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Online marketing is developing at the speed of light, and many brands and businesses rooted in brick-and-mortar representation tend to alter and update their directions. Thus, if you are a digital creator or a business owner wanting to increase the user base, you should think about developing a dedicated website and bringing your products and services online.

While enterprises with established online platforms worry about their email deliverability, those at the beginning of their paths should think about site development and web hosting in the first place. You can attune your email marketing strategy a tad later. At this stage, it is essential that people can come across your company online and like what they see.

The variety of web hosts that you can come across these days is anything but limited. However, not every host is the same. They come in a variety of flavors, and you need to find the one that corresponds to your needs and preferences. Whether it is a limited budget, increased server storage, or location, you must be careful enough to find the best offer on the market. The growing reputation of SiteGround brings us to the point of professional investigation of whether the service is worth your attention. After you are through with a dedicated SiteGround review, you’ll possess all the knowledge you require to make the right choice!

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SiteGround Review – Detailed Service Introduction

SiteGround company has started as a student startup project, and over the course of almost 20 years on the market, it’s turned into one of the most requested hosting companies and domain name providers you can find. One of the introductory offers the service is known for is a website, blog, and e-commerce platform hosting. However, the domain name registration feature is as widely requested.

According to recent statistics, the platform supports around 2 million domains all over the world. Aside from that, countless user feedback claims that SiteGround is quite an affordable website builder that comes of use when you run a small business and look for reliable and qualified hosting services.

Since SiteGround isn’t the new hosting company on the market, it has gone through a series of updates to polish its services. Thus, the platform is known for its increased website speed, which makes it stand out from the rest of the providers since no one likes a site that takes ages to load. On top of that, the service is powered by Google cloud. In case you don’t know, Google is one of the fastest and best-connected networks.

Why pick SiteGround?

It may seem that the hosting technology that most providers feature is relatively the same, so you don’t need to go to lengths to choose something special. However, the assumption is more misleading than you can imagine. The reason why SiteGround service is so popular at the moment is the fact that it is fully managed.

What does the suggestion imply? The answer is simple. The platform will take care of all the necessary website maintenance tasks while you center your attention on the best email marketing tools to drive the income and user conversion up. Besides, the support branch on the service is highly appraised, so all your questions and problems can be effectively solved in a matter of minutes. Lastly, the security policy that SiteGround relies on is supreme.

Who can benefit from SiteGround service?

While the technical characteristics may still seem a little vague, it is safe to mention the project types that the platform will help you bring to perfection. They are the following:

  • Online stores,
  • Professional blogs,
  • WordPress websites,
  • Corporate site.

The list can go on. Should you feel like you are in need of quality staging, Git repositories, SSH access, or any other high-end solution – SiteGround is there for you.

When to refrain from using the SiteGround hosting platform?

Some new customers may find the service not to their liking due to a variety of reasons. To save you the time you would otherwise waste considering the inappropriate company, our experts will point out the prominent cases when to skip on the mentioned platform.

  • Should you have a limited budget and need the cheapest hosting on the market.
  • In case you are interested in a Windows-based server.
  • When you seek the most webspace for small a price.

If none of the abovementioned cases suit your situation, we invite you to proceed with a dedicated SiteGround review.

Primary SiteGround Offerings

The moment you start discovering what SiteGround has to offer, you may come across such unknown phrasings as managed WordPress hosting, Google cloud platform hosting, and web hosting. Those with little experience in the field may find the categorization confusing, so it always helps to seek a pointer in the right direction, which Folderly experts are willing to give.

Web hosting

We start the journey with web hosting. As it happens, you can host any website with SiteGround. SiteGround API is designed to work well with different Content Management Systems. These include Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and others. SiteGround is the platform that allows to not only launch a website but also build it from scratch. It is possible to exploit either Weebly or WordPress to achieve the goal. Besides, should you be working on e-commerce websites, the vendor has a shopping cart option available to make things even more accessible.

Another vital peculiarity of working together with SiteGround is that you can both manage the domain and the website from a single interface. On top of that, the company enables the multiple email account option so that various spheres of your business don’t necessarily overlap and can be ruled and managed separately.

WordPress hosting

It may be difficult to draw a line between web hosting and WordPress hosting since they do share a lot of similarities. However, one thing you should know about exploiting the WordPress host is that the vendor itself recommends the integration with SiteGround. Thus, hosting with SiteGround means you don’t have to go to the lengths to download the WordPress app.

Those of you who are new to the sphere of web hosting may claim that it is a lot easier said than done, but SiteGround has put in a lot of time and effort to make the process as user-oriented as possible. There is even a WordPress Starter Kit available. The easy-to-grasp guide will help you through the process even if you have little to no field experience.

If you have your website hosted with another platform, but you would like to give SiteGround a try, the Migrator plugin comes free of charge so that you can transfer your site in a matter of minutes without unnecessary bureaucratic operations involved.

WooCommerce hosting

Just like in the case with WordPress, you can create an online store with the help of SiteGround and its WooCommerce hosting. The WooCommerce is already installed, so all it takes is to upload your products and wait for the customers to come knocking on your doors.

One of the mainly understated perks of WooCommerce and SiteGround as a sequence is the fact that you can sell almost any type of service and product via it. Yet, the versatility of options and choices does not interfere with the site’s security. In fact, the A.I. anti-bot function, active and Web Application Firewall ensures that your website is safe and reliable.

It’s already been mentioned that both GrowBig and GoGeek membership plans come with the staging tool. The tool allows it to experiment and develop your website securely so that when you launch the final copy, everything is in sync and correct.

Cloud hosting

Another peculiar hosting type that SiteGround supports is cloud hosting. One of the primary features that make it special is that it may not interfere with your growing business. Should you notice an enormous spike in website visitors, you may want to switch to cloud hosting instead.

When you decide to test cloud hosting, SiteGround will provide you with personal RAM and CPU. You can upgrade either at any time. Besides, SiteGround is designed in such a way that the system can automatically attune either of the settings based on your site’s needs. This comes of great use when the traffic goes up unexpectedly so that the website doesn’t go through a downtime.

Keep in mind that cloud hosting comes with a dedicated IP. Such an IP ensures that you don’t end up on any popular blacklists because of other people.

Reseller hosting

The final type of hosting the SiteGround is known for is the reseller one. The primary peculiarity of this hosting variation is that it may be positioned as third-party hosting. A company owner specializing in designing can provide their customers with personal hosting, but that hosting needs to come from somewhere. SiteGround becomes a mediator between the designing business and its clients.

Exclusive Features of SiteGround Company

The affiliate program and the inclusive membership plans aren’t the only unique characteristics you can count on after signing up with the SiteGround platform. Let’s have a closer view at some outstanding services that the vendor provides.

Uptime guarantee

SiteGround servers are incredibly secure and reliable. Yet, it is challenging to trust their word and invest your finances into the host. To prove their point, the service claims an uptime of 99.9%. What does it mean? It means that even if the uptime drops a single percent below the stated rate, SiteGround will give you a month of free usage. Let’s assume the uptime drops 5%. It will signify that you will be able to exploit the platform 5 months in a row without spending a dime on it. However, such a drop has never occurred so far. Thus, the chances of grabbing such a deal are slim. On the bright side – your website will work its best with SiteGround and a secure backup.

Real-life tracking

In case you don’t know, most web hosts monitor their dedicated servers at an interval of 1-5 minutes. While that is a good statistic, SiteGround chooses to take monitoring to another level, and the servers are tracked in real-time. Such an approach ensures that whenever an issue occurs, the system detects it instantly. Thus, the problem is fixed before it can cause any great or permanent damage. Add the innovative technology to the list, and you will get minimal downtime, which is something that most web hosts strive to achieve.

Enhanced response time

When you dive into the field of hostings, the line between uptime and response time may seem vague. However, the difference between the two is substantial. The uptime is the time when the server is available, while the response time is how fast the webpage you are interested in loads.

According to their claims and user feedback, SiteGround company also features excellent response time. All due to the fact that only the latest and constantly updated hosting technology is put to use. Whenever a new account is moved from the old hardware, SiteGround does its best to update it so that it is well-performing and constantly responsive.

Screenshot Websites Client Area

Basic Pros and Cons of SiteGround

It may seem like the SiteGround hosting services are too good to be true. So, we have decided to point out potential negativities about the platform too.


  • Successful and user-oriented site migration,
  • Impressively swift server setup,
  • Constantly updated innovative technologies,
  • Impressive safety policy,
  • Higher than average upload speed.


  • The pricing policy is higher than average,
  • Limited StartUp plan,
  • A free domain name is excluded,
  • Free space limits throughout the plans,
  • No VPS hosting is provided.

SiteGround Security Policy

Another critical factor to brood upon before you commit to a hosting service is whether you can fully trust it with your site. So, let’s discuss the safety policy that the vendor preaches. First things first, the innovative intrusion detection along with its prevention algorithms are always intact. The system scan for any suspicious activity, malware, or breaches. Such an approach ensures that all the threats are detected before they have a chance to do any harm to your project. Besides, all the problems are analyzed in detail so that they are eliminated in the future.

Rogue bot elimination

Another peculiar feature of the service when it comes to hosting security would be the defense against rogue bots. A well-designed AI platform makes sure that all the malicious bots are permanently blocked.

Hacking prevention

There are cases when sites that you share a server with getting hacked, and your platform may undergo the same attack, which is an unpleasant thing to deal with. That is why SiteGround has developed a special isolator that takes care of the problem. Even when another site on the server gets attacked, the others remain secure.

Datacenter protection

A hosting provider is always responsible for the safety and security of its servers. Yet, there is a chance that a hacker will attach your website specifically. If the code in use is poorly written, there are loopholes that hackers may use. It may seem that a web host has nothing to do with it, and in such a case, the ball would be in your court. However, SiteGround decides to go further than most vendors and launches the Hack Alert service.

The primary goal of these alerts would be to warn you about potential breaches in your site’s code. Once the system detects any suspicious activity, the alert will go off so that you can take care of the issue before it causes any serious or permanent harm.

SiteGround backup policy

Losing some essential data over an untimely backup is one of the most common cases in the industry. While some hosting vendors choose to either ignore the matter or pay little attention to it, SiteGround presents free backups. On top of that, you can always roll your site back to an original copy by using their Restore option. On average, you will have access to 30 backup copies created on a daily basis by the system without any manual interaction.

Aside from that, you don’t have to wait for an automatic backup if you want to save the current version of the site. There are on-demand backups available too. Yet, the on-demand routines come free with the second and the third membership plan.

SiteGround Pricing Policy

Even the best cold outreach tools are often judged by the range of services they cover when opposed to the price policy presented. SiteGround pricing is divided into three primary categories so that most clients can find something suitable based on their company’s needs and preferences.

SiteGround cost is categorized as the following:

  • StartUp plan
  • GrowBig plan
  • GoGeek plan


SiteGround services start with a StartUp plan designed for someone at the beginning of their path or with a small business to run. The membership covers 10 GB of space provided and covers a single website. On top of that, you are promised around 10K visitors on a monthly basis. The cost of such a plan is $14.99 a month. However, should you choose to get an annual subscription, the first month of hosting will come with a 73% discount and would cost you only $3.99.

Let’s get a closer look at what the first of the hosting packages includes:

  • Free SSL certificates,
  • Automated daily backups,
  • Free WordPress setup,
  • SiteGround offers free Cloudflare CDN and free mail.

Those of you who are just starting your journeys should find the StartUp package more than appealing. Yet, the monthly limit of visits comes with an unpleasant downside to consider. If you don’t worry about exceeding the limit, the proposition is great, especially with a price and bonus discount on top.


One of the most requested hosting plans that SiteGround presents would be a GrowBig one. When you pay closer attention to the price range spiced with a plethora of useful characteristics that the membership is provided with, you will get the point. First things first, many SiteGround reviews fail to mention the fact that if you purchase the manual subscription, the first month comes with a significant discount – 73% off the regular price, which is $6.69. Every next month of the GrowBig plan will cost you $24.99.

You will have access to multiple site management and 20 GB of web space for such a relatively affordable cost. Besides, the number of monthly visitors will be raised to the point of 100K. Such an offer will be of great use when you run a mid-sized business and want to make the most of it.

While the mentioned features that the plan covers are more than substantial, there are a few more benefits that you can add to the list. They are the following:

  • On-request backups,
  • Superfast PHP,
  • Staging environment,
  • Collaborators introduced to your site.

GrowBig is a great hosting offer to pay attention to, but there is more where it comes from.


As the name suggests, the final plan offered by SiteGround is developed to attend to the needs of technological geeks who know what they are doing. Usually, large enterprises or businesses require such impressive hosting. The GoGeek plan provides 40 GB of web space, traffic of around 400K visitors a month, and supports unlimited websites.

The membership also starts with a 73% discount on the first month of service – $10.69 if you commit to the annual subscription. According to the policy, the plan will cost you $39.99 a month after that. While the subscription type covers every feature that the previous two membership plans present, the list of unique characteristics included deserves as much attention and consideration.

Among the outstanding advantages of purchasing the plan, you can count on the following:

  • Clients registered with white-label access to Site Tools,
  • Increased process execution time,
  • Git SiteGround integrations,
  • High-priority customer support.

As you can see, the high-notch offer in the GoGeek plan is available for those who know what they are doing. If you are a novice in the industry, it is advised to stick to either of the previous subscription types.

Money-back policy

Another peculiarity of SiteGround pricing is the money-back guarantee. Should you decide that the service does not meet your needs and preferences, you can cancel the subscription within the 30-day period and get a refund. While it is common for every other SiteGround alternative to refund in the form of the specific credits that can be used only in cooperation with the platform intact, SiteGround will issue real-life money back to the card you paid with.

SiteGround discounts and bonuses

Despite the number of sites hosted with the platform, you can’t shake the feeling that SiteGround belongs to the category of rather expensive services. While that is a relatable assumption, since other hosting vendors on the market are presenting lower prices, these are the discounts and bonuses that make up for the slightly higher cost. This concerns SiteGround’s affiliate program in particular.

Most hosting services skip the affiliate programs, while SiteGround presents a fruitful chance for mutual cooperation. You can make as much as $50 per sale if you refer around 5 new clients a month. The wages go up as you increase your referrals. Those who can raise the plank to 11-20 sales a month would be able to make $100 a sale. The offer is more than tempting. Besides, the referral process is fairly simple and straightforward.

SiteGround Support Policy

Very often, the support desk of a hosting service plays a vital part when it comes to deciding on the provider. Almost every single SiteGround review ensures that there is a lot of attention paid to the support aspect of SiteGround so that we won’t make an exception.

Impressive support team

At times, it takes days for you to hear back from a vendor, and nothing can be more frustrating. That is why SiteGround uses more support agents than it seems to be necessary. Such an approach ensures that you get your timely response and have the issue dealt with professionally. While there is a live chat option on the site, it is divided into new clients and Existing customers. It takes little time to understand that the existing consumers come of priority. However, on average, you will hear from the support team within 10 minutes after placing your request.

Aside from the Live support, the SiteGround website is packed with a great variety of useful information and practical blog articles and tutorials. This means that the team gives you a chance to figure out your problem on your own. Should you fail to do so, a well-trained team member will help you solve any pressing matter in no time.


SiteGround has proved itself as a trustworthy hosting service over the years on the market. However, there is much more to the platform than just the hosting functions. The security, support, and innovation policies that the vendor preaches can’t but inspire. While the price policy that SiteGround is known for is slightly higher than the average, concerning all the characteristics that it provides, it is well-based. Whether you run a small store or a large enterprise, SiteGround will be of great use in either case, offering you precisely the features and opportunities your business still lacks!