Microsoft 365 Hosting Tool

Microsoft 365 is a suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration applications that integrates all of Microsoft’s existing online applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Sway, and Access into a cloud service, adding Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams as the main communication and collaboration applications. 

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About Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a software package that makes it easier to stay connected and perform tasks. Microsoft 365 is much more than just Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is an extensive suite of valuable tools that improve your productivity.

Microsoft 365 is widely used in various fields. But what value does Microsoft 365 have for business? With Microsoft 365, enterprises can deploy a complete set of tools to improve the performance of their entire operation without the usual incremental integration of disparate systems and applications. Combining Windows 11, Windows 10, and Microsoft 365, Microsoft offers a turnkey collaboration and productivity solution that can be implemented quickly and at a low cost, which is precisely what a business looking for benefits needs.

 With Microsoft 365 Business, you can:

  • increase your profitability;
  • expand your services;
  • drive customer retention.

Microsoft 365 Business gives you unlimited possibilities. With this tool, you will be able to increase managed services margins and attached rates. In addition, Microsoft 365 Business will help you increase deployment and advisory services revenue by up to 20%.

Microsoft 365 Apps

Speaking of Microsoft 365, one cannot pass by their top applications, which are known all over the world.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a perfect solution for working with text documents. Create documents and improve text quality with built-in smart features.

Microsoft Excel

With this application, the complexity of working with data will disappear. And the reason is that in Excel, you can simplify complex data by turning it into clear and understandable tables.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Need a presentation for business or study? Easily! Just use PowerPoint and create a great presentation using a variety of features and tools.

Microsoft Teams

Bring everyone together in a single environment where you can hold meetings and calls, chat and work together using Teams.

Microsoft Outlook

With Outlook, you can easily manage emails, calendars, tasks, and contacts in a single environment.


The ability to save and edit files and give access to them from anywhere on the planet is available in OneDrive.

Who is Microsoft 365 suitable for?

Microsoft 365 opens up endless possibilities for all users. Whether you're a small business or a big business, Microsoft 365 is the perfect solution. In addition, Microsoft 365 is great for students, educators, and entrepreneurs. Every user will find what they need.

Microsoft 365 Features

What are the main features of Microsoft 365? In addition to being convenient, reliable, and efficient, Microsoft 365 has a bunch of other benefits.

  • Collaborate anywhere, anytime. With Microsoft 365, you can access your email, documents, contacts, and calendars online, no matter what device or browser you are using.
  • Information Protection. Your data will always be absolutely safe because Microsoft 365 takes care of it. Information control and protection tools are built into Microsoft 365 apps and services, Power BI, Edge browser, and Windows 11 devices.
  • Flexibility. With Microsoft 365's wide range of options, businesses can buy only the office solutions they need.
  • No licensing issues. Microsoft 365 includes all licenses and can be deployed company-wide. So, everyone has the same version of Microsoft Office, and all users receive updates at the same time.
  • Collaboration in real-time. Teams can collaborate with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Users can see the changes or additions their colleagues make to the document in real-time.
  • Stay organized. When you use Office 365, email, calendar, and contacts are synced.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Screen Shot

Microsoft 365 Pros & Cons

Microsoft 365 has many benefits, but they might not always be suitable for your business. To help you decide and evaluate MS 365 in the right way, we have collected the pros and cons of using it for business.


  • You can work with Microsoft 365 anywhere, anytime.
  • Payment for Microsoft 365 is made in the form of a subscription, which is very convenient for users.
  • Collaboration with other people is available, which greatly simplifies the workflow.
  • With Microsoft 365, you can reduce security risks with advanced protective features.
  • Microsoft 365 offers many pricing plans for different categories of users.


  • You always need an Internet connection to access up-to-date files.
  • You may face compatibility issues with bespoke systems.
  • The subscription seems expensive for some users.

Microsoft 365 Pricing

Microsoft 365 provides different pricing plans for business, enterprise, and home use. Prices and functionality, of course, differ. Each user can look at all prices and descriptions of plans on the official Microsoft website and choose the appropriate option.

Pricing for Business

Microsoft 365 business plans differ in the amount of cloud storage available, types of support, security, the number of Microsoft Office applications available, and so on.

There are four pricing plans: Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Apps for business, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, and Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Their prices range from $6 to $22 per user per month. With higher tariffs, the level of security, the number of applications, and other available functions increases.

Pricing for Home

There are three types of subscriptions: family, personal, and student. 

Microsoft 365 Family gives access to use from one to six people. The premium versions of the apps, up to 6 TB of storage (1 TB per person), and access to all the features of the applications, such as premium chats, advanced features, and so on, are available here. The subscription price is $80 per year.

Microsoft 365 Personal is no different from the above plan, but based on the name, it becomes clear that only one person has the opportunity to use it. The subscription price is $60 per year.

Microsoft 365 Home & Student is the simplest subscription in terms of functionality. Apps are only available on one device, and apps are only available in the desktop version. Additional storage space is not available here, as well as advanced features. The price is $120 and is a one-time purchase.

Microsoft 365 Support

To ask for help or ask a question, you just need to write in a special box. In addition, the Microsoft 365 support page is available to all users; it contains all the essential information and answers to frequently asked questions.

It's also important to mention that enhanced support for Microsoft 365 is available for some business plans.


Microsoft 365 is a flexible software solution for any business. Microsoft 365 has huge and convenient functionality and combines many applications that everyone needs without exaggeration. 

In this article, we reviewed the prices, pros & cons of the app and described the main apps and features. Whether to use MS 365 or not is purely your decision. But summing up all of the above, it becomes clear that Microsoft 365 is a great solution. With it, you can work anywhere, at any time, successfully organize collaboration and video conferences, and your data will always be under reliable protection.