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Unlayer review articles are the backbone to confidently adopting the partner's marketing elements into your business. They provide the details about the integrations which will spur your entity into establishing an unchallenged market presence despite choking competition. This summary reflects on the user experiences and software installations you will enjoy ensuring you make an informed choice. 

Unlayer services ensure maximum email deliverability via automated email sending operations while ensuring optimal professionalism. We also look at the packages on offer with extensive details that seek to inform your pick of software. Finally, you will also discover the customer support channels at your disposal. 

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About Unlayer 

The partner comes in handy when you need new email designs for your outbound messages to ensure that your targets get a good first impression. The Unlayer integrations introduced also allow for ease of developing landing pages for your serious prospects who react to your cold outreach emails. The interested parties can click on links to the landing pages where you place different call-to-action options to select. The idea is to ensure that you capture an audience by employing smart design tools that are efficient and simple. 

The company understands the setback when designing templates and pages from scratch using coding resources. They simplify the experience by allowing you to choose predesigned Unlayer email templates and beautiful landing pages where clients come. The tools provided are useful for freelancing designers and marketing teams seeking solidifying customer bases. They help establish pages and interfaces for internal use and target end-users who interact with your product content online.  

Unlayer pricing 

Unlayer pricing details indicate the three plans you will enjoy working with based on your business scale at the integration time.

Free plan

The provider gives you a 14-day free trial to introduce you to the functions incorporated before becoming a subscriber. You can enjoy free templates, stock photos, mobile-supported campaigns, and a drag-and-drop builder. 

Designer package 

The designer package is the most affordable paid plan, suitable for a medium business entity to expand its reach. It contains extras to the free plan, including custom templates and capabilities to export to email service providers and save or edit marketing campaigns. It costs 15 dollars a month to integrate its underlying protocols.    

Team package 

You can enjoy some of the best cold outreach tools for 30 dollars a month with the team package from your Unlayer service partner. The custom tool allows benefits such as dynamic content options and defined user roles for your team, in addition to the functionalities in designer packages.

Unlayer features 

The Unlayer protocols come with features that will benefit your campaigns by ensuring instructiveness that guides end-users towards desirable reactions. They include:

  1. Embedded editor
  2. HTML email templates 
  3. Email template bundles
  4. Content blocks 

Embedded editor 

You can embed the Unlayer editor into your ecosystem if you want tools that will help you quickly design interfaces for internal and user engagements. The editor and page builder ensure that you develop the resources without trouble. They need little expertise to develop the landing pages where your clients come to see more product details and subscribe to your content. 

HTML email templates

Unlayer email editor tools can customize your email template outlooks to create professional appearances. They are also handy in designing mobile responsive emails, allowing users to interact with the elements and take suitable actions. Such elements ensure brand uniqueness and identity that stands out. 

Email template bundles

Unlayer dashboard tools have ready-made templates to select from instead of creating them from scratch. You can choose what appeals to you from the Unlayer studio and make the small adjustments to make it satisfactory for your needs. 

Content blocks

The Unlayer API allows for interfaces with drag-and-drop capability, allowing swift content creation when writing new emails to send. The email editor ensures that your outbound emails are error-free and meet the thresholds for the best email marketing tools

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Unlayer review pros and cons 

Unlayer reviews are useful when judging the service and determining the suitability of the tools based on the pros and cons. 


  1. Your marketing personnel will save time when designing new emails because the tools allow for bulk design.
  2. There is great design flexibility when dealing with the integrations allowing you to adapt them to unique emailing challenges in your establishment. 
  3. Automating high-stakes functions in the marketing department ensures effectiveness through collaborated task execution.   


  1. The tools demand patience from your workers to understand their operation needs. 
  2. The pricing categories do not give much competitive edge to the user compared to the Unlayer alternative options. 

Unlayer support 

The company works to ensure constant access to help for its clients whenever they struggle with implementing the Unlayer custom tool. The team of experts can physically visit your enterprise if a serious operation failure needs sorting. However, consider the online spaces where teams are on standby to guide you through small functionality adjustments that you can perform alone.  

First, Unlayer support is available using the live chat feature on the website to initiate a conversation in search of help after encountering any difficulty. The feature allows you to use your mailbox to reach the help desk via the official mailbox to review your requests and respond accordingly. The team will return after finding appropriate solutions or send an expert if more information is required. 

Additionally, you can contact the team using their official pages on various social media platforms. Help sought via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn might require some patience for a full response due to the many communications encountered from clients. 


Unlayer review details indicate that the tool is one of the market's best email design and landing page creation providers. The partner boasts a free package that will kick-start your journey of exploring the intrigues of email marketing to capture buyer loyalty. The software installed to boost your market presence by ensuring that you exude professionalism through your emails which advances brand awareness. You can then graduate to a paid package comprising customized resources that suit your requirements and fall within your budget. The company offers several HTML email templates to choose from before further customization to create an appealing brand identity.  

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