Do you need Yesware services as your email outreach tool? 

You can use this Yesware review to decide if it's a good match for your email sending requirements. To offer you a better understanding of this email communication software, I'll go over its features, benefits, and drawbacks. You’ll find out about Yesware pricing, how the software improves your email deliverability, and other Yesware company details. So, what is Yesware, after all?

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About Yesware Company

Yesware is one of the best cold outreach tools, which enables effective email outreach by high-performing sales teams. 

Yesware is a Boston, US-based email tracking and outreach software. You can use its email tracker to manage campaigns in email clients like Outlook or Gmail. It's not hardware or software, as Matthew Bellows, CEO of Yesware, loves to say. This is Yesware. 

The business development tool enables you to: 

  • Contact potential clients;
  • monitor client interaction and email campaigns;
  • manage customer support;
  • make sales;
  • connect your existing sales toolkit to your CRM services instantly (by uploading prospect data with its Salesforce connector and LinkedIn sales solution);
  • other cool stuff.

So who should try Yesware?

Try Yesware if you need to increase income through email outreach but find that complicated business sales software is overkill. The Outlook and Gmail add-on from Yesware keeps track of your activity inside your inbox, interacts seamlessly with the programs you already use, and lives inside your inbox. Utilizing Yesware helps businesses like Yelp, Experian, and Teach for America improve their pipeline and boost conversions to the highest degree. All Yesware clients are super satisfied with the results the tool brings them. With Yesware, you can quickly test what works and doesn't, and share it all with the team to get better results more quickly. 

Yesware is an all-in-one solution, offering a full set of tools, including those that automate your work. When your sales teams should be forming connections and closing deals, they are instead burdened with paperwork. Mundane tasks are very time-consuming. Why not organize your outreach automatically with Yesware? Exactly–enhance your sales team's performance in a few clicks. In addition, Clients of Yesware are aware of whether prospects have received and read their emails as well as whether they need to follow up.

All Yesware reviews state that the software facilitates email tracking processes and your target audience’s sales engagement. This way, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not your sales team needs the tool, the answer is: yes!

Yesware Features

Yesware offers approximately 67 awesome features, making it one of the best email marketing tools. First, let’s explore the greatest ones, and then move on to the less-important ones. So here are the main features that everyone loves the tool for.

Management of Email Campaigns 

With the help of Yesware's email campaign management feature, you can use your Gmail inbox to send bulk emails to a large number of prospects. Specifically, you can combine contact information from various sources, including CSV files, Salesforce Sales Navigator on LinkedIn, and other CRM that are compatible with it. Furthermore, you can increase sales process productivity by using this functionality as you: 

  • You don't need to manually add contacts to send bulk sales campaigns; 
  • You can tailor your campaigns to each of your prospects to strengthen your professional ties with them.

Email tracking has never been easier! Pave way for Yesware email tracking!

“Send later” (aka scheduling of emails)

Yesware's email scheduling function is called Send Later. By simply choosing a date and time, you can plan your emails. When that moment comes, Yesware will automatically email the customer. At this point, you may be wondering, “what are the advantages?” Well, here they are: first, emails can be sent without being online, and second, this function can improve the efficiency of email communication for salespeople. How? It’s actually a very simple formula: you can plan emails to go out at times when prospects are most likely to check their inbox, which will boost interaction. 

Additionally, the Yesware service enables you to make schedules that take the recipient's timezone into account. Through its Book a Time tool, you can also establish email reminders and organize meetings. This can assist sales teams in streamlining their email marketing and prospecting efforts.

Built-in templates

It takes time to create new emails from scratch. Fortunately, Yesware's pre-made personal templates can assist you in getting going right away. Use a template, fill it out with your information, and submit it! However, make sure that these email templates are customized by your sales team. Why so?

Because the email templates you have chosen may already be being used by other email marketers and sales representatives. Would you as a consumer trust two companies if they sent you the identical email? Most likely, no. 

And here is an insider tip: sales managers may find lead information fast using Yesware's Sales Navigator integration to tailor their campaigns.

Now, let’s move on to the less popular features:

  • A/B testing — no email marketing campaign makes sense without decent A/B testing, right?
  • real-time notifications — a must-have for any self-respected business;
  • targeting — aiming at the right audience makes all the difference, bringing incredible results;
  • click tracking — an integral part of email tracking, which allows you to easily track emails by clicks.
  • drip email campaigns — help your sales team drive better results with this feature;
  • real-time analytics — accurate and immediate information to take action that’ll bring better income;
  • reminders — so that you don’t forget all you have to do and send;
  • automation — delegating tasks to artificial intelligence is a real go-to and a new marketing trend;
  • personalization — after all, users hate it when their emails aren’t personalized;
  • many other awesome features that you should just explore for yourself.

How to track an email with Yesware? 

If at this point, you want to know how to track an email with Yesware, we have a little guide for you.

In Gmail, go to the "Yesware" drop-down menu in the top left to confirm that email tracking is enabled. When you choose "Preferences," a pop-up window containing toggle switches for several functions will display. You can turn on the "track opens" and/or "track links" from here.

Campaigns Send Away

Yesware Pros and Cons

Like any other email marketing company, Yesware has its pros and cons. But let’s start with the good part. So, here are the advantages of Yesware.


  • Personalization — personalization has never been more crucial to a company’s level of success. Customers love getting an email that starts with their name and includes their details. This way, they feel special and one-of-a-kind. Yesware can surely boast a high level of personalization in every way.
  • Real-time data — real-time data enables businesses to make relevant decisions. Without it, you may get into the pitfall of using irrelevant information when communicating with your audience. But hope you never do.
  • User interface — it is important that each user feels comfortable when using your services. This includes your official website, the mobile version of it, and other aspects of design. Thanks to Yesware API and other unique stuff, there are hardly any Yesware alternatives when it comes to the user interface.
  • Tracking and email notifications — the feature has helped a bunch of people to identify the optimum method of audience targeting with the use of tracking and email notifications from prospects when their emails are opened.


  • Pricing — when used by large sales teams with numerous sales managers and sales representatives, the Yesware pricing model can make the product highly expensive. Just for email communication and email tracking software, you can be paying more than $500 per month. That restricts the campaigns' usefulness, making it challenging for any sales representative to hit their monthly goals. Furthermore, most businesses find it challenging to handle their extensive sales campaigns with such modest limits.
  • No mail merge — most email outreach platforms (Toutapp, GMass, etc.) and desktop applications like Microsoft Word and Excel include the fundamental feature of mail merge. It allows you to add fundamental personalization to emails by importing recipient information, from social media or a database like your CRM. Mail merge is another function that is only accessible through the Premium or Enterprise package, similar to campaigns. You must purchase these pricey plans to use the mail merging function, though. 
  • Disrupted analytics — one of the biggest issues facing email marketers is fake email openings. When an email gets opened, but not by the intended recipient, it happens. Firewall triggers are one of the causes of this, among others. Just something you should keep in mind.

Your email tracking statistics may be inflated by erroneous email opens. Data analytics will therefore indicate greater involvement with your mass email than there actually was. In turn, this may have an impact on how sales professionals evaluate your promotions. For instance, Yesware can exaggerate how frequently your tracked emails were opened. 

Yesware Pricing

Any sales funnel needs effective email marketing to reach prospects, regardless of the size of the business. But Yesware cost is a pretty tricky topic. Some claim Yesware pricing is too high, others disagree. 

But in any case, there are 4 price tiers for Yesware. The company also offers a free trial version. View the various pricing editions listed below to determine which edition and features fit your needs and budget:

  • Pro plan — costs $15 per month, and it is the starting price for the software. It is created mainly for solo salesmen and small businesses. The plan gives you unlimited tracking of email opens, unlimited tracking of email links, unlimited tracking of attachments, as well as activity & engagement reports. 
  • Premium plan — costs $35 a month and is aimed at growing sales teams at fast-growing businesses. The plan all Pro features, plus removing branding for Yesware, meeting Yesware integrations using Zoom, integrations with Microsoft Teams, unlimited teams group reporting, shared campaigns & email templates, on-Demand centralized team billing, and more. Yesware for Chrome is also on the list. With Premium, it’s super easy to create email marketing templates.
  • Enterprise plan — $65 monthly. Meant for dynamite sales teams that genuinely live and breathe Salesforce. All Premium features, plus: sidebar for Salesforce inbox, syncing Salesforce email sent, sync Salesforce email reply, calendar sync for Salesforce, background sync for Salesforce, retroactive Salesforce sync, Salesforce bi-directional activity sync, individualized training, and a personal customer success manager.
  • Custom plan — all features listed above and more. All you need to do is contact the Yesware team to get a custom price and see what features suit you best. 

As you can tell, it’s all vague, and you should only choose the plan that’s best for you. So if you believe that Yesware cost is too high, just don’t go for it — email tracking is still possible with Yesware. But if you still have doubts — just go for the free version and see whether you like it without spending extra budget on it.

Yesware Review: Yesware Support

Yesware company’s customer support system is usually estimated as a 4 out of 5, and for good reason. In all honesty, the brand offers one of the best support frames in the industry albeit not the most terrific one. 

If you’re looking for further details, here they are: you can contact the Yesware support team either by phone or via email. Call them by 1-855-YESWARE (from 9 am to 5 pm) or send them an email to Either way, you’ll get back from them immediately (almost immediately for emails though). The bad point is that there is no chat support option on their official website.


This Yesware review shows that Yesware has some shortcomings despite being a good tool for email outreach. The mail merge and email marketing features are restricted, and spam filters may exaggerate your stats. 

Nonetheless, it’s a next-generation tool, which offers every feature you require for effective email marketing in your sales toolset! Plus, it’s really easy to install! So why not try it out for yourself?