Front: Customer Communication Platform

Today, 80% of content marketers utilize email marketing, and many customers worldwide prefer email as a method of communication with the businesses they do business. Despite how significant these figures are on both the commercial and marketing spectrums, email has remained a one-on-one communication tool. A Front review indicates the provider's integration is a great tool that most email clients use because its software resources introduce automated functions. The provider combines internal and external messages into a single hub to unify all communication under one roof. Improved internal team collaboration improves customer satisfaction due to effective client communication. Customer communication through SMS, chat, and social media management are additional perks besides increased email deliverability standards to ensure efficiency in conveying messages.   

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About Front 

If you are wondering what is a Front, then you need to read on. The email marketing partner ensures that all your messages are gathered and stored in one mailbox using Front's modern interface. By utilizing this single inbox, your team may increase internal collaboration and be more equipped to boost client satisfaction. The internal dialog can be assigned using Front depending on messages from outside the company that customers cannot see. 

The service provider brings innovative email marketing automation protocols to underscore your company's campaign to win customer trust and loyalty. Powerful automation capabilities eliminate manual workflows across systems in the background, and thorough analytics make it simple to boost team performance. Front software is easy to use in any business setup and acts as a customer communication hub. There are capabilities designed to combine and connect all internal and external communication to provide customers with better service and support. You will bring a solution to your customer relationship management (CRM) challenges for an increase in net lead conversion and customer retention.  

The provider offers trustworthy help for businesses at various points of their market evolution to ensure sustainable exploits with satisfying revenues. However, they will be most helpful if you are a startup or a medium enterprise needing a marketing strategy to shift fortunes towards your company. 

Front Company Features 

Due to its features, detailed analytics, and talents, Front is highly acclaimed. The following are features of Front services: 

  1. Email tracking
  2. Database integration
  3. Workload balancing
  4. CRM
  5. Team collaboration

Email Tracking: 

You can investigate the status of your customer's message viewing with an email tracking feature. We utilize an indiscernible tracking pixel in your outbound communications to monitor emails and determine whether a message has been viewed. Front will send a separate message to each receiver when sending a message to a group of people, but it will appear as though it was sent to all of them.

Database integration

You may link Front to your preferred tools with our collection of integrations, including chatbots, data warehouses, and CRMs. These Front integrations are simple to use and only require a few clicks to enable. Integrations can be enabled for every teammate by company administrators. All team members will access and use the Front integrations once enabled. Despite modest variations in setup, all unique integrations follow the same fundamental procedures:

Workload Balancing

The load balancing tool allows teams with high message volume to share tasks across coworkers automatically. Customers receive the quickest responses, and each team member has a fixed workload, so they don't become overburdened. Until they reach their limit, load balancing rules automatically send inbound discussions to colleagues with the fewest open assigned team chats.


Integrating CRM with the help desk system using services from the Front Company enables quick access from the inbox to a shared view of client data. To assist teams in aligning and providing excellent service to important clients, set up an automation that escalates, routes, and assigns work based on customer data. Better customer satisfaction is possible making client retention an achievable objective whenever you correctly leverage the features of the best email marketing tools

Remote Team Collaboration

With built-in team accountability and collaboration tools, remote teams can remain coordinated, inspired, and connected. Encourage teams to operate remotely at all times using an interactive Front API that helps coordinate efforts for the desired market outcome.


Pros and Cons of Front from Front Review 

Here are the major Front pros and cons:


Front Company has advanced analytics because the tool effectively monitors many things, including performance and metrics, for example, the messages handled per user. Another unique benefit is improving collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. You can also automatically select team members to handle every query. Front strengthens team collaboration capabilities and helps in driving revenue in many startups and big businesses.


There aren't many downsides about Front because when it comes to customer support, they are usually there and respond fast to queries to resolve anything. The con that Front has is having less knowledge base and resource center for their customers on their website; hence they should amp up.

Front Pricing 

The following are examples of plans you will find when using Front service.

  • Starter Package 

This package is charged annually and is good for expanding companies with less than ten coworkers who require a common perspective of interactions. Front cost is affordable with this package, requiring teams of up to 10, and you can connect unlimited emails, social media accounts, and SMS. The package has centralized controls and tailored onboarding services.

  • Prime Package

Fronts Prime Package is charged annually and requires business teams of up to 50 individuals seeking to scale and improve customer communication. SLAs and sophisticated workflow templates can also be used with a prime Front pricing package to automate workflows. The package utilizes analytics to gauge response times, inbox volume, and trends as well as estimate the success of deployed cold outreach tools.

  • Enterprise

Front's last package whose suitability is in question due to its implementation on large-scale platforms according to Front reviews. It includes Prime plan features and requires teams of any size. Enterprise packages also utilize centralized controls to streamline administration.

Front Support 

Customer support is crucial when a business seeks a marketing automation partner to outsource marketing department tasks to. Starting, managing a successful plan alone is nearly impossible due to your lack of understanding of market movements and how they will affect your efforts. Customer support from experts on the other end will help streamline marketing operations in your company. 

Suppose you want to know more about Front's services, you can contact them by filling out a form with your email on the contact page on Front's platform. You will receive a quick response concerning your queries because of their extraordinary customer service. There is a live chat option to engage with the customer care agents via social media whenever there are complications with the packages. 

You can also visit the Front Help Center to learn new tricks to deploy different integrations for better results. You will learn about new features and understand technical efforts to improve your business status for continued growth.


Collaboration between coworkers is undoubtedly one of the Front's most tremendous benefits since this email client puts your team on the same page. The provider also focuses on building last connections with customers for long-term cooperation through regular trading exchanges that recoup investments into chosen Front pricing plans  

The company belongs to its CEO Mathilde Colling and CTO, Laurent Perrin, who cofounded it in 2012. The entity is now a force on the scene with capabilities to put small and medium businesses on track for record revenue due to high product awareness. 

A Front review shows that Front integration adds the software availed into your networked system to add superior marketing capabilities. Marketing automation is one function that introduces mechanisms to handle the high email volume in your mailbox while handling rapid response demands. You can access more details from available Front knowledge base sources to find exciting features to spice things up for better client experiences.