SendPulse: Multi-Channel Marketing Platform

Effective email marketing is a vital element of a success-oriented business strategy. These days, it is not enough to design a good-looking and responsive website to spike sales. Most companies prefer to send emails and other notifications to keep their clients up-to-date with everything that goes on with the vendor. However, email campaigns go much further than just a valuable piece of information planted in the message. Besides, there is always the notion of effective email deliverability on the horizon.

After a minute of reflection, it will strike you that practical email marketing software can come of great use in the battle of winning the hearts of your customer base and leaving the competitors behind. You are absolutely right! Yet, with the versatility of available options, you should pick the best in the industry. That is when our professional SendPulse review comes of great use. We will share the secrets that others prefer to leave out!

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SendPulse review: comprehensive service definition

What is SendPulse? It is a multi-features email marketing solution that most small business and their middle-size compatriots will find of extreme use. It is a cloud-based platform that enables its clients to take push notifications, SMS messages, and email management under control.

SendPulse company is a relatively recent addition to the marketing field. However, since 2015 the service has kept polishing its skills and introducing new functions and features to the scene. On top of practical email campaign management, you can check your messages through effective A/B testing to find and fix potential drawbacks and improve user conversion. Besides, the vendor makes it possible to work with templates and landing pages so that you build the online presence of your dreams.

If that wasn't enough, SendPulse services include reputable servers and IPs so that your delivery rates are impeccable. After you launch the marketing campaign, you should be able to monitor and analyze the stats that it brings. SendPulse presents great analytical reports to help you tune up your strategy and reap even better results. So, the service will be more than handy whether you are a marketing shark or just at the beginning of your online marketing path.

Outstanding features of SendPulse company

Like all the best cold outreach tools, SendPulse comes packed with various functions that refer to different branches of online marketing. However, today we will center your attention on email marketing features in particular and describe other characteristics only briefly.

Drag-and-drop editor

All the email campaigns start with a functional email template at hand. However, working on those appears to be a more challenging task than you have expected. With SendPulse at hand, you can forget overwhelming coding rules since the provided drag-and-drop editor enables you to create fancy templates. Using the tools provided, you can introduce text, YouTube links, and images to the structure and experiment with the size, color, or style. Besides, a rich template library is available too.

Responsive subscription forms

Aside from email templates, the platform allows it to customize the subscription forms as well. The unique form will help you generate unlimited subscribers and drive the sales up in no time. The form is fully responsive and automated so that all the changes in the builder will be displayed on your website immediately after you save the form. Besides, you can experiment with different types of forms. Whether these are pop-up windows, embedded forms, or floating forms – each option is well-represented.

Email automation

Not every other SendPulse alternative can help you automate the process, but SendPulse is different. The system will initiate automated responses aimed at proper user engagement without your manual interference. It takes to decide when you want the reminder to be sent to the mailing list. You can pick from the following categories:

  • Abandoned cart reminded;
  • After-purchase email;
  • Sign-up welcome message;
  • Event-advertising email;
  • Confirmation email;
  • Feedback email;
  • Re-engagement message.

Detailed analytics

Some SendPulse reviews fail to mention the analytical component of the service. The software lets you analyze every launched campaign to see how well it performs and what can be improved or fixed. You can monitor the click map, geo stats showing which country presents the most interested audience, click and open rates based on the device in use, and other critical data.

Email verification

You'd be surprised how many fake and inactive addresses can be on your mailing list. Every time you send emails to such addresses, your bounce rate grows, affecting your reputation and deliverability, not in the best way. To escape the negative consequences of such an email address, SendPulse presents an effective email verifier that spots issues like that and helps you remove all the obstacles on your route to success.

SendPulse API

The service features a functional API as well. The feature allows it to integrate SendPulse with other projects that a client finds useful. The integration is swift and effortless. Besides, the number of active SendPulse integrations is growing by the day. You can count on WordPress, Shopify, and Zapier, among others already.

Additional features:

  • CRM – proper sales and user communication automation.
  • Landing pages – build unique and fancy landing pages with the skill and effort involved.
  • Create online courses – you can share your knowledge through customizable and practical online programs.
  • Chatbots – simplify your user communication with automated responses throughout most popular social media.
  • SMS campaigns – initiate a bulk SMS service to multiply the chances of client conversion.
  • Web push notifications – keep your customers engaged and alert by sending them effective messages when something new comes up.

SendPulse user interface

With such an impressive load of features that a single platform has in store, it's only natural to wonder how easy it is to manage, especially if you have no experience in the field. The moment you glance at the presented user interface, you will be amazed at how neat and organized it is. However, that does not make up for the overwhelming flow of information that seems to be coming from every direction.

Yet, as the first impression passes and you choose either of the supported features or functions, you will be presented with an orderly description of everything you need to know. Besides, every field-related section comes with a dedicated guide to help you understand the notion better. The wide variety of tutorials and additional materials will educate the user in no time, without any third-party assistance. Nevertheless, you can ask for a support agent's help whenever you need it.

Getting started

After a brief observation of the platform, you will be asked to join the ranks if you want to proceed with the services. Even if you opt for a free subscription, you must create an account with SendPulse first. The busiest clients can use their Google accounts to connect with the service. Yet, you should be ready to answer some questions that the system will ask so that it can tune your requirements with a perfect proposition in store. All in all, the platform is logically built and carries enough industry information for every user to make the most of it with the least time and effort. Gif Maker

Pros and cons of SendPulse service

A professional SendPulse review wouldn't be complete without the potential downsides of the service.


  • Effective A/B testing;
  • detailed reporting and analytics;
  • extensive support options.


  • Email scheduling ill-presented;
  • too much information to process;
  • limited phone support.

SendPulse pricing policy

Most of the best email marketing tools offer their service for a price, and SendPulse tries to correspond to the industry standards. Yet, the vendor's pricing policy is slightly different from the rest. SendPulse company ensures that no client pays for unnecessary functions or unnecessary features.

SendPulse pricing is divided into different categories. The first thing to define would be whether these are email marketing services, web push notifications, SendPulse chatbot features, or SMS or transactional messages you are interested in.

After that, you can decide on whether it is a monthly subscription or an annual one that you seek. Email marketing services are available in a 6-month subscription variation, too. While the vendor presents affordable price police, the more extended your membership plan is, the cheaper it will be. A yearly plan will cut 20% off the SendPulse cost. Plus, all the pre-paid plans cover unlimited emails.

Aside from the pre-paid email packages that the SendPulse service offers, there is a free plan for every function available. Whether it is a SendPulse free web push notification set that covers 10K clients or a Free email management subscription that enables you to send around 15K letters to 500 users – you can reap the benefits of it free of charge.

On top of that, the pay-as-you-go feature makes the payment structure even more functional and flexible. What is more, different discounts and cooperation programs are presented. Should you decide to vouch for the service, you can get a 10% discount, which you can also share with your clients. Besides, freelancers can sign up for a 25-percent sales commission triggered by a pre-paid subscription. SendPulse takes the bonus system even further and offers another 10% if a client switches to a higher subscription tier.

SendPulse support policy

Some companies are extremely protective of their active contact information. While that is understandable, it can't but raise some suspicions. Yet, things like that do not refer to SendPulse. Should you lack some answers, you can access the company's support desk using the fittest option.

In case you want to try and find the solution on your own, the platform features all sorts of helpful information, including guides and tutorials, to help you achieve the goal you seek. Should you have a lingering issue that you can't yet figure out, you can send the request to the service's support, and their representative will get in touch with you shortly. However, if you face a pressing matter, you can use the Live chat option and have the issue professionally resolved shortly.

Lastly, phone support is available throughout the countries in which SendPulse is represented. However, the phone line should be used only when you have an urgent request that directly concerns the sales department. All the technical issues can be resolved through other offered support methods. Lastly, the support is offered in five languages, which brings the service even close to an average user.


SendPulse is one of the most effective marketing solutions available online at the moment. Despite the overwhelming plethora of features and functions the service covers, the sign-up process, and the platform layout are user-oriented and straightforward. To bring sales success close to a developing business, the company presents a flexible and affordable price policy with a fair share of freebies and bonuses to benefit from.

Unlike similar vendors, SendPulse cares for the client base's other marketing solutions. That is why the well-designed and practical API allows it to integrate other business solutions with the service. If that weren't enough, SendPulse's support policy exceeds all expectations. You can reach out to the support desk using the most suitable option you find fit at the moment. What is more, the Live support isn't limited to premium clients only. Anyone can make use of it in times of need.

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