trends to improve the number of website visitors and user conversion.

Advanced reports

Google Analytics company gives you a chance to experience the journey from the client's view. The analytics software allows it to analyze user engagement and behavior through the site. Based on such detailed web analytics, the system generates detailed reports that you can access anytime. You don't need to purchase Analytics 360 to review advertising reports, acquisition reports, audience reports, conversion tracking, and other reports.

Data visualization

It may not occur to you, but having all the critical data at your disposal isn't enough. You need to be able to read and analyze it as well. Google Analytics services are designed to simplify the process so you can understand every piece of information provided. While small businesses can access the data, filter, and manipulate it at all times, data visualization and optimization are enabled, too. Premium users are provided with custom funnels and advanced stats.

Data management

Some Google Analytics reviews fail to mention that the system grants the utter user control over data collection and management. With the help of Google Analytics API, data import, and tag management support, you can interact and customize all available information. Google Analytics makes it possible to set your standards and requirements when it comes to data organization.


To make the web analytics even more specific, the software allows it to be integrated with other Google tools. Think of Google ads, Google Cloud, and Google Ad Manager to get a better idea of what is meant. Keep in mind that some of the tools can be accessed through Analytics 360 subscription only.


The system's user interface may seem a little complicated when you access it for the first time. However, there is nothing you wouldn't be able to master with some help. What interests us is the transparency of the provided data. With the help of different interactive dashboards, charts, and statistical figures, the software ensures that you have the best understanding of the direction in which you are moving. Such transparency ensures that you grasp the target market well and improve the conversion by working on the content and other strategies.

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Google Analytics overview: pros and cons

Even the best cold outreach tools usually come with drawbacks that you wish you knew before receiving your Google Analytics tracking code. The professional Google Analytics review wouldn't be complete without unbiased pros and cons mentioned.


  • It's available for different digital environments.
  • Google Analytics users can gather and access data from different platforms and sources.
  • Small businesses and large companies can create custom goals.


  • The user interface of the platform is a little tricky.
  • The paid Google Analytics score is higher than average.
  • You have to learn the 'language' to use the tool to the fullest.

Google Analytics pricing policy

What makes the Google Analytics platform so popular and requested at the moment is that it positions itself as a free tool and offers a plethora of convenient services that most small businesses can benefit from free of charge. Let's discuss what a free package can offer. The services are the following:

  • Real-time analytics;
  • custom reports;
  • advanced segmentation;
  • conversion reports;
  • Google Analytics integrations and more.

Some features of the Premium plan come for free as well, but there are certain limits to stick to.

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics pricing for the Premium membership is higher than average. Thus, small businesses or mid-size companies should brood upon whether they need it or not. Depending upon the goals you pursue, the free version may be enough. Yet, you should be aware of what the service offers as a pre-paid tool:

High-quality data

The Premium membership offers a data capacity of up to 500 million monthly hits. Besides, you will get 98% data freshness and almost 100% data accuracy.

Advanced analytics

The plan includes Attribution modeling, data-run capabilities, double-click manager integration, and other critical features that will help you understand the target audience better.

Google Analytics cost starts from $12,500 a month and $150,000 a year. You can tune your Analytics 360 package according to your personal needs and acquire an individual manager to help you through the process.

Google Analytics support policy

Truth be told, the service does not feature the most intuitive interface of all. That is why you may need to refer to customer support at one time or another. Even with the Google Analytics demo account, you can access Google Analytics Academy, where you will be able to learn all you should know about the service, what it offers and how to use it to the fullest.

In case you face any issues when you put the tool to use, you can reach out to the support desk using email support. When you log into your account, there will be a Contact Us form. Once you fill the form out with your request and send it, the support agent will get in touch with you shortly.

Should you be pressed for time and require an immediate answer on the stats of your social media campaigns, current web analytics, or traffic sources, you can state your issue in the Live chat field. If it happens during the weekdays, the support representative will respond immediately.

Final words

No recent Google Analytics alternative can provide a complete detailed statistical report for flawless SEO and marketing. The service is free to use and offers all the analytical privileges a successful marketer can hope for. Among countless benefits of Google Analytics, one can name custom metrics. Aside from monitoring classic bounce rate, conversion, and session duration, you can tune the system to track the stats that your strategy relies on. These include the number of users, number of pages per session, ratio of new to returning clients, and much more.

All in all, Google Analytics gives you utter control over online traffic, Google AdWords, user behavior, data analysis, and customization. Together with the tool, you can start a new business and make it thrive in little to no time!