SaneBox Email Management Software

Weeding your inbox eats up the valuable time you can spend on important emails. SaneBox takes on the weeding and keeps you sane by sorting your inbox email into neat folders. You don’t need to download or launch anything. As email management software, SaneBox integrates with the ESP you use and adds SaneBox folders without affecting email deliverability.  

Let’s dive into the SaneBox review and learn more about SaneBox cost, core features, integrations, and a SaneBox alternative.

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About SaneBox Company

In 2020, a “group of geeks,” as CEO & Founder Stuart Roseman refers to himself and his colleagues, decided to create an email management service to deal with email overload as a pressing challenge for many.

The platform’s cute name laser points to SaneBox company’s goal “To remain sane when handling the volume of communication in your inbox.” SaneBox achieves the goal by sorting the incoming emails into several email folders. You can focus all your energy on getting back to urgent and essential letters from people you know and get back to the SaneLater folder when you feel like it.

But how does SaneBox tell which email is important and which is not? AI algorithms! In an attempt to create not just another application you need to download, launch, and learn how to navigate, SaneBox made use of AI technology that helps the tool to learn and become better as you use it.

Basically, SaneBox is a time management tool. It frees a lot of time for you that you otherwise would spend on deleting spam, unsubscribing from random services, and looking for important messages.

As SaneBox is compatible with all email clients and email marketing services, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of any scale can add sanity to their email management within a few clicks.

SaneBox Features

The beauty of SaneBox services is that you start using it by just signing up and nothing more.  SaneBox sends you an email explaining what folders have been created in your inbox to sort incoming emails.

  • Priority Filtering. SaneBox’s AI algorithms use advanced filtering to sort mail and tell if something is important or not based purely on subject lines, metadata, and your prior behavior. For example, SaneBox most probably can detect if the sender auto-fills or types your name in the To field.
  • The tool creates the SaneLater folder for unimportant emails that you don’t want to clutter your inbox. Cold emails from new senders automatically go there, and all the important email stays in your inbox.
  • SaneNoReplies. This folder is for you to keep people with whom you sent a message but got no reply. Once they reply, your email is no longer stored in this folder.  
  • SaneReminders. Emails in this folder are follow-ups you need to remember about. You specify a time and the tool sends you a reminder to follow up.  
  • SaneCC. This folder filters emails which you’re CC’ed for you to read them later. As a rule, this type of email doesn’t require immediate action from you so they can wait until you review them in bulk.
  • SaneAttachments. This feature automatically saves any email attachments that drop in your inbox to a specific location and adds a link to that file.
  • Digest. SaneBox sends a digest email of the most important emails and actions the service has done during a time you specify beforehand.  
  • Training SaneBox. This AI-powered feature helps the email management service get better and smarter over time. Any action in your inbox and in SaneBox Digest (moving an email between SaneBox folders; deleting; etc.) train SaneBox about what’s important for you. Besides, the Training&Filters page and Advanced Filtering settings help you customize the SaneBox service even further.

Sane Box Dashboard

SaneBox Pros and Cons

If you check SaneBox reviews online, you will see very few negative comments. People are thrilled with the scope of providing services and features that the SaneBox company offers.


  • Supports all email clients. SaneBox doesn’t download your email messages from the server, so it doesn’t support POP accounts. SaneBox supports webmail accounts with IMAP access and Exchange servers.
  • Provides incredible features. The strongest point of SaneBox developers is that they strike the core problem of email management and really tackle it with prioritization and organization features.
  • Offers great customizations. The ability to “train” your inbox is breathtaking. You can pick the senders whose messages you want right into a designated folder. You can train all emails from the email lists to go to a specific folder. You can request the tool to remind you about certain people or who certain email addresses are.
  • Known for high email security. To never violate data privacy, SaneBox analyzes your email behavior and headers without looking at the content of emails, encrypts all your credentials, and uses encrypted VPN tunnels for all network access. For security, there’s no SaneBox API among the core features.
  • Has easy integrations. SaneBox integrates effortlessly with Gmail and Google Workspace. Also, among the SaneBox integrations are iCloud, Microsoft 365,, HCL Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and Salesforce.


  • SaneBox sends you emails. Some may find it counter-intuitive, but SaneBox regularly generates a digest of all the new things that the service has done in your inbox to keep you posted.
  • Has a steep learning curve. When you first sign up, you do not necessarily know what exactly you want in your inbox. It takes some time to set up the program, learn its features, and get accustomed to using it.
  • It’s intuitive, which means lacking rules. The tool is intuitive, meaning it does not have hard rules. Because there are no definitive support guidelines for using the software, people sometimes have a hard time finding answers as they are not completely sure what they are looking for.

SaneBox Pricing

As is typical for best email marketing tools, longer subscriptions will cost you less.

There's nothing to think about if you have just a single email account. Get a basic plan and pay $7 monthly, which makes only 23¢ a day (mind that if you pay biennially, you get it at 14¢ a day). However, you can choose just 2 features in this plan and email support.

You can handle two email accounts and choose 6 additional features at $12 monthly ($99 annually, $169 biennially).

All features and all types of support are available in the priciest plan at $36 if paid monthly ($299 annually; $499 biennially).

If you are an educational, non-profit, or government agency, you’ll get 25% more off.

A free trial is available.

SaneBox Support

SaneBox provides support via email and Chat Live. Additionally, you can find answers to many questions in the FAQ section or create help requests on the website.

Phone support is available only in the Dinner paid plan.

SaneBox Review: Conclusions

All in all, SaneBox is, without exaggeration, the best email management software that’s turned into a time management tool. You no longer log into the inbox filled to the brim with unsolicited emails. There are so many handy features that help you snooze emails, get back to people timely, and never see emails you don’t want to see.   

SaneBox is a great addition to the stack of the best cold outreach tools you keep to maximize your sales development efforts.