Pabbly Online Marketing & Sales Software

Email marketing is a tough business. You have to be able to keep track of your subscribers and make sure they're getting the right content at the right time, or you'll lose them forever. You also need to be able to send out messages quickly and easily, so you can stay on top of trends and stay competitive with other businesses in your industry.

But what if there was an app that could help you manage all that? What if there was an app that could do everything from subscription management to tracking payments and marketing automation? Well, there is Pabbly!

Pabbly is a SaaS-based web app that offers an affordable price for a host of products rolled in one platform. Pay the minimum of $25/m and have access to all Pabbly apps: email marketing, subscription billing, form building, email verification, and failed payments and refund management on top.

Pabbly is an absolute must for those who do email marketing at scale. From easiness in creating web forms, collecting online payments, and generating leads to improved email deliverability and boosted open rates, Pabbly ensures endless gains for all the clients.


About Pabbly

What does Pabbly do? It’s easier to say what it doesn’t do. The platform is a powerhouse of functions and services with a single goal in mind: to power businesses so that they grow. As a SaaS company, Pabbly offers core services required for digital marketing: running email campaigns, managing subscriptions, collecting web form data, creating automated workflows, and verifying lead contacts.

It has been designed to make your life easier, whether you're an experienced marketer or just getting started with social media marketing. Pabbly offers a blend of functionality and usability that is unmatched in the industry.

However, marketing and sales professionals have even more access to the tools and flexibility with Pabbly Pro. The Premium plans are varied and tiered and customers have access to all Pabbly core services but at a different scale and with better efficiency.   

In our testing, we found Pabbly to be one of the most user-friendly tools out there. It was easy to navigate through their interface, which lets you focus on the tasks at hand rather than getting lost in a sea of options.

Pabbly Features

Each of the following core features is a stand-alone Pabbly tool that customers can access one by one or as a suite of Pabbly services.

Pabbly Email Marketing. Pabbly’s in-built email builder offers all you need for effective email campaigns, such as image integration, versatile templates, and link building as well as a client portal, checkout page, and payment gateways. With the platform, you can send emails and create automated workflows, pre-scheduled messages, and embed subscription forms. Sending bulk emails becomes possible through a free SMTP server that bypasses email sending restrictions many ESPs impose on email clients.

Pabbly Form Builder. Just a fraction of the Pabbly cost will bring you a professionally designed form builder that includes all the features included in the premium package. There are no restrictions on the number of fields or how many submissions you can receive. Also, Pabbly integrations include Zapier, Google Sheet, WordPress, payment gateway platforms and multiple currencies, and more.

Pabbly Connect. This unified, app-centric platform allows you to connect the marketing, sales, and support processes at your company. With Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Facebook among the most notable integrations, Pabbly Connect supports more than 380 apps, including CRMs, social media platforms, payment web forms, and whatnot.

Pabbly Email Verification. The service offers ping request verification and other services to help companies keep their email lists free of duplicates, inactive domains, and invalid email addresses.

Pabbly Subscription Billing. To complete the offering, Pabbly adds a Subscription Billing service that offers a Pabbly API integration and allows you to create recurring payments, responsive subscriptions, and billing management websites without coding. You can embed customized checkout pages and add customer data auto-fills to your payment and subscription forms. The subscription packages come with inclusions for tax and coupon management as well.

Pabbly Screenshot

Pabbly Pros and Cons

Among Pabbly’s numerous positive sides are:

  • Being cutting-edge. Pabbly has managed to maintain its competitive edge by changing and adding new functions according to market demands.
  • Easy to use. Integrations are easy to use. The interface is crisp, minimal, and intuitive.
  • Customization. In online Pabbly reviews, users commend the platform for making customized layouts, templates, and whatnot.
  • Payment models. Pay-Per-Use is an incredibly favorable payment model for marketing and sales professionals. Multiple tiers and all-in-one options are clear wins for all.
  • Helps with promotion. The Subscription feature helps customers promote their products and raise sales against some commissions to third-party sellers by the affiliate system.

Pabbly’s drawbacks include:

  • No mobile app. Although Pabbly is advanced and world-class in many aspects, the platform fails to support a mobile version, even when some of the integrated services have mobile apps.
  • Complicated SMTP server. Pabbly advertises an integrated SMTP service among its core features. However, users have to request approval to use it, and initially, they are allowed to start only with 500 emails, which is a far cry from bulk email volumes marketers routinely need.
  • Support. Our experience with Pabbly was inconsistent. While some team members got instant replies from support, others estimated their support as “not the best.”
  • Keeping track. The platform offers a host of Pabbly subscriptions but it’s quite difficult to keep track of all the services you’ve signed up for.

Pabbly Pricing

Pabbly functions on the pay-per-use model. It works wonderfully for those who are not yet confident they want the service in the long haul. Sign up for free and explore one of the best email marketing tools on the market. Pabbly doesn’t require your credit card details or anything. Subscription plans obviously give more in terms of features and efficiency, even if certain limitations are present.

For example, you’re contemplating switching from Zapier to Pabbly Connect to help your team sync multiple data across multiple apps. Pabbly Connect has three paid pricing plans and the set of features is the same across them all. It means that once you pay, you get access to unlimited path routers and unlimited internal tasks not only in the Ultimate Plan at $40/m but in the Standard Plan at $19/m too. The difference is just the number of tasks you perform monthly.

What’s more, the same logic applies to the premium plans. Pay the minimum price of $25/m and get Tier 1 of all Pabbly services. The flexibility Pabbly offers include not just tiers, ranging from $25/m to $200/m. You can cut down on your Pabbly pricing by paying annually (30% off), biennially (40% off), or triennially (50% off).

Pabbly Support

Pabbly support team is available via email, phone, and through an online helpdesk. However, there are mixed online Pabbly reviews on support quality.

Pabbly Review: Conclusions

The fact that Pabbly offers such valuable services and features all rolled into one platform is unparalleled. Just for that single fact, Pabbly is worth a try. We can definitely say Pabbly is one of the best cold outreach tools on the market. There is no Pabbly alternative as an all-rounder platform.

Besides, Pabbly pricing policy is not locking features and services behind a paywall, which is exceptionally commendable. However, you can stumble upon some bugs and find some functions a bit confusing when using the platform.