ActiveCampaign: Customer Experience Automation Platform

Email marketing has become a vital component of almost every successful marketing campaign. There is barely any more effective way to reach out to your potential customers and promote your business rather than via email. However, aside from delivering your messages right into the primary inbox of your users, thus increasing your email deliverability score, you should think about the relationship you build with the audience. In today’s ActiveCampaign review, we will discuss how proper customer experience automation and a well-designed email automation tool can help you achieve any pre-set marketing goal.

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ActiveCampaign review: a brief service introduction

ActiveCampaign service has already gained a global reputation and come of use to businesses that belong to different industries. The primary secret of such tremendous success is the fact that the platform not only helps you create and manage profitable marketing campaigns. The service grants you access to tools directly aimed at improving the general customer experience.

ActiveCampaign company effectively combines email marketing strategies, sales automation, and CRM to receive success-oriented segmentation and personalization means which bring the relationship with the customer base to a new level.

ActiveCampaign services are impressively versatile so that every type of business can make use of them. Whether it is a small company at the beginning of its marketing path or a large enterprise, there is a valuable offer that the platform can provide. The software is designed to help you succeed with relevant email marketing and email marketing automation campaigns. Aside from that, as one of the best email marketing tools, ActiveCampaign grants its customers access to web analytics, lead scores, behavior tracking, and client relationship management.

Best features of ActiveCampaign

A dedicated ActiveCampaign review wouldn’t be complete without the list of outstanding features that the service is known for mentioned.

  • Unique automated campaigns – the best way to drive the sales up would be to automate the marketing process properly. Well-developed ActiveCampaign API allows it to make use of hundreds of pre-built automations, including the Welcome email series, Abandoned Cart notifications, and other practice templates via a user-friendly automation builder.
  • Free account migration – if you have an already created account with any other software provider, the app allows you to migrate it completely out of charge.
  • Effective customer marketingActiveCampaign company seems to have thought of it all. Every type of interaction that you have already had with your customers will be generated, organized, and prioritized so that every member of the team can make equal use of it and build an even more substantial client base.
  • Practical landing page builder – the platform is equipped with a dedicated drag-and-drop landing page builder so that you can create the most relevant and appealing landing ever. However, the feature is available for Plus users up.
  • Flexible price policy – the cost for ActiveCampaign’s services is not only affordable but also quite flexible so that every user can find themselves a deal that suits a particular type of business perfectly.

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Pros and cons of ActiveCampaign service

When you are ready to implement the featured integrations that ActiveCampaign is known for and drive those sales up, you need to be aware of potential underwater stones. Thus, read through the pros and cons section attentively.


  • Yearly payment options are among the best in the industry.
  • Improved and timely deliverability rates.
  • Profit-oriented machine learning is available.
  • Impressive email builder offered.
  • Seamless CRM integration.


  • Monthly paid plans are costlier than average.
  • The survey builder is missing.
  • No telephone support available for no-Enterprise clients.
  • The learning curve is steeper than average.
  • The reporting system offered is underdeveloped.

ActiveCampaign pricing policy

ActiveCampaign cost policy may be one of the pre-determining factors that drive a business toward one service or another. That is why the better you are aware of what to count on, the easier it will be to make up your mind. Unlike any well-known ActiveCampaign alternative, the service offers a 4-plan pricing policy, including a free trial offer and a yearly discount.

ActiveCampaign reviews forget to mention that ActiveCampaign pricing depends upon the number of contacts that your emailing list includes directly. For instance, the price for a 500-contact account will drastically differ from a 1k-contact cost. Let’s have a closer look at the prices stated on the official website of the service to give you a better idea of how much you would have to pay for ActiveCampaign’s integration.


$9 a month per 500-contact list, if billed yearly


$49 a month per 500-contact list, if billed yearly


$149 a month per 500-contact list, if billed yearly


You should reach out to the company’s rep to customize an Enterprise plan

While presenting the cost of pre-paid plans that the platform offers, the notion of yearly billing is critical. The truth is that the price of each plan will differ significantly should you choose to pay for it on a monthly basis. For instance:


$15 a month per 500-contact list


$70 a month per 500-contact list


$187 a month per 500-contact list


Should discuss the cost directly with a company representative.

Free trial mode

Not all the best cold outreach tools present an attractive free plan, let alone any freebies at all. However, ActiveCampaign is confident in the quality of the services they provide so that you can test the platform for 14 days free of charge with as much as a registered account. No credit card data is required.


There is a 25% discount applied to all the available paid plans on the condition that you choose a yearly payment instead of a monthly one.

ActiveCampaign support system

No matter how user-friendly an email marketing automation platform is, certain questions may arise. Whether you wonder about ActiveCampaign integrations or Enterprise membership, you should have available means of getting in touch with the company.

The support policy that the service features is more than complete. You can contact a support agent via email, live chat, or telephone. Although, the last option is available for Enterprise plan holders only.

Aside from that, new customers can make use of the Forum section available and browse through various informative tutorials that ActiveCampaign members created for the purpose.


To sum up, ActiveCampaign is more than just an average email marketing automation platform. The analytical features, along with the impeccable user experience tools and versatile email templates that the service offers, can bring any marketing campaign to success. The company ensures that businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from the software provided. Besides, it is utterly free of charge to test the service for as long as a fortnight and finalize your decision based on the acquired results!