Movable Ink: AI Tool to Personalize Email Marketing

Despite being in the business industry for nearly ten years, the company maintains the energy of a startup. Movable Ink Company has a builder platform that streamlines and accelerates your email production process. It gives your team the freedom to produce distinctive emails without coding. The design of primary email campaigns is now simpler than ever, thanks to the builder. Your business will achieve email deliverability that you have never witnessed before. The visual experience platform from Movable Ink is used by more than 700 of the most cutting-edge brands in the world. It proves why the company is the best in email automation.

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About Movable Ink

All businesses require marketing automation to achieve higher productivity. Movable Ink just revolutionized how this is supposed to be done. Visuals provide viewers with something tactile to engage with. Our Movable Ink Review shows the company is leading the way by enabling big brands and small businesses to transform their data into personalized visuals.

What is Movable Ink?

Movable Ink services create beautiful real-time persuasive email and web marketing technologies that target customer interaction by observing their online behavior and abandoned carts. As a marketer, you can use this tool to create auto-generated campaigns and data activate them. You can make critical decisions based on this information and connect to any data, no matter the location. 

The tool is easy to use. That's why there is no need to learn coding or graphic design. You will get customizable templates that are easy to edit and use. Automatically include real-time product recommendations and weather details in emails using the Movable Ink service. The platform also helps in implementing the best cold outreach tools.

Movable Ink features

Movable Ink review provides many features that will streamline your email marketing campaigns. Using Marketing Automation to its fullest potential requires having the capacity to create emails as needed swiftly. It is where Movable Ink comes in to help you create dynamic emails by integrating the best email marketing tools and saving time. The features you will get when you use the platform in your business include;

  1. Tracking. The platform can allow for adding snippets to emails, which helps track data and how users interact with some emails. Data that is mainly tracked with movable Ink includes clicks and general impressions. 
  2. Contextual targeting. The automated systems target customers and send them relevant email advertising campaigns. 
  3. Analytics and reporting. The software shows real-time analytics of the impressions and clicks from your customers.
  4. Customizable fields. You can start creating in the form of blocks by just uploading static images from your media library. Creating a campaign using the customizable fields is easy; you start from the Movable ink home screen and select in-app messaging.
  5. Movable Ink Integrations. The integrations allow you to receive data from servers, mobile libraries, and JavaScript libraries. Movable Ink API integrations do this task for you.
  6. Location-based marketing. By tracking the customer's location, the tool helps send appropriate campaigns to the target audience. It helps companies to prevent sending spam emails to customers.

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Movable Ink Review pros and cons

The company has pros and cons because no matter how services are offered, there are usually some drawbacks.


Some of the positive Movable Ink reviews include;

  1. Simplicity. The creative process of using templates in email marketing is simple, and the results are achieved quickly.
  2. Personalization. Movable Ink lets you put your customer's content, such as their locations, names, and what they are most interested in.
  3. Unique features. The company provides unique add-ons like calendar features that make the experience unique.


Some issues can also undermine your email marketing performance. The shortcomings include;

  1. Once you create a campaign in a specified location, migrating it is not easy. You will be required to create a new campaign in the correct location.
  2. New features being rolled out are not communicated effectively to the users.

Contently is a Movable Ink alternative service provider for small businesses that want to have a competitive marketing edge. 

Movable Ink pricing

Movable Ink cost is custom depending on the category of your business. They offer solutions to different services and businesses, for example; media organizations, retail services, financial services, and travel and Hospitality services

Because the company values customer engagement, you will first fill out a form on the Movable Ink website to book your demo. Experts will get back to you in 1 to 2 days to discuss your company's requirements. Movable Ink pricing is custom with flexible rates depending on the retail solutions your company needs to acquire. The retail solutions offer customizable content for exploring and luring your target market with material that speaks to their unique wants. 

Movable Ink support

Movable Ink Company is the best solution to your email marketing needs in this digital era. You will also reduce the heavy burden of sending emails to your workers by tracking your audience and giving them relevant email campaigns.

Contacting the support team is more effortless when looking for Movable Ink services. You can fill out a separate form on the company's website indicating your query, name, email, and phone number, after which they will respond.

The company has different contacts in various cities. For example, you can contact them in New York City and Chicago through tel:18002706033 and tel:442037052633 when in London.


Based on our Movable Ink review, the platform is flexible and helps emails stand out, making most innovative brands rely on it. Today you can explore the Movable Ink Exchange, a library of partner integrations that supports the critical business mission and drive several innovations within companies. The company belongs to Vivek Sharma, who intends to push the marketing needs of establishments at a fair Movable Ink pricing rate.

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