AWeber Email Marketing Tool

Marketing is an ever-evolving field that constantly introduces to us new trends and winning tactics to acquire more clients. Yet, despite all the innovation, email still remains one of the primary channels businesses use to connect with their customers. There are plenty of reasons for that, including the fact that email offers the highest ROI compared to other marketing channels that can be used today. Still, leveraging it to the benefit of your business can be quite challenging.

But not with AWeber! AWeber is a handy tool designed to help you make the most of email marketing. It can automate your daily tasks, help boost email deliverability, take your open rate to the next level, and, most importantly, ensure the best outcomes of your email marketing strategy.

So, what is it and how can you benefit from it? In this AWeber review, we will answer all your questions!

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About AWeber

AWeber entered the market in 1998. Since that time, it has been helping businesses of all sizes and across all industries to save their teams’ time and get the best outcomes from their email marketing efforts.

To this day, AWeber is still considered one of the best email marketing tools. It allows you to:

  • Create well-organized mailing lists and capture all clients’ data onto them.
  • Create great emails and newsletters with the help of pre-made templates and a convenient drag and drop editor.
  • Automate email marketing with a smart autoresponder feature.
  • Collect valuable statistics and insights.

And that’s not all! There are many other great features available in this tool.

The core goal of AWeber is to help businesses save lots of time on daily email marketing tasks and, at the same time, ensure the best results. Thanks to its broad functionality and versatility, the AWeber service can be used by individuals and organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

AWeber Review: Features

  • Mailing Lists - AWeber enables you to import lists of contacts from various file types, including XLS, XLSX, TXT, TSV, and CSV. After importing your email list, you can host it directly in AWeber and use it to create and run your email campaigns.
  • Email Design - With this tool, users can design beautiful emails for their campaigns in a few simple clicks. You will get access to a huge database of responsive and good-looking email templates and a wide range of high-quality stock images. There is also a handy Drag-n-Drop Email Editor to create unique designs quickly and easily.
  • Email Automation - AWeber offers a number of automation solutions for your email marketing campaigns. Namely, there is a convenient autoresponder feature. Also, there is an Auto-Newsletters feature that allows you to streamline email content creation and save lots of time for your team.
  • Marketing Automation - The tool allows you to create better user journeys without putting in additional effort from your side. AWeber’s marketing automation functionality allows you to design efficient flowcharts where emails are sent automatically based on different actions, such as email opens, site visits, link clicks, purchases made, etc.
  • List Segmentation - With AWeber, you can create segments in your lists in order to target your messages and campaigns more accurately than ever.
  • Split Testing - Thanks to an advanced split testing feature offered by AWeber, you can carefully test the effectiveness of your emails before sending them to customers and leads. This feature can help you significantly improve the open rate and deliverability of your emails.
  • Reporting & Analytics - AWeber grants you access to a huge library of pre-built reports and analytics. With the help of this feature, you can collect valuable insights that will help you take your email efforts to the next level.
  • Landing Page Creator - Lastly, AWeber allows you to build beautiful and effective landing pages with ease. With the help of this feature, businesses can build great pages that attract new subscribers and clients.

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AWeber Pros and Cons

All in all, AWeber is considered a popular and reliable tool. Being around for over 20 years already, it has long gained the trust and affection of thousands of clients from all over the world. So, we can confidently say that this tool can boast a wide range of competitive advantages. But this doesn’t mean that it has no drawbacks.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most significant things we like and don’t like about AWeber.


  • First of all, a huge advantage of this tool is that it has been around for such a long time already. Due to this reason, you can call it truly time-tested and it already has a solid reputation. And hundreds of positive AWeber reviews confirm this.
  • Secondly, another benefit of using AWeber is that it will provide you with excellent customer support. The company’s support team has won multiple awards. It is available around the clock via multiple contact methods.
  • AWeber doesn’t offer new users a free trial. Instead, there is a full-fledged free plan that you can use for unlimited time as long as the number of contacts on your list doesn’t exceed 500.
  • All features offered by the company are available in all paid plans, regardless of the cost. And the biggest part of these features is also available in a free version of the tool.
  • AWeber API easily integrates with a wide range of popular tools and apps. Some of the key AWeber integrations include WordPress, Zapier, Etsy, Clickfunnels, Facebook, PayPal, and many others.


  • You get billed for both subscribed and unsubscribed contacts, so you have to clean your lists regularly if you want to keep using AWeber for free or don’t want to pay more than you are already paying.
  • The segmentation feature is pretty helpful. However, there is no way to include or exclude multiple segments at once.
  • It is possible to find similar tools that offer broader functionality and cost less.
  • Although the database of templates is pretty impressive, some of them look poor and somewhat outdated.
  • The RSS to email templates are not very high quality and can’t be edited with AWeber’s standard email builder.

AWeber Pricing

One thing that really makes this tool stand out from the crowd is that you can not only get started with it for free but actually continue using it free of charge for as long as you wish. The free plan gives you the ability to use almost all AWeber services and features. The only requirement - you must have less than 500 recipients on your contact lists. This is great for small businesses. However, there is a catch.

One important thing to keep in mind concerning AWeber pricing is that the company will consider both subscribed and unsubscribed recipients from your email list as “billable”. This basically means that you will have to pay for every lead whose details are kept in your AWeber account, even if they opt out. So, if you plan on using a free account, you should ensure that there are no unsubscribed contacts on your email list. To do this, you need to delete them regularly.

Now, let’s move on to the paid version of AWeber. In case the features or number of contacts available in the free plan are not enough for you, you can switch to a Pro AWeber account. If you do this, the AWeber cost will depend on the number of contacts:

  • 501 to 2,500 subscribers - $29.99/mo
  • 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers - $49.99/mo
  • 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers - $69.99/mo
  • 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers - $149.99/mo
  • 25,000+ subscribers - calculated individually

The prices stated above are applied if you pick the monthly billing option. However, if you prefer to pay quarterly or annually, the cost will be slightly lower. And there are also some discounts and special offers available for non-profit organizations and students.

Finally, one thing customers particularly love about AWeber is that all key features are available free of charge, whereas all paid plans contain the same set of features. This means that you won’t have to pay for a more expensive plan just to access the specific features that you need.

AWeber Support

When discussing AWeber support, the first thing we’d like to note is that the company really shows how much it cares about its customers and their experiences. The company doesn’t just sell products and services to you; it also offers well-rounded support through every stage of your experience through its dedicated customer care department.

First and foremost, AWeber can boast a knowledge base larger than almost any of its competitors. The knowledge base can be accessed from the Support Center on the company’s website. There, you will be able to find a wide range of short answers, as well as detailed articles, which answer some of the most common questions concerning AWeber and the solutions it offers. Apart from answers and articles, there are also some video tutorials. So, the knowledge base is truly solid.

As for AWeber’s support team, there are a few ways to get a hold of it. First of all, to get instant answers to their questions, users can use one of the two toll-free phone numbers and communicate with one of the company’s support reps:

USA: +1 877-293-2371

International: +1 215-825-2196

Support via phone is available from 8 AM to 8 PM (ET USA).

Apart from making a phone call, you can also reach AWeber’s support representatives via online chat or email. There is no direct email address, but you can send a request from the company’s website. Both online chat and email support are available 24/7, which is very convenient.

Finally, one last thing you need to know is that the company’s support team is award-winning. It has been numerously awarded for the high quality of customer care. So, if you use AWeber, you can rest assured that its support reps will take good care of you.


After reading our detailed AWeber review, you should have a better idea of what this tool is, what features it includes, and how it can be used for the benefit of your business. So, what is our verdict about it?

As you now know, AWeber is among the leaders in email marketing online business. Founded over 20 years ago, it is still a trusted and popular provider of marketing and automation solutions.

The company is reputable and takes good care of its customers. It features award-winning customer support, offers discounts, and even gives you the ability to use AWeber’s key features free of charge with only one limitation.

As for the tool itself, it can boast decent functionality. The features it includes cover various aspects of email marketing and help businesses streamline their efforts in this sector and get better results. Another great feature is the flexibility AWeber gives you in terms of the opt-in process. This basically means that you can decide whether you want new users to subscribe via a single opt-in or a double opt-in, which is great because both options have certain perks.

But, of course, the tool also has a number of drawbacks.

As was mentioned in the pros and cons section of this review, it is possible to find a solid AWeber alternative. Moreover, it is possible to find a cheaper alternative that will also offer a significantly larger functionality. So, before you decide to settle on AWeber, be sure to consider all options that are out there.