Gone are the days when a brand had to rely on the chances of well-designed advertising to spike the ROI and general company revenue. These days, effective email marketing has taken the lead, and there are countless reasons why. You can gather leads, warm potential clients up, and convert dedicated customers with as much as a well-designed email marketing campaign.

Yet, the notion of online marketing is a lot more complicated than it seems. If you think an appealing message takes all the time and effort, we are here to disappoint you. The issue of effective email deliverability, properly-analyzed campaign data, and never-ending user conversion depend on your email strategy. Thus, a reliable and practical, let alone leading email marketing software, is something to implement in the process.

Considering the modern market's options, it's easy to lose track of effective solutions since they all seem to fit, depending on the angle you look at them. Yet, should you be interested in an all-in-one tool, you should pay attention to our professional Klaviyo review. We will point out all the perks the marketing platform offers and address the existing flaws so that no surprises hit you in the middle of the campaign!

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Klaviyo Review: Detailed Service Description

Klaviyo company presents a versatile tool with the primary focus on practical results that both email campaigns and SMS campaigns can generate. The well-developed email marketing platform is user-oriented and simple to use. It is also cloud-based, which makes it twice as favorable.

Among the main directions that the tool is designed to hit are marketing automation, programmable workflow, user activity monitoring, effective segmentation, and seamless integration. Such an approach ensures you can track client behavior, purchases, and related stats. With such data, you can launch email campaigns that turn out to be twice as successful.

Unlike any other Klaviyo alternative, the solution is open to most industry-related integration, making it even more effective. You can absorb helpful information from different e-commerce sources, in-store data, and email. With these details at hand, you can take marketing personalization to the next level.

Building a brand from scratch isn't the most straightforward task, but with Klaviyo services intact, you can succeed with the job faster and more effectively. The main aim of the marketing platform is to gather all the vital data in one place, analyze it well, and put the achieved results to use further. Klaviyo is focused on the audience rather than on your product. However, the moment you understand your target audience well, you will be able to deliver the experience that no competitor does. Consequently, your brand reputation will grow, and the sales will skyrocket.

Who is Klaviyo software for?

Nowadays, some marketing solutions are designed for small businesses while others aim at huge enterprises. There is nothing wrong with such a subdivision, but Klaviyo is different. The truth is that because of Klaviyo's wide range of functions and services. Anyone can benefit from investing in the tool.

The software will help you transform online user deeds into a source of segmentation and personalization insight if you are a small business or a startup. Besides, Klaviyo is merely irreplaceable when you are about to switch from manual email marketing to automated one. Again, you won't have to reject the existing tech stack since Klaviyo integrations are almost unlimited.

A large enterprise will be able to embrace and improve productive long-term relationships while engaging in new personalized experiences with potential clientele through Klaviyo. With the handy use of dynamic content and email templates, you will make your customers feel seen and heard, and that is a direct shortcut to blooming sales.

Outstanding Features of Klaviyo Company

All the best cold outreach tools are known for their unique features, so you should be aware of what Klaviyo has in store for you.

Email builder

Klaviyo system is all about personal experiences. That is why the Klaviyo database of templates is incredibly vast and versatile. It takes the platform as much as a font and brand color to provide a fitting template. You can build an email that attracts attention and speaks directly to the client. Moreover, you can also upload your own templates so that email building is as customizable as possible. With the drag-and-drop builder presented, you don't require special skills to run the process.

In case you feel like text messages aren't enough to convey the general thought of your e-commerce campaign, you can spice the emails with links and images. Klaviyo allows it to download the images directly from your device and edit them through the system. However, you should keep in mind that the platform does not support such formats as SVG and PSD.

A/B testing

Some Klaviyo reviews skip the notion of A/B testing that the platform supports, but the element is critical when you want to optimize your email and SMS marketing. In case you don't know how the feature works, it helps you create different variations of the same email. Once different samples are ready, the system will send them to a pre-defined portion of users. Based on how the recipients react to each copy of the email, you will be able to come up with the best option and delete the unsuccessful variants.

Among the outstanding features that concern A/B testing is the fact that the system spots the best copy and sends it to the remaining clients automatically. On the slight downside – you can't pick the winning option manually unless you stop the testing campaign, which may be incomplete.

Integration system

What makes the Klaviyo email marketing platform so preferable for various e-commerce businesses would be the countless offered integrations and open Klaviyo API available. The vendor currently supports around 140 integrations, but new additions are regularly implemented in the system.

Marketing automation

It takes as many as a few lines of code to ensure that your online store remains at the top of the competition. Marketing automation tools are designed to access the customer data, which can help you predict their next steps and monitor their behavior. Such tools will initiate different automated messages to trigger user interest and attention.

There are countless drip campaigns that the system initiated based on the following information:

  • Welcome messages for new subscribers.
  • Product review.
  • Abandoned cart messages.
  • After-purchase 'Thank you!' notification.

You can customize your drip campaigns with Klaviyo, too, so that your automated messages are unique and anything but generic looking.


One may say that segmentation is an effective part of marketing automation, yet the feature should be discussed separately. Some e-commerce platforms refer to their audience similarly and watch the rates drop, all because most clients want to be singled out and referred to personally. Klaviyo has more templates than any other service, so you group your clients according to different categories and target them separately. The mentioned segmentation brings in positive results sooner than you could have expected it to.

Analytics and reports

No matter how effective Klaviyo email templates are, you must know that your campaign is working. That is why the system presents a wide variety of tools that help you monitor your performance.

While the system tracks and groups customer data, you can pre-set the dashboard to highlight the stats that are vital to you. You can choose from the following metrics that the platform supports:

  • Bounced emails;
  • cancelled orders;
  • site activity;
  • open rates;
  • placed orders;
  • viewed products.

After that, you can tune Klaviyo to work on customized reports with all the gathered data analyzed.

SMS marketing

Let's not forget about SMS marketing capabilities. On top of effective email marketing campaigns, the SMS functions can improve the overall stats of the campaign. You send your text notifications to different segments and automate the process. However, you should keep in mind that A/B testing does not apply to the SMS campaigns yet.

User-friendly experience

Many platforms can provide users with needed features, but handling such tools may require additional experience in the field. With Klaviyo, you can focus on professional development while the system will do the rest with as little manual processing as possible. Not only does the Klaviyo database integrate seamlessly, but it also makes all the other marketing efforts nearly a breath. Users with little to no experience in the field will master the tool in no time.

Perf Dash

Klaviyo's Pros and Cons

A professional Klaviyo review can't be complete without some existing drawbacks highlighted. No matter how great a service the tool offers, the mentioned downsides can be table-turning for some of you.


  • Impressive integration range.
  • Effective marketing solutions.
  • User-oriented layout.


  • Steep pricing policy.
  • Lacking support options.
  • No free trial is available.

Klaviyo Pricing Policy

All the best email marketing tools usually present a free offer along with the pre-paid subscription, and Klaviyo isn't an exception. However, the marketing platform shows a slightly different payment structure compared to the competitors.

Klaviyo pricing page starts with a free account, as long as you don't have more than 250 contacts on your list. Thus, a small startup can benefit from the plan immensely. On top of 500 emails a month, you can use 150 SMS messages as well.

Once you decide to increase the user base, or you feel like the free subscription isn't enough, you can choose from two pre-paid subscriptions Klaviyo has.

Email package

Klaviyo cost for paid plans is based on the number of contacts you are about to reach out to. If you have around 500 people on the list, the service will cost you $20. The price gets higher as your mail list grows. Once you reach the point of 150K subscribers, Klaviyo service will cost you $1955 per month. In case your client base exceeds the stated number, you will have to discuss a personalized subscription with the company representative.

Email and SMS package  

Another service package that you can opt for is the email and SMS marketing offer. Once you subscribe to the plan, you can reach your clients most properly. Should your marketing messages be ignored, the timely SMS messages will ensure that the offer has been noticed. The variety of payment options ranges from $35 to $1970 a month based on the number of users on your list. While the package initially covers the same features as the previous one, in this case, you are given a certain number of credits to be spent on SMS messages. The minimum credit package would be 1250. You can additionally increase the number without altering the number of contacts included and vice versa. Every country has a pre-set credit wage required. For instance, a single message sent to a US user would cost you 1 credit, while the same message sent to a Canadian subscriber would cost 3 credits.

As you can see, the Klaviyo company presents a fair price that anyone can suit their personal needs and preferences in no time.

Klaviyo Support Policy

Whether it is a new Klaviyo email template or customer profiles that you are working on currently, an unexpected issue can come up instantly. Even though the platform is user-oriented, you can always reach out to the Klaviyo team and have them help your problem fixed. Online agents are available during the working days as well as the weekends, but the weekend hours are limited. Keep in mind that Live chat support is available to paying clients only. The same concerns email support.

In case you don't feel like bothering Klaviyo's customer support, you can try and deal with your issue on your own. The informative section that the platform presents is more than impressive. The service presents different blogs, guides, podcasts, and case studies to browse through. The chances of finding your solutions there are incredibly high.


Klaviyo is an effective marketing platform that grants any existing online brand direct ownership of the customer data and involved integrations. With such a potent tool at hand, it does not take long to launch effective e-commerce email campaigns that will result in lasting relationships. Some people falsely assume that Klaviyo is a CRM platform as well. However, while the platform does not feature related CRM services, you can easily integrate it with third-party vendors that do. Even if you can't spot the requested integration option on the list of supported ones, the well-developed API will enable you to connect with those in no time.

Klaviyo isn't precisely a free platform, and there is no free trial offer presented, but the free subscription plan that covers a list of up to 250 makes up for the lacking features. Besides, the price policy that the service sticks to is incredibly flexible, so you don't have to pay for the features you don't use. All in all, Klaviyo is a useful marketing solution that you are bound to test if you want to get ahead of the competition!