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Email hosting software
Email hosting software
Email hosting software is able to take care of everything for you: from how quickly your messages are sent and received to how big your attachments can be. It’s a crucial thing for any business to make it look professional and elevate the performance.
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It is not a secret that email remains one of the most reliable and preferred means of communicating between people. Whether it is personal or business communication – the point stands. However, as a business holder, you may need some extra features to maneuver according to your well-designed strategy. It comes especially true if you belong to the marketing industry and the scope of outgoing emails skyrockets.

The range of email hosting providers offering professional assistance in the field grows by the day. Yet, most of the providers differ in terms of the presented perks, price policy, and reliability. Thus, expert help in the sphere that the Folderly team is ready to provide with the help of a dedicated guide may come of great use when you start your search for a trustworthy hosting platform.

The best email hosting services overview

It would have been a lot easier to make up your mind on the matter if there were a single email hosting service to consider. However, the reality is rarely that simple. That is why we suggest you pay attention to the list of hand-picked hosting platforms that have proved to be the most effective so far.


Over 25 years on the market, the service has proved to be more than adequate. They offer decent storage, practical data transfers, and backups for quite an affordable cost. The support and security policy deserve particular attention.


The email hosting provider presents a wide variety of hosting services that can cover the needs of every user. Process automation and management will surely exceed your expectations. Yet, the price policy is slightly higher.

A2 Hosting

As one of the industry-oriented platforms, the web hosting provider is known for its impressive uptime and hosting packages (think WordPress). Unlimited storage and enhanced spam protection come as a valuable advantage.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a reliable email hosting service that presents multiple-domain hosting, effective process management, and planning. Storage and attachment size limits vary upon membership in use, but the cost is lower than average.

Google Workspace

Google is surely the most widely exploited email delivery service, and Gmail is one of the best-known email solutions, correspondingly. Thus, Google Workspace hosting comes with all the other benefits for which the suite is known. Small businesses may find the service utterly appealing, yet the cost is slightly above average.

What is email hosting – a brief definition

Before you end up with the best hosting service at your disposal, you need to realize what the process of hosting represents. To put it simply, email hosting is an innovative technology designed to store your email and other related data on a remote server. As opposed to free email services, hosting providers allow you to create a professional email address that holds the domain name too.

How does it work?

Email hosting provides a server that can be used as a reliable link between you and the receiver’s servers. Such an approach ensures the proper delivery and security of your email messages. Besides, hacking and data leaks are almost eliminated. If you are involved with email marketing, then the cold outreach with an effective web host intact will become twice as productive.

What is the fittest email hosting service?

The impressive variety of web hosting services will inevitably bring you to the question of which would be the best option for you. There are a variety of factors to consider before you finalize your choice. The main thing to do would be to evaluate your business category and the specific needs you want to be fulfilled.

When you search for email hosting for businesses that enlist a large user base, you may want to consider the platform with volume discounts. If your company belongs to the industry prone to cyber-attacks, a provider with a top-notch security policy would be the best for you. Should you be new to the field, the service with professional and timely support would suffice. Those businesses that lack IT teams will need hosting services with the programming factor taken under control and so on.

The best email hosting providers: key features disclosed

Along with the top email service providers, most email hosting providers are known for their outstanding qualities. The better you understand what a platform offers, the easier it will be to choose the one your business requires at the moment.


DreamHost is a perfect hosting service for small to medium businesses with no tech department intact.

Key features

  • Admin access to all the service’s products
  • Real-life support enabled
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • SSL certification supported
  • Automated WP migration
  • 30 GB SSD storage


SiteGround is one of the best business email providers hosting WP and WooCommerce sites.

Key features

  • Enhanced Google cloud infrastructure
  • Fast and user-friendly server setup
  • Constantly updated hosting technology
  • 24/7 support provided
  • 40 GB of webspace offered for top-tier users
  • Free SSL offered
  • Daily backup operations enabled

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the fastest email hosting services on the market. Apart from that, the platform enables domain name purchases for the users who lack it.

Key features

  • 24/7 malware scanning enabled
  • Improved uptime speed
  • Free site migration provided
  • Enhanced CMS integration offered
  • Responsive and polite support team
  • Unlimited storage for most users

Zoho Mail

If you are on a limited budget, Zoho Mail will provide the fairest web hosting package to cover your needs.

Key features

  • Custom domains provided
  • Improved integration tools
  • Enhanced mobile experience
  • 5 GB of storage presented
  • Technical support available 24/7
  • Two-factor authentication offered
  • User-oriented control panel

Google Workspace

Those interested in working from the Cloud should consider Google Workspace in the first place.

Key features

  • 30 GB of cloud storage available
  • Improved uptime guaranteed
  • Custom email addresses presented
  • Migration services well-presented
  • Swift and user-friendly integrations supported
  • Trusted security and virus-protection policy

The main difference between shared hosting email services, self-hosted and third-party hosts

When you are about to decide that you are ready to finalize your decision on an email host to cooperate with, you may face the challenge of selecting the type of hosting. Each particular type serves a pre-set goal, and you should be able to distinguish between them to pick the fittest option for your business. There are three main options to consider. They are the following:

Shared hosting email services

Web hosting with one server shared by multiple users is referred to as shared hosting. It is quite a popular option to consider when you are on a limited budget or run a small business. All the users assigned with the server have access to it, so that cost remains low. The downside is that you can’t send the mass email out with such hosting since there are always pre-set limits encoded. Besides, in case one of the customers gets compromised, you may suffer shared consequences.

Self-hosted email servers

One of the most reliable server options to evaluate would be personal ones. That is what self-hosting is all about. You get the whole server to yourself, so you can do whatever you need with it. However, such hosting usually comes at a high price and requires dedicated technical assistance and experience to use it.

Third-party hosts

One of the best web hosting options is a third-party solution. You can think of it as something in-between the other two, but slightly better. Such hosting comes with a plethora of additional perks and features. Surely, it is a paid option, but it is usually much cheaper than a self-hosted server. What is more, the technical part is cared for by the hosted email service itself.

How to pick the best email hosting services?

As you may have already noticed, most web hosting providers present the same service, but the difference comes in the details. There are some critical moments to brood upon when shopping for the most suitable option. Let’s discuss those characteristics on an in-depth level.

Main features

As you are looking for an email host, you need to start with the key features that the service provides. There may be different tools that the vendor exclusively offers its paid customers. For instance, if you have a team involved in the process, then such perks as team chat and shared calendars would be of great use. On the other hand, if you are a self-run business, you have no use in exploiting the mentioned perks.

Email hosting pricing

This may feel like an obvious pointer, but to skip on it would be unprofessional. Depending on the scale of your business along with the involved budget, the price policy of service comes of vital importance. Should you be tight on the investment, you may be willing to start with free platforms or those that offer free trials.

Support policy

According to recent research, third-party hosts provide the best type of support. Such email hosting services hire dedicated professionals to lead you through the process and solve any issue that arises along the way.

A custom domain

A custom domain is an absolute necessity when you are set on creating a professional image for your business. Thus, most providers present the feature with the sole difference in cost. Some platforms have the perk included in their paid plans, while others would have you pay for the domain name separately.


The best email hosting providers usually present bonus features designed to enhance the overall performance. You can think of such productivity tools as G-Suite to the idea of what an extra usually looks like. Some services come with useful integrations, making your strategy even easier to implement and fulfill.

Storage limit

As you have been browsing through the key features of top service providers mentioned in the guide, you may have noticed that different vendors offer various storage limits to access to. While some have a predefined limit to stick to, others present unlimited storage. The more messages you think you have to store, the higher should be the storage limit and vice versa.

Sending limit

You may have come across the feature while exploiting your individual email accounts – some clients have a limit as to the size of your email. The same is with the hosting providers. Many platforms present increased sending possibilities, while others are known for their strict limits.

Final words

The number of email hosts available on the market is growing by the day. However, it takes profound research of every potentially interesting option to find the one that can help you fulfill the pre-set goal. Folderly experts have researched the most required providers at the moment along with the main points to evaluate before finalizing your decision. Keep these details in mind, and you will find the fittest offer in no time!


Do I need hosting for email?

Personal email accounts are well-fit for corresponding with friends and paying the bills. However, when it comes to business communication, you have to look reputable, and that is what email hosting will help you with. A professional address will emphasize your credibility and legitimacy. Besides, ease of management and proper organization comes as a side perk of dedicated email hosting.

How can I get a free domain name?

The only way to get a domain name would be to purchase it. Some email hosting services have it included in the packages they provide. However, in some cases, you will have to pay for it separately. Keep in mind that your domain name should be unique. You can’t exploit a name that is already taken.

Does my email and web hosting provider need to be the same?

No. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can cooperate with two different hosts at the same time. However, most web hosts have email hosting included in their primary services.

What are the advantages of using an email hosting service over running personal email servers?

Personal email servers are great if you know how to use them fully and have a budget for them. With a hosting service, you will get a professional setup carried out without your involvement. You can migrate at any time you prefer, with a host at your side. Besides, all of your emails will be safe and secure with a reliable platform, with no hacking attacks and leaks in sight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email deliverability and why should I care about it?

Email deliverability is the percentage of emails that land in your recipients' inboxes. Email deliverability encompasses a wide range of conditions that should be met before you can count your message as delivered and contributing to your success. High email deliverability empowers your email outreach with increased open and reply rates and boosts outcomes from the email channel. 

How to improve email deliverability?

The best way to improve your email deliverability is to take care of your sender score and email authentication. Sender score depends on multiple factors, and with the help of the email deliverability test, you can compare and measure your scores. To never let your key metrics and DNS settings out of your sight, Folderly allows you to view your key performance metrics, your relationship with blocklists, and your current domain health in one place. 

How to find the best solution for my business case?

Folderly offers solutions to various business needs, from email deliverability testing to complex domain audits. Depending on the package, you can monitor and improve your domain health and DNS settings, test email deliverability, monitor blocklists, check email templates for spam triggers, etc. You can get your new domain ready for email outreach campaigns with Basic Email Warmup, or automate location, fix, and prevent email deliverability pitfalls with Folderly Premium.

How long until I see the first results?

It may vary case by case, but Folderly experts typically expect 3-4 weeks to be the time for the platform to improve the email deliverability. However, we have many instances where it took 1-2 weeks or even a few months. You will see the difference from day one but be patient till Folderly fixes your spam problems. To optimize the spam fix process, feel free to contact us.