MailerLite Email Management Platform

Why care about email marketing? And what is all the fuss about? What, for God’s sake, is Mailerlite, and how come every other person is talking about it? Let’s see.

The thing is that businesses now have a significant online presence–all thanks to the development of the internet. The use of online marketing is growing globally, therefore understanding effective strategies is crucial. The term "email marketing" refers to one of the most significant marketing strategies. You can effectively produce email-based content and create professional newsletters to grow your business online. It is understandable why, in the era of extensive marketing automation and AI, email continues to be the most effective marketing medium. But what about email marketing tools? How do they contribute to the enhancement of email marketing?  It’s pretty simple.

Software for email marketing helps grow a firm and recruit new customers. You stand to boost both leads and devoted clients with the correct technique. What is more, email subscribers are more inclined to share material on social media, which is essential for modern marketing success. This way, platforms that help improve your email marketing strategy are of terrific value nowadays, and the Mailerlite company is no exception.

This Mailerlite review is based on a systematic methodology and draws on our real-world expertise and in-depth understanding of hundreds of other basic and sophisticated email marketing solutions. It's possible that you have already seen some of the positive Mailerlite reviews of MailerLite, but they might not give you the full picture. So what else do you need to know? 

When it comes to the field of email marketing, MailerLite is a young company, and this youth is reflected in the tool's design, features, and support provided. Instead of being "young, crazy, fun!" it is more "contemporary, clean, and uncomplicated." Maybe it's because the average age of the employees in their offices is 25. Whatever it is, it appears to be working for them. The MailerLite team and business values demonstrate that the company is a forward-thinking email marketing solution. But honestly, what is Mailerlite?

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About Mailerlite Company

The greatest email marketing software can be difficult to discover, like a needle in a haystack. What you may want to do instead is choose the ideal candidate specifically for you. And there is a high chance Mailerlite is your thing.

Since its establishment in 2005, Mailerlite has expanded significantly. Each month, more than 800,000 businesses utilize MailerLite. Therefore, this email marketing software is highly well-liked.

At this point, you might be thinking, "What does Mailerlite email marketing software do?" Well, it accomplishes a lot for a simple email marketing service. MailerLite has a few neat features on its sleeve. For example, you can use the solution to deliver emails, newsletters, and promotions. All these features will inevitably lead to better communication with your subscribers. Mailerlite can also host websites, send emails automatically, create blogs, help you sell digital products, and do other things. It has an up-to-date landing page editor with unique landing page templates and a ready-to-do design. You may also need Mailerlite if you're struggling with follow-up emails, order notification letters, birthday marketing automation, abandoned car letters, and welcome emails. This email marketing tool will take care of all these email marketing aspects in a flash and with the highest level of efficiency.

While most email marketing providers offer automation and landing pages, MailerLite stands out for its straightforward, gorgeous user interface and caring customer support. Mailerlite is on the list of the best email marketing tools, and for good reason.

Mailerlite Features

When it comes to features, Mailerlite’s ones are best understood when categorized by topic. There are many of them, and we will talk about them right now. Here are the Mailerlite features:

Email sending

With MailerLite's sophisticated email marketing features, you can build subscriber lists, improve client interactions, automate workflows, and monetize your audience. All of these add up to Mailerlite’s email sending capabilities. With this feature, you can:

Create amazing email campaigns 

Choose one of three editors to produce persuasive campaigns. Create custom campaigns with the HTML editor, add extra personality with a rich-text email, or use our drag and drop editor with interactive content blocks. 

Drag & drop editor:

  • Quickly and easily create dynamic, engaging emails. Without writing a single line of code, dazzle your audience with professional design, video, social networking, and dynamic content;
  • increase CTRs, increase conversions and improve your email campaigns. Go to the newsletter editor, add carousel galleries, accordion tabs, event RSVPs, and more. Simply put: Use interactive blocks to keep audiences interested;
  • increase customization by dynamically tailoring email blocks to specific audiences. In the newsletter editor, create a single email and assign an audience to each block so that recipients only see content that is relevant to them;
  • easily track progress and undo/redo changes. Easily find prior design versions or observe current revisions whenever you write a newsletter;
  • make your unlimited emails more personal — every day, your subscribers receive a large number of emails. To differentiate yourself from the mass, be personable, intimate, and pleasure your subscribers. To build that specific connection, enter your subscriber's name, location, or a variety of other personal characteristics;
  • make changes to images using the built-in image editor. With their image editor, you can give photographs a little va-va-voom and generate gorgeous emails. There's no need for other programs to fine-tune photos or add filters, shapes, borders, stickers, text, and more.

Rich-text editor:

  • Make plain text emails — emails that mix the personal touch of plain text with the formatting possibilities of HTML should be composed. The rich-text email editor allows you to enrich your messaging and engage with subscribers by adding links, photos, bullet points, and more;
  • enhance your emails using design blocks — create text emails that have a personal touch. You can include photos, CTA buttons, and videos, as well as a signature and profile picture; 
  • easily edit your text inline; 
  • rapidly format text, alter colors, size it, add emojis, and include hyperlinks into your email message; 
  • organize your space with tables; 
  • use the tables block to structure your plain text emails; divide paragraphs into sections and organize photos and data;
  • include video in your emails — capture readers’ attention by sending video content right to readers' inboxes. Simply insert the video block into your email, copy and paste the movie URL, and the rich-text editor will take care of the rest;
  • create a countdown to a deadline; A countdown timer is the most effective approach to generate a sense of urgency. Use the countdown block in the rich-text email editor to promote an offer and let readers know how much time they have left! 
  • include links to your social media profiles. Sharing your social accounts is a no-brainer, and adding them to emails is even easier with the rich-text editor's social links! Select the social icons and include your profile links to provide subscribers with additional options to connect;
  • personalize emails by utilizing custom fields. Rich-text emails can be made more personalized with custom fields. You can add as many fields as you wish, such as the recipient's name, location, or business;
  • utilize dynamic content blocks to restrict visibility. Display specific content blocks only to the intended audience. One email is created but only selected subscribers can see certain aspects of it.

Custom HTML editor:

  • Write custom unlimited emails — you are prepared to create emails from scratch. Special features like snippets, custom variables, and an automatic email CSS inliner are available in our user-friendly HTML email editor. By copying and pasting, importing from a ZIP file, or using a URL, add HTML code. In your file manager, any images imported from a ZIP file or URL are instantly preserved. Real-time editing of HTML emails. Real-time previews of HTML email campaigns. A code block that you highlight will also be highlighted in the newsletter preview. As you code, check how your email appears and make changes;
  • customize by using unique variables. Use common custom field tags and variables to customize your HTML email design. Every tag is listed in a single library, making it easy to find what you need. Enhance HTML code with an automatic CSS inliner, and you may be confident that any email client will display your email neatly! Undo capability for simple edits. The 'undo' functionality allows for quick error correction and simple editing;

Newsletter templates:

  • Utilize templates to build quickly. Spend less time creating email newsletters without a designer's assistance. To assist you in delivering the best-looking content that meets your specific demands, our talented staff generates and curates a sizable library of templates;
  • choose and alter. Anyone may personalize a business newsletter! Select an email template and incorporate material right into the layout. Add pictures and modify fonts and color settings;
  • make the templates for your newsletters. You can create your gallery of custom designs and use them in place of choosing from one of our pre-made newsletter templates.

Image library (free):

  • Relish free image uploads — when making several email campaigns, managing your images might be difficult. Our file organizer keeps you sane by classifying all of your files into easily searchable categories. You may create folders for your photographs by simply dragging and dropping them. With Mailerlite, it’s so easy to obtain more than 1 million free pictures;
  • from our file manager, locate and import cost-free, high-quality images from Unsplash or intensely captivating GIFs from Giphy;
  • Sort your photos. There are several choices to arrange your photographs as your gallery expands. You may organize photographs into folders and even adjust how they are presented;
  • include Google Drive. Mailerlite’s file manager makes it simple to exchange files with your team and view them. Alternatively, you can log in from any computer and access your files.

Monetizing your audience

Use e-commerce systems like Shopify and WooCommerce to integrate them to insert custom product blocks and develop email marketing campaigns based on client purchasing patterns. You might also generate revenue from your newsletter by selling subscriptions on Mailerlite landing pages using Stripe.

Selling digital goods:

  • Create self-selling digital products! You can rapidly create websites with the platform’s unique website builder, set up payments, and advertise your goods with Mailerlite;
  • combining the landing page and email marketing tools from the MailerLite company makes it simple to create, market, and sell online from one location. To create captivating product pages, select an e-commerce template, link to Stripe, and use 30+ design blocks. Boost traffic with email, pop-ups, social media, and other methods. Analyze data and do A/B tests to improve pages. Then, use email to keep customers and upsell;
  • accept payments from anywhere to increase your global reach! A Stripe connection enables you to sell one-time purchases or recurring subscriptions and takes payments in 135+ different currencies;
  • convert new customers into loyal patrons — automated email marketing campaigns can help you stay in touch with your customers. To find out what the customers want next, send emails with interactive elements like the above-mentioned countdown timers for limited-time deals, coupons, and surveys.

E-commerce campaigns:

  • Connect to Mailerlite's e-commerce toolkit to boost your online sales and create enduring relationships with your most valuable clients;
  • integrate your e-commerce email marketing platform with Mailerlite to sync data and build email marketing campaigns based on your customers' purchasing patterns, such as Shopify or WooCommerce;
  • utilizing product email blocks that you can customize, and import your products from your e-commerce site. By automatically adding product descriptions, prices, and photographs to your newsletter, you can save a ton of time;
  • easily create newsletters that highlight your products and complement the look of your store using our drag and drop editor's e-commerce blocks and custom settings;
  • e-commerce sales tracking allows you to keep track of performance and discover the financial impact of your email marketing. Each email campaign's sales effectiveness can be tracked, allowing you to improve your messaging and increase sales;
  • send your consumers individualized communications and offers that are prompted by recent purchases. To welcome new clients, thank devoted clients, or reactivate dormant clients, try automating your emails. Send emails about an abandoned cart Shoppers that leave your website with things in their cart should be automatically reconnected. To give those customers additional justifications to return and complete their purchase, you can design and modify abandoned cart emails.

Dashboard With Background

Paid newsletters:

Use MailerLite to manage everything from gathering leads and payments to automatically delivering paid subscription emails to monetize your newsletters. The entire voyage can be managed in one location.

  • Make enticing sales pages — use the drag &Convert visitors into paying customers by employing automated email processes that target visitors who are most likely to purchase to upsell dependable subscribers to a paid newsletter subscription. Then, seal the deal with a customized message delivered at the ideal moment;
  • send out quality newsletters - deliver useful content in flair with emails that are stunning, captivating, and consistent with your brand. With more than 40 newsletter blocks, including polls, tests, and carousel galleries, you can add value to each newsletter;
  • enjoy automated subscription management while you relax — leave managing new paid newsletter subscribers and cancellations to specially designated email marketing software. Every time someone subscribes, modifies, or cancels their subscription, personalized emails (that you create) are automatically sent;
  • recognize the needs of your audience — analyze newsletter reports to measure performance and A/B test content to see what is effective. Visual click maps allow you to see where users have clicked in each email. Then, utilize these insights to consistently produce high-quality content that is worth purchasing.

Automating your workflow

Create complex marketing workflows using the user-friendly automation builder. Use triggers to update custom fields or send emails automatically. Alternatively, set up auto-resend emails and campaigns to enhance engagement and RSS campaigns to inform subscribers about fresh content.

  • Create automated email processes to help subscribers get from the welcome email to the purchase stage of their subscription experience. Create email marketing automation workflows to reach the appropriate audience at the appropriate time; 
  • Transmit triggered emails — instantly and without moving a muscle respond to subscriber actions. Send emails or carry out other tasks automatically in response to one or more triggers, such as when a subscriber joins a group, completes a form, clicks a link, modifies a field, marks an anniversary, you name it; 
  • Advanced plan users who set up many triggers to start a single email workflow can experience next-level targeting. For each automation, you can add up to 3 triggers, providing several entry points for a single operation; 
  • Increase customer retention since repeat customers are your most valued ones. Utilizing an e-commerce integration, nurture them with timely emails; 
  • Integrate all of your tools — by utilizing APIs to connect your preferred email marketing services, such as CRMs, your email marketing process will be greatly enhanced. If you can't find an existing integration, developers can easily integrate Mailerlite with other apps using the API;
  • Personalize each email so that you can engage every subscriber, whether there are one or a thousand. To create email marketing messages that connect with recipients, and tag them in interest groups or segments based on behavior;
  • Real-time reporting can be used to monitor audience interaction, KPIs, and overall growth. Utilize these data to raise the conversion and click-through rates of your email marketing automation
  • Track subscriber activity and use the automated workflow builder to create a multi-step email series. Utilize activity reporting to keep track of where your subscribers are in the email workflow; 
  • Follow the history of the email automation workflow's prior actions from the time it was initially triggered by tracking, viewing, and restoring them. The data can be sorted by date or by a particular action.

RSS campaigns

Mailerlite’s RSS to email feature is a one-of-a-kind occurrence, allowing amazing comfortability when it comes to cooperating with your clients. The thing is that users love regularity, and, subsequently, they want to know when you normally post something new. This way, it’s only logical to find a way to post regularly without having to spend extra time on it. For this reason, there are RSS campaigns. They automatically insert your content into emails and send it to your customers on a controlled (by you) schedule.

Auto-resend campaigns

Whether we like it or not, not all emails get opened. This way, it’s crucial to always give your subscribers a second chance to read your content. If your newsletters don’t get opened, Mailerlite will automatically launch an auto-resend campaign. This, however, is only recommended if your letters contain valuable information. If they’re just spammy types of emails, you don’t have to auto-resend.

Custom audiences on Facebook

If you’re looking for the right people, it means you’re searching for a target audience — relevant potential clients who can possibly buy from you because they are interested in your product. But getting a target audience isn’t easy. Well, if you don’t know where to go. 

If you go on Facebook, on the other hand, and sync your email audiences with those segments that you have on Facebook, you’ll win an amazing community that’ll organically bring you money. 

API documentation

Mailerlite API and its documentation system are amazing. It is built on HTTP, and you can use your preferable library for HTTP calls. This also means that no third-party libraries are necessary to use the API. Plus, let’s give credit to an amazing documentation flow.

Targeted campaigns

Sending each subscriber personalized material is the secret to successful email marketing. You may send pertinent data to users while they are awake regardless of where they are. This is done using proper segmentation, tagging, and personalization features based on interests, geography, behavior, and more. 

Whether it’s on your computer or mobile device, you are capable of managing your email list and campaigns. Using iPad registration forms, you may gather subscribers at events or in-store, and you can use personalized post-unsubscribe survey pages to learn why people unsubscribe from your list. 

The features for targeted campaigns include:

  • IOS app;
  • Signup from the iPad app;
  • other signup forms;
  • unsubscribe page builder;
  • management of subscribers.

Now, let’s learn more about the company itself.

Mailerlite Pros and Cons

This section of Mailerlite reviews is often the most helpful one to users, and for a good reason — it’s important to know the advantages and downsides of the brand’s performance. So, without further adieu, here they are. 

Mailerlite Pros:

  • Ease of useMailerlite services are amazing both for experienced users and beginners (if you are a latter one, be sure to check Mailerlite Academy), all thanks to a super user-friendly interface. It makes the experience not so overwhelming and more enjoyable;
  • free plan — the free version of the program includes many amazing features. This occurrence isn’t very common for similar services. This means that there are barely any Mailerlite alternatives in terms of the free plan;
  • terrific deliverability — Mailerlite has proved to increase your email deliverability levels. It is precisely what makes it one of the best cold outreach tools;
  • landing page builder — Mailerlite allows you to host an amazing landing page on your domain without any extra trouble. Just opt for their unique landing page builder and create stunning and easily navigable landing pages in a flash.

Mailerlite Cons:

  • No phone assistance — while the brand does provide amazing customer support, there is still no phone assistance. Yes, it is the digital era, but some people still prefer to solve business over the phone;
  • missing advanced features — not all amazing features are included in the more basic plans. For example, you don’t get to use design & spam testing, CRM stuff, and all of the reporting features;
  • strict approval process — to some users, speed is key. Unfortunately, Mailerlite doesn’t offer a fast approval process. It often takes longer than other platforms would take, and this factor is especially painful to small businesses.

Mailerlite Pricing

So, what is Mailerlite cost? Mailerlite pricing is a fun topic to discuss, so here we go.

Mailerlite is known as one of the more reasonably priced email service providers available. For your convenience, this Mailerlite review has been updated to include the new functionality, pricing structure, and design interface modifications. So dig in!

MailerLite cost is determined by the number of subscribers. You have access to all platform features and limitless emails with its temporary free plan. Mailerlite is free to use for up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month if you only want to test out the program. This way, it’s free as long as you fit these criteria.

The free plan includes the majority of the functionality. Once you begin using MailerLite, you will also have access to Mailerlite templates, auto-resend emails, and live chat assistance that is available around the clock. For what you get, MailerLite prices and packages are affordable. It's worthwhile to sign up for the free plan and check out their marketing automation, forms, and email marketing solutions. 

So, now you’re well aware that the free plan costs only $0. And here are other pricing plans by Mailerlite:

  • Growing Business Plan — costs $9 a month if billed yearly and $10 if billed monthly. With this plan, you get 3 users to work with, unlimited emails, and 24/7 customer support. You also gain access to unlimited landing page templates, dynamic emails, auto-resend campaigns, unsubscribe page builder, unlimited blogs, and the selling of digital products.
  • Advanced Plan — $19 a month when billed yearly and only $21 if billed monthly. You now have unlimited users, unlimited emails for a month, and round-the-clock email support. You have access to all the features in the “Growing Business” plan, plus Mailerlite integrations with Facebook, pop-ups for promotion, a custom HTML editor, and several triggers in automation.
  • Enterprise Plan — this one is meant for big organizations with special demands and workflow rather than small business owners. Consequently, Mailerlite’s pricing option for this is also customized. All you have to do is contact one of the Mailerlite specialists and decide on the price together. With Enterprise, you can send unlimited emails each month to an unlimited number of users. You also get all features as in the Advanced Plan and even more: a dedicated manager for success, custom design of landing pages (with the state-of-the-art landing page builder & landing page editor), customized newsletter design, deliverability advice, and a dedicated IP. Oh, and 24/7 email & live chat support!

As you can tell, the Mailerlite service is an email marketing software with many pricing options. All you have to do is decide on the number of wanted features and choose your plan based on this. But unlimited emails are a part of almost every plan.

Mailerlite Support

Mailerlite offers an amazing, round-the-clock customer support system. Their agents are working 24/7 to provide the best Mailerlite help out there. If you want to contact the brand’s support representatives, just go to their official website and straight to the live chat. There, you’ll immediately get answers to your questions. You might as well drop them an email in the “Contact Us” section of the website. At this point, you should keep in mind that the best support (aka the 24/7 one) is aimed at advanced plan users, and the free version guarantees basic email aid. There is also no phone assistance by Mailerlite.


So, shall we sum up? 

Mailerlite is undoubtedly a scalable email marketing platform. The user experience and simplicity of MailerLite stand out, and it offers enough capabilities to meet the requirements of the majority of small enterprises. Of course, being less expensive than many other products has certain disadvantages; for instance, MailerLite's automation capabilities are somewhat limited, and spam/design testing is not offered. 

Nonetheless, the platform’s benefits make it clear that there aren’t any Mailerlite competitors in terms of other aspects. This way, whether you’re a tiny online store or a large corporation, you’ll love Mailerlite.