DreamHost Review: Tool Ideal for WordPress and More

Creating personal websites, regardless of their scale, complexity, and purpose, is never an easy task. Not only does it require a thoughtful web design and functionality, but dozens of other complex preparational measures. Let’s take a hosting provider as an example. Many factors depend on your choice since everything related to your site is stored on the hostings’ servers. They keep all the files for a site’s design, security certificates, etc.

Even email deliverability rate may suffer in case of irresponsible choice. Hostings can store spam filter parameters, mailing history, rules of redirections and automatic responses, and contact lists.

This article presents you with a detailed DreamHost review to make it easier to make up your mind. Moreover, if you still have some questions like what web hosting is or what hosting types exist, be sure you'll find the answers.

So, what is DreamHost, what does it offer, and are there any significant drawbacks to this hosting provider? Let’s figure it out!

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About DreamHost

To begin with, let’s briefly remind you what web hosting is. Whatever type of site you’re going to develop, it requires space on servers where its data will be stored. A server is a kind of very powerful computer that stores data and downloads it when users visit a site. The more popular and complex a site or application is, the more server space it needs.

Web hosting companies rent out space on their servers. They maintain round-the-clock accessibility to sites hosted on their servers. So, that’s it, piece of cake! 

Now it’s time to figure out the general features of DreamHost. It is well-known as one of WordPress's most prominent hosting providers. The company includes a whole department of WordPress specialists which ensures easy setup, reliable email hosting, flawless site migration, and automatic updates. Also, specially optimized servers are available precisely for any WordPress site. So, if a WP site is enough for your needs, DreamHost may be a perfect option for you.

Well, enough about WP. DreamHost ensures server resources for different-size e-commerce projects powered by Magento or Shopify and provides cloud servers for application developers. 

Surely, there are way more hosting solutions and other amazing services DreamHost offers. They are:

  • WP site builder - super easy tool for instant and trouble-free WordPress site creation;
  • Free domain registration, transfers, and protection;
  • 5 types of hosting with a diverse choice of billing options;
  • Email hosting for spam-free mailing, compatible with best email marketing tools;
  • Pro services of web development, site management, digital marketing, and web design.

DreamHost servers are located in Los Angeles, California, so the company’s services will suit the best American users.

DreamHost Hosting Types & Features

Okay, it’s time to look through each hosting plan and special complements offered by DreamHost service. According to your site’s or app’s complexity and traffic, there are five main plans.

Shared Hosting

This is the cheapest basic option among all web hosts, yet only for the simplest sites. Today, most experienced providers don’t limit the hosted site’s traffic, and DreamHost is not an exception. So no matter how simple your resource is, you can attract any number of users organically or by using the best cold outreach tools.

By choosing this type, your web resource will be hosted only on a server’s section, while multiple same-size ‘neighbors’ will occupy the other parts. If you prefer more visual examples, it’s almost like living in a hotel or renting an apartment.

Shared hosting by DreamHost suits perfectly for WordPress sites and blogs, as well as for small e-commerce projects and local forums. And, if you already have a WP site, you’re welcome to use a free site migration option. Let’s consider the main features:

  • An ultimate toolkit for making a WordPress site from scratch;
  • One or multiple sites on the .com domain for only $7.99, or any type of free domain if choosing one year or three years billing plan;
  • Unbounded traffic;
  • From 50GB storage to unlimited disk space.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS stands for ‘virtual private server.’ This DreamHost offer implies providing space to several users on one virtual server. Imagine living in a classic townhouse - a building with two or three houses lined up next to each other. That is precisely what VPS hosting can be compared to.

As opposed to the simplest and cheapest type, shared hosting, this one is a typical option for middle-sized sites with average traffic. The plan is suitable for small online shops, forums, corporate sites, and developers. What do users get with DreamHost:

  • Free SSL certificate;
  • Unlimited emails and websites;
  • Unbounded traffic;
  • From 1 to 8 Gb RAM;
  • Customizable and convenient control panel;

Depending on the client’s demands, DreamHost offers four different VPS plans and three billing options, which we’re going to tell you later.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated servers are something you don’t want to share with anyone. As you might have guessed, it has nothing in common with shared hosting or the VPS. Such hosting provides a client with an entire server. It is like your company is living in a huge private mansion.

Dedicated servers provided by DreamHost will suit big companies that need to store massive volumes of data: online marketplaces, banking services, online games, popular mobile apps, and SaaS projects. In a nutshell, if you have to deal with massive traffic, you need a dedicated server.

To store and process such an amount of data, companies require the best hardware. DreamHost guarantees their client’s sites will be hosted with the highest quality equipment.

Key features of DreamHost’s dedicated plan are:

  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • The unlimited number of sub-accounts;
  • From 4 to 64GB RAM;
  • Storage space: up to 2 TB HDD or 240 GB SSD;
  • Based on Linux operating system (Ubuntu);
  • DDoS Protection;
  • Full shell and root access;
  • Custom control panel.

Cloud Hosting

A cloud host uses multiple servers to distribute loads and resources. Most clouds work with the help of "cluster technology." It means users connect to servers that use resources of a centralized pool. Simply put, cloud hosting is a set of linked servers, each getting the same load. This solution is highly in demand among web and app developers and big e-commerce projects.

The cloud hosting by DreamHost is called DreamCloud. DreamHost company provides two cloud services: DreamCompute (cloud computing service) and DreamObjects (scalable storage solution).

  • DreamCompute gives 512MB, 2GB, or 8GB RAM servers with 80 GB SSD disk and 100 GB Block Storage.
  • DreamObjects provides five storage options of your choice: 40 GB, 200 GB, 1024 GB, 2048 GB, and 20480 GB disk space.

WordPress Hosting

Do you remember that WP site owners prefer DreamHost? They indeed have very close relationships. Among the DreamHost services, a particular WordPress hosting plan is worth mentioning. They call it DreamPress, and it’s specifically designed for this CRM.

The WordPress hosting plan consists of 3 options based on a client’s monthly traffic and required SSD storage. These are the main benefits a DreamHost customer gets with this plan:

  • Unlimited email accounts at your domain;
  • 30 - 120GB SSD;
  • Pre-installed content delivery network;
  • Jetpack plan with numerous premium site themes and malware scanning;
  • Custom-built control panel;
  • Website builder;
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

E-Commerce Options

The list of possible DreamHost integrations is genuinely limitless. For online stores hosted here, the DreamHost company provides several inbuilt services. It lets users track essential data like traffic, user behavior, and content performance with Chartbeat. It also includes free ZenCart, easily installed with one click.

Finally, Dreamhost’s servers welcome sites powered by Magento or Shopify and let WordPress users seamlessly integrate the WooCommerce tool into their stores. The beginners can also design their first e-commerce sites with Remixer - another website builder for people with zero experience in web design. 

Security Options and Features

A usual issue of most DreamHost reviews is whether this provider keeps your websites secure. We say there wouldn’t be more than 400 000 users if there were some troubles with protection. Here is the whole list of security features:

  • SSL certificates. Free secure-socket layer certificates are available in each hosting plan. Just a brief reminder: you need this to ensure 100% security for online encounters, like entering a password or bank card number.
  • Built-in web application firewall. WAF is the most affordable element that protects your site from all common online threats and attacks.
  • Domain privacy. To protect the data associated with the domain you registered, DreamHost anonymizes your name and contacts available in the WHOIS domain database. And yes, it is free.
  • Spam, phishing, and virus filters. For email servers, DreamHost guarantees protection from all possible types of menaces with the help of machine learning algorithms.
  • Automated backups. Primarily for WordPress site owners, this feature is absolutely free. You also can do it manually. All the backups, regardless of your plan or billing, are stored for two weeks.

Dreamhost Cpanel

DreamHost Pros and Cons

There’re always some drawbacks to any service. Luckily, the pros of DreamHost prevail over the cons. Let’s consider all of them.

DreamHost advantages:

  1. Affordable prices and flexible billing options;
  2. The easy one-click installation process is approachable even for newbies;
  3. Unlimited bandwidth, data storage, sub-domains, and site quantity in most of the plans;
  4. Wide range of tools to pump up clients’ sites and managing experience (for WordPress mostly): website builder, e-commerce applications, DreamHost API;
  5. Outstanding security features.

Some drawbacks:

  1. Many vital options cost extra;
  2. No Windows-based servers;
  3. Limited live chat support although it’s claimed to be 24/7;
  4. Slow load time according to some reviews;
  5. Extra cost for migration of non-WordPress sites. 

DreamHost review: Performance and Uptime

The reliability of hosting providers lies in uptime and speed. Server uptime defines the total duration of the full functionality and is displayed as a percentage. For instance, 99.5% of server uptime means that the rest of 0.5% of server operation falls on shutdowns or other types of interruptions. Seems like a trifle, but in reality, it can be 10 hours a month or even more when your customers don’t have access to your store or corporate blog.

Since servers store all data required for site exploitation, the speed of its load becomes another important characteristic. The server speed defines how quickly your site pages load, considering all your plugins and design bells and whistles. Basically, it depends on your provider’s hardware and how distant its servers are from you. In your turn, you have to ensure that your site’s code and design are optimized.

Speaking of DreamHost, some users who measured the hosting performance had different opinions about these two factors. The company guarantees 100% uptime, but in fact, some customers tracked 99.7%. Nevertheless, in most cases, website owners confirm 99.9% uptime which is indeed a terrific mark.

Concerning the speed, the US sites usually get excellent LCP which is less than 2.5s. More complex sites also rarely get a higher score, but it predictably gets worse among the European and Asian sites. Summing up, DreamHost's performance is not 100% solid but definitely reliable.

DreamHost Pricing Plans

There are dozens of plans and billing options available. Use this DreamHost pricing all-in-one table for easy navigation.

Billing plan Monthly Year Three Years
Shared Website Hosting

Shared Unlimited




Shared Starter




Virtual Private Servers

VPS Basic




VPS Business




VPS Professional




VPS Enterprise




WordPress Basic

WordPress Starter




WordPress Unlimited









DreamPress Plus




DreamPress Pro




Dedicated Server Hosting









DremCompute (Cloud Computing)

512MB RAM Server

Max $4.50



2GB RAM Server

Max $12.00



8GB RAM Server

Max $48.00



Cloud Storage

40 GB




200 GB




1024 GB




2048 GB




20480 GB




As you may see, DreamHost cost depends on your billing plan and the features of a demanded hosting. It’s important to mention that the provider also offers sales, so the DreamHost pricing above can change.

Money-Back Guarantee

Each next DreamHost review you will see on the web emphasizes this benefit. No other hosting provider can boast this long money-back guarantee. You will get a refund within 97 days if you find something unsatisfying about the service. However, there are two conditions. It applies only to shared hosting plans and if you pay with a credit card. For other hosting plans, the refund is available within 30 days, whether you buy a new plan or renew the existing one. Also, if you stop paying but remain your account active, the company may provide a prorated credit for any remaining time on the canceled hosting plan.

Broadly speaking, the money-back policy is more than honest, making the company stand out among hundreds of DreamHost alternatives.

Month-to-Month Billing Option

For more flexibility, DreamHost gives three types of billing: monthly, yearly, and every three years. The month-to-month option is a bit more expensive, but it is a nice way to try the host for several months without any risks.

If you are sure about the company’s services, a yearly plan is what you need. Any time, you’re free to switch to another plan, but note that if you change a yearly plan to monthly, there’ll be no refund for the rest of the paid period. 


Among other delicious cherries on top defined by DreamHost clients, the most popular are:

  • Affiliate program ‘Refer & Earn’ that allows getting up to $200 for each new customer;
  • Regular discounts on the most demanded plans;
  • Impressive range of additional services like SEO, design, SMM, and website management at extra charge;
  • $100 credit for GoogleAdwords.

DreamHost Support

The DreamHost support center offers multiple options. A vast knowledge base can provide dozens of tutorials and brief explanations divided into topics. It is available 24/7… which cannot be said about others. To get answers to your questions and discuss your concerns with a specialist, you are free to use a live chat, mail, forum, or callbacks.

Live chat isn’t open around the clock, it is available from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM PT.

Email tickets are reviewed 24/7.

Considering callbacks, they aren’t off-charge. Some plans include a particular number of available pre-paid callbacks, but prepare some coins if you’re going to use this service too often. Calling a contact center yourself is not provided, which some customers find inconvenient.

Generally, the quality of support is marked as high.

DreamHost Company Review: Conclusions

Summing up this DreamHost review, it’s worth saying that this is a reliable and honorable hosting provider. It supplies numerous hosting plans to any budget and target. Many clients highlight stable uptime, high load speed, highly productive cloud services, and eternal opportunities and benefits for WP users.

Considering an impressive number of free solutions for security and setup, DreamHost pricing can hardly be called high. However, paid callbacks are too much, and there are some gaps in support.

Do we recommend DreamHost? Sure. If you own a WordPress site, this is probably the one and only provider that gives the widest spectrum of tools to make your resource flourish.