Groove: Sales Productivity Platform

The modern sales process is constantly updated, so there is always a lot to grasp and get used to. Those sellers that upgrade their marketing sector with various productivity tools tend to get ahead of the competition without greater effort. Should you want to belong to the category of successful revenue makers, you must consider implementing such innovative marketing strategies as email marketing and monitor the results through effective email deliverability.

However, even the most ideal strategy will fail if your team does not work in sync. That is exactly where the Groove comes in handy. Groove is a known sales productivity platform that helps to organize, update and fix any marketing campaign you run. If you want to learn more about the matter, read our professional Groove review!

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Groove review: brief service introduction

What is Groove? Groove company is one of the best email marketing tools when it comes to managing the campaign's results, communicating within the sales team, and driving revenue up. The app is designed to gather all the marketing data and campaign stats in one place where every entitled team member can access them. On top of that, Groove automates administrative tasks and provides precise analysis of the applied strategies. Based on the provided information, every Groove user can track, improve and update the ongoing campaign's statistics whenever the need arises.

Moreover, Groove differs from all the alternatives because of its partnership with the Salesforce software. Such close cooperation ensures that the users of both services don't have to spend money and effort on data transfers and their analysis. The enhanced integration between the systems does it automatically.

Groove software has been launched to make revenue leaders from most chief sales officers, VP sales, sales managers, and sales teams in general. Whether you run a start-up or a mid-sized business, the tool comes of equal use and effectiveness.

Outstanding features of Groove

Before you decide to consider any other Groove alternative, you should be well informed on what new features the service covers. The list to discuss is more than extensive.

Calendar integration

Data loss is almost inevitable when you have to switch between different apps and accounts. To ensure there are no errors to worry about, Groove services cover such administrative tasks as email and calendar sync. All the involved details are updated automatically so that your team keeps up with the changes and updates 24/7.

Salesforce integration

Among all the Groove integrations, Salesforce is surely one of the most critical aspects to consider. In case you don't know, Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool. Thus, it contains a lot of user information that has to be organized and prioritized. Such client data as their emails, leads, records, and contacts can be viewed and customized through Groove once you synchronize it with Salesforce.

Campaign automation

Reaching out to your leads at the right time is critical, and that is where Groove campaigns come of great use. The fully automated feature enables the users to create different campaigns, individual emails, and timely reach-outs. On top of that, the system will provide you with actionable insights into the pipeline's state. You will be able to access data on which pipelines require nurturing and which accounts are the most active. Moreover, the software is set on creating repeatable playbooks so that each new team member is well-aware of how the campaign is going and what needs to be done to perfect it.

Effective analytics

Groove service is also known for its precise and reliable sales analytics. The feature allows it to track your campaign's peak performance and notice all its questionable aspects. The option is useful when you want to be aware of all the potential strategy flaws so that you can fix those immediately.

The sales analytics feature contains more effective tools, including activity logs, template performances, and call stats. Such data ensures that you can track all the ongoing operations in real time. Besides, you can manage all the active, completed, and unattended tasks. Finally, the call stats help managers spot the highest connect rates so that they can assess the reps' performance.


Some Groove reviews decrease the importance of the system's Dialer feature. The primary aims of the Dialer are to simplify the sales reps' lives and enhance conversion rates. How does it work? The mentioned tool consists of three main aspects:

  • Click-to-call;
  • Local presence calls;
  • Auto-logging.

The first component of the Dialer tool is the click-to-call, which allows the sales representatives to call from Flow, Gmail, or Salesforce. The beauty of the feature lies in the fact that there is no room for manual dialing. Thus, the system rules out the possibility of calling the wrong person. The other tool is all about calling your leads using local codes so that the recipients do not get scared of the unusual numbers trying to reach out. Such an approach is known to enhance the connection rated by 50%. Auto-call logging ensures that no detail goes missing after the call is over. The precision improves the accuracy of all the records, which can serve as a perfect guide when it comes to the marketing campaign you are about to update.

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Groove: pros and cons

Even the best cold outreach tools come with hidden perks and disadvantages, and our Groove review would be incomplete without those highlighted.


  • Informative Knowledge Base section and blog.
  • Responsive and highly-trained support.


  • No live support option is available.
  • Precise pricing information is missing.

Groove pricing policy

The Groove pricing policy often stirs a fair share of confusion among its potential clients. All because there is no precise cost listed on the platform's official website. The system reps explain such an approach by their desire to provide as individual service as possible to every user who reaches out to them. Custom-based Groove cost ensures that you do not pay more or less than you have to, depending on the features you decide to implement into the work process.

Yet, there are two primary plans that you can consider when you ask for the demo presentation. They are:

  • Groove Core.
  • Groove Dialer.

Groove Core covers all the primary services that are on offer. These include seamless synchronization of your email address and Google calendar, Salesforce integration, Groove Flow, sales productivity and analytical tools, plus account-based features.

Groove Dialer is more of an optional service plan. Primarily, Groove pricing views Groove Dialer as a useful add-on that presents you with the tools necessary for a local presence, click-to-dial, and more. Yet, at the end of the day, each user chooses all the features their online business requires.

Groove support policy

Groove offers excellent support to all registered and new users. The highly trained support team will help you fix any arising issue within short notice. However, it takes to fill out a form so that your request is reviewed. There is no live chat option available, per se, but you can find a chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen. The main purpose of the chat is to guide you through the most essential steps and assist in gathering most of the information that a new user needs.

Aside from that, there is a Knowledge Base that you can refer to while waiting for the support's response. The Base's main aim is to provide all the critical data concerning the platform and its services. The Blog section is quite interesting and informative too. On top of that, there is a whole Groove University that you can become a member of and improve your knowledge and experience in any chosen area.


Due to the extensive support that Groove offers the Salesforce platform, one may assume that it is nothing more than an affiliate management platform. However, Groove features more than 400 integrations, making it an entirely productive organizational system. Whether you belong to the marketing field, financial business, or health and care industry, you can easily leverage Groove to your benefit. You can use the Groove API to automate your marketing tasks, enhance ongoing campaigns and evaluate the applied strategy to track potential errors and improve the results. Lastly, Groove presents custom-based pricing so that you only pay for the services you will use. Nothing more – nor less.