Hiver: Gmail-based Helpdesk

The Hiver company provides excellent opportunities for anyone who wants to provide customer support and measure customer satisfaction via Gmail inbox and keep it at a high level. More than 1500 companies around the world trust Hiver because it is one of the best cold outreach tools.

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About Hiver Company

Hiver is the world’s first multi-channel help desk built for Google Workspace. Hiver helps teams deliver fast and empathetic customer service using Gmail. 

What problems can you solve with Hiver?

Using Hiver you can:

  • track and create customer emails;
  • run advanced analytics and automation from the Gmail interface;
  • create templates to improve turnaround time;
  • deliver excellent customer service with SLA monitoring;
  • measure customer satisfaction;
  • with collision alerts, you can ensure multiple users don’t work on the same emails.

And this is not all the services that Hiver offers, but only the most popular ones. In addition to these, there are many more interesting and useful things for you to improve your email marketing strategy and client support.

Who is Hiver suitable for?

More than 1500 companies use Hiver around the world. This is due to the fact that Hiver works in a variety of industries: education, travel, real estate, manufacturing, etc. Therefore, everyone can find a suitable solution for their business.

Hiver features

After reading the reviews of Hiver's clients, we can highlight the following features:

  • reliable;
  • easy to use;
  • efficient.

Given these powerful features, it becomes clear why customers love Hiver so much.

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Hiver pros and cons

Of course, nothing is perfect. Every person, thing, company, or service has its advantages and disadvantages. And Hiver company is not an exception.

Hiver pros:

  • Hiver offers a huge number of services, among which each person will find something suitable and useful.
  • In addition to the main services, the company has many other resources, such as blog, e-books, and free tools.
  • Hiver does an excellent job, and the clients see obvious successful results.
  • Hiver is created for the Google interface and uses Gmail inbox, so people don't have to spend time learning new platforms.
  • Hiver support is well-organized; everyone can get an answer to a question of interest and clarify some details.

Hiver cons:

  • According to customers, Hiver's pricing is quite high, which makes the service unaffordable for small companies.
  • For some clients, the functions that Hiver provides in its interface are not enough.

Hiver pricing

All relevant information about Hiver pricing is available on the company's website. They offer yearly and monthly pricing plans.

Monthly subscription

Hiver offers three service packages, from the simplest to the one that contains the maximum number of services. The simplest service package costs $19 per month; here you get all the tools you need to work with clients. The next plan is the most popular among customers and costs $49 per month. Accordingly, the number of services here is already greater. And the largest package costs $69 per month.

Yearly subscription

In terms of the services offered, the annual subscription is no different from the monthly one. But, here you save close to 20%.

Free trial

If you want to evaluate the services before buying, then Hiver offers a 7-day free trial.

Hiver support

If you have any questions, you can contact Hiver via email In addition, they have a contact us box on their website where you can leave your contact information for Hiver employees to contact you.


Given all the above information, we can say that Hiver is an excellent tool for those who are working on improving their marketing strategy. Hiver offers a variety of services, so you can streamline your Gmail customer support and make it perfect. On top of that, Hiver also has a cool blog and provides useful ebooks, so you can grow your business.