Sendinblue Email Marketing Automation Software

Email marketing is considered to be one of the most sought-after tools in the industry these days. Most online businesses consider launching a success-oriented email campaign to increase brand awareness, user engagement, and general company revenue. However, there are many more components to the process than you could have imagined. As the industry experts state, the crucial elements of an effective email marketing strategy should involve email deliverability stats, email engagement reports, A/B testing, and other vital factors.

With all the plethora of crucial elements that a profit-oriented new campaign should rely on, you may need a dedicated marketing platform to succeed with the challenging task. Our professional Sendinblue review will point out all the details you should know about before giving the mentioned platform a try. Starting with the company's best features and ending with the Sendinblue cost policy – you can learn it all from a single source!  


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Sendinblue company: a brief introduction

Sendinblue is a known email marketing service packed with a variety of pretty advanced features. The primary goal of the Sendinblue platform is to assist its customers in establishing an unbreakable and strong bond between your company or service and its potential consumers. Most experts refer to Sendinblue as one of the highly requested digital marketing platforms available at the moment.

Whether you run a small business or a larger enterprise, the platform will help you expand your horizons in a variety of ways. The service allows it to create dedicated email campaigns and share them with your contact lists with the least effort involved. The interface that the software is provided with is utterly intuitive and user-friendly. The drag-and-drop feature comes in incredibly handy when you decide to import your HTML templates or play around with some ready-made email blocks you want to share with your users. Keep in mind that Sendinblue offers advanced segmentation so that you can take that list management to a new level.

Aside from that, the Sendinblue service pays a lot of attention to the matter of email marketing automation. Many users consider the platform among the best email marketing tools, all due to the marketing automation approach. The number of triggers that get activated because of one action or another is close to being unlimited, and we will shine some more light on the matter as we proceed with the Sendinblue review.

Unique Sendinblue services to consider

Due to the rapid popularization of email marketing, the number of platforms offering their service grows daily. However, not all the presented options are worth your time and consideration. Let's have a closer look at the primary features that Sendinblue software is designed to offer.

Intuitive email editor

Sendinblue API is well-thought, responsive, and constantly updated. However, the drag-and-drop feature of the service remains one of the most appraised company's features. There are two primary ways to exploit the email editor: you can either create your own email templates or use the ones provided by the tool.

If you want to get ahead of the competition when it comes to email marketing, the drag-and-drop editor will provide you will all the necessary means. You can enhance your email templates with all sorts of visual elements, including but not limited to GIFs and images.

There is rarely any Sendinblue alternative that would allow it to save the customized template to their library so that you can re-use it later on. Besides, the mentioned editor enables a user to import unlimited contacts to create various valuable notes, which will assist in building an effective email marketing strategy.

Analytics and Reporting

Sendinblue's API isn't the only feature that deserves all the attention it gets. In case you want to make the most of your email marketing efforts, you have to be aware of how every launched campaign affects the general ROI stats and not only. That is where Sendinblue’s analytical and reporting features come in handy. While other tools don't offer as much as Google Analytics integration, the platform allows it to track the opening rate, subscription scores, and CTR.

Some of you may state that such standard data is provided by many email marketing services providers at the moment. Still, you should realize that Sendinblue offers information that concerns each individual user of your services. Such an approach will help you create a sales funnel that is thrice as effective since they are based on your subscribers' behavior.

Once you are through with the bounce rate reduction, you can proceed with spam reports. Sendinblue is developed in such a way that the service provides precise reports on which customers have flagged your emails as spam. Aside from that, you can benefit from reports indicating which links have been the most profitable in terms of bringing the most traffic to your website and driving subscribers to click them from the inbox.

Lastly, there is a Real-Time reporting feature that the tool offers. It is truly a revolutionary offer since not many alternative services can show off the same. The reporting feature allows it to set your own customizable goals so that you can track your company's progress, too.

Transactional emails

In case you don't know, transactional emails are an automatic response from you when a subscriber carries out a peculiar action. For instance, transactional emails are sent when password resets, order confirmations or welcome emails are triggered.

You can exploit the server that Sendinblue SMTP claims and initiate such emails so that the server automatically sends when any of the described actions are taken. Besides, the feature allows it to increase your lead scores by blacklisting the users who marked your messages as spam. Such an approach serves well when it comes to hard bounces, too.

Marketing automation

As the popularity of email marketing grows, the notion of proper process automation becomes widely discussed and well-implemented in the workflow. Sendinblue offers a plethora of email automation tools that can simplify the working process. Every potential step that a user takes can be spiced with a separate email or SMS message to slightly pushing them towards finalizing the purchase process.

Let's review some of the automation features that the Sendinblue company is best known for:

  • You can send SMS on top of each Welcome email automatically.
  • An automated Welcome message can be sent to every new subscriber.
  • Double opt-in, including captcha verification, can be implemented into the process to get more quality leads.
  • When a user goes to a specific page on the site, you can inform them more on the matter via emails rich in detail.
  • With recent purchase data, you can notify a client about an abandoned cart to promote the sale.
  • You can congratulate your subscribers whenever they have an upcoming birthday and even add a tempting bonus offer to the email.

These are only a few options to consider when it comes to automation tools that Sendinblue presents. The fact that you can make use of SMS messages comes in more than helpful too.

Sales CRM and contact management

Email marketing is usually centered around your potential clients. That is why the notion of customer relationship management is of critical value. Aside from effective automation and segmentation techniques, the platform allows it to manage your contact lists accordingly. On top of the service's own unique management options, you can use various Sendinblue integrations involving other marketing software to double the results.

Sendinblue enables its users to store various contact details to help the segmentation process. You can exploit the following features:

  • Store basic data about your clients, including their names, phone numbers, and emails.
  • Store notes from scheduled calls and meetings.
  • Note different tasks that concern a particular contact or lead.

With such handy tools within your grasp, you can make conversion twice as easy and effective.

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Sendinblue review: pros and cons of the service

The great variety of practical tools and features that Sendinblue is known for may be enough for some of you, but not for all. Keeping that in mind, Folderly experts browsed through recent user feedback to provide you with up-to-date advantages and disadvantages you may come across.


  • Effective A/B testing – an appealing subject line can truly turn the tables. That is why Sendinblue helps users to test different subject lines to optimize their emails fully.
  • Creative landing pages – premium users of the service can come up with incredible landing pages built from scratch with the help of the service's modern templates.
  • Practical Sendinblue plugin – well-developed Sendinblue WordPress plugin can help you grow your list, user engagement, and traffic. Besides, the Sendinblue plugin is free to download and exploit.
  • User-oriented opt-in formssubscription forms that the platform offers are incredibly dynamic and highly customizable.
  • Constantly updated templates – so far, the service enlists around 65 ready-made email templates that you can implement into the workflow. You can create your own templates if you wish.


  • Multiple-user login is available for premium users only.
  • A dedicated IP address becomes available with Premium membership acquisition.
  • A/B testing is centered on the subject lines solely.
  • The pricing policy is slightly higher than average.
  • Sendinblue plugin system can be more versatile.

Sendinblue pricing policy

It is a known fact that all the best cold outreach tools usually come at a cost, and Sendinblue wouldn't be the exception. That is why, before we proceed with all the outstanding features of the service, let's discuss the Sendinblue pricing in detail. After all, some businesses have a limited budget, and the service's cost comes before other vital characteristics of the tool.

Free version

Some Sendinblue reviews pay little attention to a free Sendinblue account and proceed with premium and enterprise plans at once. However, free offers may be critical for a small team or someone who wants to test the waters of email marketing suggested by the vendor.

So, a free plan that the service enlist is a forever-free option. The variant will come of use to a small business at the beginning of its marketing path. If your list does not cover more than 1K subscribers, the offer is precisely what you need. Yet, you won't be able to create landing pages with the free plan, and your daily sending limit is 300 emails. On the other hand, the free plan allows it to access email templates library, designer interface, chat, and SMS message personalization means.  

Lite version

Should your contact list cover around 20K-100K emails, you have to leave the free plan to others and proceed with the Lite Plan. Unlike other paid plans, the Lite version can be upgraded to the precise number of subscribers that you wish to interact with. You can calculate the monthly cost of a plan that includes 30K, 50K, or the whole 100K. Yet, the basic fee is $25 per month, which covers the list of emails from 1K-20K.

As to the features that the plan covers, you can count on everything that a free version has, topped with email support and A/B testing. Besides, both the daily sending limit and Sendinblue logo branding will be removed.

Premium version

Another pre-paid plan to consider is the Premium option. The plan starts at 20K and goes up to 1000K+ emails. The price here starts at $65 per month, but the list of features you will be granted access to is incredibly enhanced. You can create appealing landing pages with the plan intact. What is more, you can use Facebook ads to spread the word about your company and use telephone support whenever you need it. Besides, multiple users can have access to the tool.

Enterprise version

Those of you who are interested in enterprise plans will find something peculiar among Sendinblue offers. The digital agency will customize the plan according to your corporate needs precisely. However, you have to contact the company representative personally to get a precise estimation of the provided service.

Sendinblue discounts

Sendinblue company has an affiliate program to make use of too. Some third-party vendors can offer a 10% discount off the yearly subscription plan if you use their link to create an account with the service. The bonus is surely worth your consideration if you have an extensive user base to cover.

Sendinblue support review

Sendinblue offers a well-organized and simple interface so that even users with little to no related experience can use the service to the fullest. However, it happens that unpredictable situations arise, and you may need some assistance from a company representative.

If that is the case, you can always rely on Sendinblue's support system. Should you be in a hurry, you can access a Live support option when you go to the help center that the company developers have designed for you. However, if you think you can manage the bothering issue on your own when provided with enough information, you can browse through the informative and structured FAQ section and the Blog that the platform offers.

The vendor also mentions a phone support option. However, it turns out that only premium users can access it.


Email marketing is an equally effective approach for any business to implement into the workflow. Sendinblue and its free membership plan will point out all the perks of exploiting such dedicated marketing software if you are new to the industry. The platform offers a plethora of smart features that will help you create practical strategies and launch profit-charged marketing campaigns. With such a potent service at hand, you will get ahead of the competition in no time. Start your email marketing journey today and reap the benefits as soon as tomorrow!