Cyfe All-In-One Business Dashboard

The effective marketing process consists of various aspects that work as a whole. You must implement email marketing software that tracks your email deliverability, open rates, conversion, click-throughs, and other key metrics in the campaign. However, at times it gets harder to put all those stats together to see the whole picture. That is where Cyfe comes in handy. It is a popular reporting tool that helps you visualize and analyze all the data you have at hand so that the marketing strategy in use gets even more effective. In this Cyfe review, we will discuss all the primary features, pricing, and other essential details about the platform so that you are fully aware of what you are opting for when the time comes.

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Cyfe review: basic service definition

The primary question to present the answer to would be – what is Cyfe? Cyfe is a relatively new vendor on the market that defines itself as a dashboard software designed to help clients combine, view, and analyze all the information on the ongoing campaign. Cyfe can assist in extracting data from various sources and other platforms so that you have a complete picture of your marketing process and the current results.

Cyfe company has developed a peculiar work cycle where you can extract all the data you need from all the available channels and combine them in a single dashboard. For instance, you can acquire information from social media, SEO, or PPC and automate your marketing efforts in no time.

Cyfe app features a simple and minimal interface so that even if you don’t have the necessary coding or technical background, you will be able to make out what the system presents. The software is known to suit the business needs of companies of various sizes, making the tool trending and requested at the moment. Keep in mind that although the company is US-based, it offers its services worldwide.

Cyfe company features

Aside from the financial part of the process, you need to know what Cyfe services are included in the pack. Let’s discuss the primary features of the platform in further detail.

Customizable dashboard

Cyfe users are allowed to create dashboards to track their marketing progress and stats. However, you can exploit the available templates if you have little to no experience in the field. All the dashboards are straightforward and easy to navigate. Here’s the list of the most widely used data sources that the templates include:

  • Google Analytics.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Twitter.
  • YouTube.

Should you be willing to track all your social media accounts, you can access the predefined dashboard in no time.

User management

Since the platform gathers all the marketing metrics in one place, you must know who has access to such essential data. That is why the Cyfe service enables users to grant others limited permissions regarding what they can access and can’t. Only the account owner can introduce new members, and create, edit and delete dashboards. The readers can’t interfere with the dashboards in any other way aside from reading and viewing those.

Custom widgets

In case you don’t know, marketing data is always pretty chaotic. That is why Cyfe helps to customize and organize it, so it is simpler to analyze. You can manually add some valuable information to the existing dashboard to fit the general context.

The white-label feature ensures that you can quickly implement branded details, such as logo, motto, or color, to the report. Such an approach brings personalization into the process.

Historical data

Historical data is one of the critical stats that grants you insight into how well your campaign performs over months or even years. Keeping historical data secure is what Cyfe offers. You can track and view historical data up to one year back. However, you should be careful with the data sources in use. Some social media platforms allow it to access history data only for a few weeks.

Safety policy

All the Cyfe data is incredibly valuable and unique. That is why it is natural for business users to wonder how secure the platform is. Cyfe exploits Amazon Web Services to ensure client safety. So far, no leaks have been reported, so most service users are satisfied with the system.  

Data sources

The list of Cyfe integrations goes up to 100 different channels, and they keep working on extending the list. Whether it is Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Ads – you can count on valuable data exports from the sources with Cyfe in use.

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Pros and cons

Even the best cold outreach tools have some downsides to them, so why should Cyfe be an exception? Our professional Cyfe review would be incomplete without a few disadvantages mentioned, wouldn’t it?


  • Simple and straightforward interface.
  • Secure user management.
  • Multiple integrations available.


  • No live support.
  • Limited widgets.
  • Challenging widget customization.

Cyfe pricing policy

Before finalizing your decision on any of the best email marketing tools, you need to evaluate the cost to understand whether your current budget can cover it. Cyfe pricing policy is simple and easy to grasp. Besides, there are different membership plans to choose from so that you can find the one that covers your current needs well.

Starter plan

The first membership plan to choose from is the Starter one. The monthly subscription costs $19, including two dashboards you can access. Only one user is supported, so the subscription is great for freelancers or startups.

Standard plan

As the Cyfe pricing goes up, more possibilities are unlocked. The second plan covers five dashboards and five users. It will cost you $29 per month.

Pro plan

The Pro subscription is designed for medium businesses, it includes ten dashboards and grants access to 5 users. The price per month is $49.

Premier plan

The largest subscription type that the platform enlists is the Premier one. It costs $89 a month and unlocks 20 dashboards, and grants access to unlimited users.

All in all, it is safe to say that the Cyfe cost is below average, so anyone can afford the plan that covers their needs.

Cyfe support policy

No matter how simple the Cyfe API is, some questions about the service and its functions may arise along the way. Some Cyfe reviews that the platform has a great blog section, but it may not be enough when you face some technical issues. That is why you can also fill out a support form available in the Contact section. If email support is one of the most preferred options, you can reach out to the support desk this way too. Usually, it takes 24 hours for the support team to process and answer your inquiry.

Final words

Cyfe is a dedicated business dashboard that will keep all your data in one place so that you can monitor the success of the campaign and improve the weak points if any. The service allows you to get information from various sources through multiple integrations, making it so valuable at the moment. It does not matter if it is a large enterprise or a single-person startup that you run. As long as you are involved with the sales and marketing industries – the platform comes of equal use. The ultimate security policy that the vendor preaches ensures that you don’t need any Cyfe alternative to tune your campaign to perfection!