The modern world is exceptionally change-oriented. With the technological solutions provided, every sphere, no matter how classy and universal it is, gets a chance to fit the rapidly updating trends and user requests. Online marketing couldn't and shouldn't be the exception. As you grow your digital presence, you mustn't focus on effective email deliverability and the utmost quality of your service and offers. It takes a lot of skill and effort to tend to your customers, so their ranks constantly grow. Zendesk support suite is a set of services designed to solve all customer concerns most practically and swiftly.

Those in need of a modern customer-facing solution have to pay attention to our professional Zendesk review. Folderly experts shall explain what the company represents, discuss its outstanding features, and point out potential drawbacks that others would rather you not discover. With the Zendesk helpdesk, you will be able to grow the reputation of your applications, services, and offers in no time!

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Zendesk Review: a Detailed Service Overview

First things first, Zendesk isn't precisely one of the best cold outreach tools, but it relates to the field in more ways than some would dare to imagine. So, what is Zendesk? The simplest way to summarize all the services the platform covers would be to state that both a multi-channel helpdesk and sales CRM solution.

Suppose you've been in the industry for a while. In that case, you undoubtedly know that a satisfied customer is the one who gets a positive experience from every type of interaction with the seller. A quality service line is no longer enough to suffice the positive-experience section. These days, people crave effortless communication with the provider should an issue occur. Zendesk help can present all the means of customer communication that you need. On top of that, the service will assist in managing the inner relationship between the team members and help you create a user profile programmed to boost sales.

Zendesk platform presents an adequate knowledge base management system that enables businesses to tune and update their users' profiles to improve engagement and present sales deals. Aside from that, the Zendesk API is developed to automate various operations. Simply put, Zendesk is the service that allows it to centralize client interactions so that the sales team and the support team work in perfect sync.

Whether it is a business start-up or a vast enterprise you run, there is a suitable plan that Zendesk offers. If you are a small company building its online presence from scratch, you will be pleasantly amazed at the service's affordability. Implementing a simple yet effective live chat or a call center line into the workflow does not take a million-dollar budget. Moreover, Zendesk is spiced with a straightforward user interface so that clients with little to no experience in the sphere will manage to make the most of it in no time.

Zendesk Features Reviewed

Just like any of the best email marketing tools that you consider implementing into the work process,  Zendesk company comes packed with a variety of features that make it stand out from the competition. Let's review those in further detail.

IT-personnel support

Most Zendesk reviews focus on the services the platform provides for client support. However, the support package that the solution covers also enlists meeting the needs of the inner circle. That is why, whenever the support team hits a dead end or faces some pressing issue, they can also create tickets to respond to.

Zendesk service allows IT specialists to connect to the system through their mobile devices, using their phone numbers, and flag the pressing matters so that they are solved shortly. Such an approach ensures that all the staff is up-to-date on existing technical issues and all upcoming changes, updates, and relatable extras. It is possible to use a Zendesk app on a mobile device so that the staff members can track all the tickets 24/7 and automate various events to simplify and improve the workflow.

The feature comes useful in the management circle. All the active managers can access multiple assets through the system's interface and track the team's operation. Should they spot any weak point or problem, they respond in time and fix it. Besides, agents' performance can be evaluated better with real-time monitoring.

Zendesk integrations

Zendesk is generally used to provide instant support to a client in need. However, the platform developers are in perfect sync with the current needs and demands of modern marketing vendors. Thus, the integration policy that the service sticks to is excellent. After joining the Zendesk team, you can integrate the solution with most apps that you use daily.

So far, the Zendesk Marketplace is known for incredible collaboration with Microsoft Teams, Zoho Desk, Salesforce, and about a hundred other tools. Yet, you can share your request with the support desk to add a customized integration to the list, so your work process becomes twice as effective. Should the addition be worth the time and effort spent on the development, Zendesk runners will consider it.

Optimized ticketing system

Zendesk Support's ticketing system is one of the most outstanding features the service is proud to present. First things first, it has to be pointed out that the system supports over 40 languages. As impressive as it sounds, you should realize that the feature allows it to expand your local representation in different countries. Aside from offering support in a chosen language, you can have your FAQ section and knowledge base translated to it. Top that with the multi-channel backing – via SMS, telephone, social media, and live chat and you will get yourself a fantastic helpdesk.

It should be mentioned that Zendesk software can act like a centralized mailbox so that all the tickets and inquiries are sent there. Such an approach ensures that the support agents can track and monitor the tickets to determine where they come from. Keep in mind that if you have more than one brand under the same company name, multi-brand support is a thing with Zendesk.

Lastly, the Zendesk support app presents a practical ticket routine so that you can find out when a ticket is assigned, the present-time activity, and other details. The approach ensures you don't miss essential data on the submitted tickets. Besides, the informative dashboard will also give you a clear insight into agents' performance.

Detailed reports and analytics

While the customer support that Zendesk presents is supreme in terms of the technical component of the process. However, the best way to track the general consumer experience would be through precise analytical reports. If you are good with numbers and reports, you will be able to make the most of the presented metrics that the platform offers. Based on the provided reports and details, you can arrive at new solutions that will help you enhance the level of support you give so that it will affect your reputation and user conversion.

Ease of use

Zendesk company reps have put a lot of thought and effort into the creation of a practical yet utterly easy-to-use platform. The dashboard Zendesk is simple and intuitive. You don't need any programming skills to exploit to the fullest. Thus, all the support agents will be able to make the most of the services and functions at hand.

In case there is a function or feature that is challenging to grasp, the Zendesk CRM platform provides all the necessary guides and manuals on how to work with it. Besides, the developers have put in a lot of tips and practical pieces of advice to help you improve the marketing stats. Lastly, you can always opt for the free trial mode to test the waters and reach out to the service support reps to place the missing pieces.

Security policy

It's natural to assume that Zendesk services are all handy and effective, but – are they secure? After you sign up with the platform, you will share a fair share of sensitive information with the vendor. Thus, it is vital to ensure that the system is safe and reliable.

According to the available information listed on the official Zendesk website, it's worth noting that the tool works in compliance with such privacy frameworks as PCI DSS and HIPAA. Moreover, Zendesk API authentication is activated, too. The existing communications and API are all encrypted. So, the service is more than trustworthy and leak-protected.


Zendesk's Pros and Cons


  • The universal solution to control all the incoming leads.
  • Detailed logs of user interaction and tickets.
  • Increased possibilities of tracking agent engagement.


  • The cost per agent makes the pricing higher than average.
  • Direct CSV export is unsupported.
  • The variety of offered features can be overwhelming.

Zendesk Pricing Policy

It's been mentioned that Zendesk's price is utterly budget-friendly. However, the moment you look at the Zendesk pricing section, you may feel a little confused about what you are trying to process. All because the company presents two different categories based on whether you need pre-sale or post-sale support.

Zendesk for sales

The price range in this section starts at $19 and can go up to $150 a month per agent. The more support agents you have, the pricier the package will get. However, you can cut on Zendesk cost by opting for an annual subscription instead of going for a monthly one. To decide whether provided services suffice your needs, you can activate the Free Trial package, which comes intact with every subscription type.

There are four main tiers to evaluate:

  • Team – $19 per agent per month;
  • Growth – $49 per agent per month;
  • Professional – $99 per agent per month;
  • Enterprise – $150 per agent per month.

Each next tier includes the services and functions the previous one includes, but additional features build up as the price goes up. You can find all the options described in detail on the vendor's price page.

Zendesk for service

Another option to consider when you evaluate the Zendesk suite would be the number of subscriptions presented in the Service section. The Suite packages start from $49 per month/agent and go up to $99 per month/agent. There are three main plans to choose from:

  • Suite Team – $49 a month/agent;
  • Suite Growth – $79 a month/agent;
  • Suite Professional – $99 a month/agent.

It is possible to sign up for a Suite Enterprise plan, but you should contact the company's representatives directly to tune the package to your personal needs.

Zendesk Support Policy

Since Zendesk is a support-oriented service, most people consider the support features that it offers. However, let's not forget that no matter how simple and useful a tool is, there is always room for malfunctions, failures, and problems. To solve those, you would have to reach out to the support desk that the company presents. Truth be told, it is as impressive as the main features on offer. Not only can you visit land-based offices in over 23 countries, but also contact the support via chatbot Zendesk has designed, email, phone, and community forums. On top of that, the knowledge base that the company covers is quite extensive and informative too. A single point to memorize would be that the live chat option is available after creating an account with Zendesk and logging in.


As your business grows, so will your customer support requests. There is barely any other Zendesk alternative that can cope with the needs of a rapidly developing and successful brand. The list of practical features that the service presents matches well with the presented pricing policy. Besides, you can always customize the service package that you apply for. The platform automatically switches the users from tier to tier based on a personal request. Thus, Zendesk is a perfect solution if you want to rationalize your customer support assets and ensure that the inner rep cooperation remains on the highest level.