Mailjet Delivery Service for Marketing & Developer Teams

Choosing the right tool for your email marketing campaigns among the numerous best cold outreach tools is never easy. Nonetheless, rumor has it that some platforms are better than others. What about Mailjet? Is it good enough? Or is it not worth the trouble? In this Mailjet review, you’ll find the answers to all these questions. Let’s go!

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Mailjet Review

Yes, there’s a bunch of various email marketing software options on the market, but Mailjet is pretty distinguishable. This Mailjet review will tell you why. So what is Mailjet, after all?

In a nutshell, Mailjet is an email marketing tool that assists you in creating, sending, and keeping track of your emails. With this platform, you are able to create and launch successful email marketing campaigns. The Mailjet company has been working for years to improve their service and provide the best features on the market. The tool works both with marketing and transactional emails. With Mailjet is that you can easily collect data and statistics on your email campaign performances to improve your efforts in the future. 

The email marketing software is designed both for developers and marketers, meaning it’s pretty versatile. In addition to its varied features that will be discussed later, the Mailjet service also offers a multi-user collaboration feature and marketing automation mechanisms. In other words, since that moment, multiple users are capable of working on the same letter at the same time (and in real-time). But there’s more to Mailjet services: this email builder is super user-friendly

But even despite all these positive characteristics, a tremendous amount of people still claim that the Mailjet company has a huge number of drawbacks, like putting way too high prices on their products. Moreover, these folks claim that the tool is actually a midmarket solution without any features that make it stick out. According to them, all Mailjet reviews should point out that the tool is very limited in functionality, support team, and pricing options, which makes Mailjet incapable of standing in the same line with Mailjet alternatives. Is this true? We’ll try and figure this out.

About the Mailjet Company

So what is Mailjet? Long story short, it is a tool that helps you improve your email deliverability rates. According to many, it is also one of the best email marketing tools

Mailjet introduces a variety of email marketing solutions to take your business to the next level. For example, it provides assistance with building emails, managing your contacts, keeping track of analytics, integrating your email API, setting up SMTP servers, documenting your results, and many other things. A happy Mailjet user will tell you that this tool has significantly reduced their work time and allowed them to focus on the more important stuff.

At this point, you may be wondering, “Is Mailjet just what I need? Does it work for me?” Let’s see. Mailjet is for people who don’t want to spend extra time building landing pages, building contact lists, creating email templates and transactional emails, and getting new contacts. The Mailjet team has taken care of your business and provided the major advanced features for you to be able to delegate all mundane tasks and prioritize more human-based work. With Mailjet, you no longer have to worry about list management, contact lists, and even subject lines.

In addition to its decent online support (which we will talk more about later), this landing page builder puts a great emphasis on being an all-in-one versatile tool that will free you of the burden of having to do all work manually. Instead, it uses marketing automation mechanisms that will automate all routine tasks, meaning you don’t have to waste your precious time on the robot’s prerogative. Does this mean the platform will do all the work for you? Unfortunately, no. However, it will do a lot, taking care of the things you would have to do manually-normally. 

Many clients have reported Mailjet to aid in launching effective email marketing campaigns. Working with both marketing and transactional emails, the platform is good enough for any business, no matter what goal you’re pursuing. But the best part is: that there’s a free plan option from Mailjet. Even though Mailjet pricing is a crucial (in a negative way) factor to many reviewers, you can give the platform a chance without spending a single extra cent on it.  And if you want to go the extra mile, feel free to purchase a premium plan and become one of the many premium users, who are endlessly satisfied with the product’s efficacy. 

So, the bottom line is as follows: Despite many dubious opinions, Mailjet is a pretty good option, compared to other email marketing software, if you want to save money and time on boring tasks. You can always opt for a free plan from Mailjet, but buying a premium plan version is another great option. So it’s up to you!

Now, what features does Mailjet have? Keep on reading.

Mailjet Features 

Mailjet offers more advanced features than you might think. Let’s discuss them in profound detail. Here are the chief Mailjet features (or at least the ones they can boast):

  • Workspace — using Mailjet, you can easily create a special email marketing workplace (or workspace) for your teammates. Feel free to invite the members to your workspace, offering each of the particular dedicated roles and giving them specific permissions. You can always control the things they can access and edit from your account. As an owner, you are welcome to separate marketing campaigns from transactional emails, as well as permit a bunch of sub-accounts (actually, as many as you need) to fit the structure and lifestyle of your business.
  • Email campaigns — with Mailjet, creating engaging email campaigns is much easier. Using the tool’s drag-and-drop editor, as well as its email templates collection, you can make email marketing campaigns in a flash. This digital marketing service makes it possible for you to achieve a faster connection with your audience and get constant contact with your leads. Mailjet’s designing mechanisms are so simple that even novice users will get a hold of it in seconds.
  • Cooperation — unlike other email marketing services, Mailjet’s unique feature offers amazing collaboration options. Using Mailjet, you can work on the same email. These multiple users feature has many obvious benefits, including the clearest one — real-time collaboration. You can also leave comments and send approvals of other users’ comments. This way, you won’t have to go back and forth with your designs, being able to complete the work faster and just as efficiently. This is one of Mailjet’s finest advanced features.
  • Managing contacts — with Mailjet, you can easily manage your leads. Specifically, you can freely export contacts, share contact properties, and of course — import contacts. Yes, you can put in contact info from Mailjet API — or, if you want, import it manually. Another cool thing about this feature is that as soon as you import your contacts, the system matches them— or, better said, their properties, such as location, name, and email address. And from then on, working with email marketing lists has never been easier because Mailjet has an actions list for you to track all activities. For example, adding new contacts to the list or sending email marketing campaigns.
  • Autoresponding — this one is really simple. Special AI-driven mechanisms track your clients’ behavior, analyze it and then respond to it accordingly. This could be sending relevant replies or follow-up letters to your customers. For example, when you have to onboard a new lead onto your product and/or company, you can use welcome letters. Even more than that, you are capable of choosing from a variety of templates that are relevant to a particular target audience. In the case of onboarding, these are welcome templates. This works equally well with email marketing and transactional emails. The bad thing about this feature is that you can’t go beyond these templates, you can only use them and that’s it.
  • Transactional emails — a transactional email (like a well-known confirmation email, a delivery or packaging letter, etc.) is a very important aspect of some B2B businesses. In this case, Mailjet can surely boast an amazing transactional email feature. The job of this service is to basically make sure your emails go to your client’s inboxes and not their spam folders. They check a dedicated IP address and then see if it’s valid or not. So yes, Mailjet isn’t just a user-friendly landing page builder!
  • Analytics — Mailjet provides great analytics support. Even though it’s nothing out of the ordinary, the platform does offer cool statistical data on your efforts. It has both private contact reports and email statistics in general. The latter one includes such things as click rates, open rates, peak sending periods, spam complaints, bounces, and of course unsubscription rates. And, as for the contact reports, with them, you can find out how many emails each user has opened or clicked the links in.

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Mailjet Pros and Cons

Like any other email marketing software, Mailjet also has some good and bad points to it. This is what we mean.

Mailjet Pros

  • The ability to work with multiple users at the same time — as it has been mentioned, Mailjet’s unique feature that distinguishes it from other tools is that it allows you to collaborate with your colleagues on the same document (aka email). This is one of the platform’s self-hosted options that can hardly be found anywhere else.
  • Mailjet cost — first of all, Mailjet does offer a decent free plan. Nonetheless, even the paid version won’t cost you a kidney. The company’s pricing philosophy is that a great tool shouldn’t be worth a fortune. This way, if you ever decide to upgrade from a free plan to a premium one with unlimited subscribers and unlimited contacts, you won’t feel an extreme contrast in your wallet. 
  • Design — the tool is extremely (we can’t emphasize it enough) simple in use. It’s also very flexible. You are welcome to choose from a variety of design templates. Moreover, their templates are mobile responsive. Plus, Mailjet integrations are amazing (for example, you can integrate Mailjet with Google Docs).
  • Effectiveness — it has been stated by many Mailjet users that although, quote, “there is nothing extraordinary about Mailjet,” it still brings great results. In other words, if you want to improve your email deliverability at a low cost, this tool will do it.
  • Easy opt-in and opt-out procedures (and simple registration forms) — with subscription widgets, making registration forms is super easy. So either use their easy editor or work in an HTML mode. 

But what about the drawbacks? Are there any? Yes. Let’s see.

Mailjet Cons

  • Limited segmentation — Mailjet isn’t exactly professional at advanced segmentation options. Yes, it does provide basic conditions which are based on a contact’s behavior. However, you can’t really know which email your leads opened and don’t know when. 
  • Difficult list management — you can’t easily unsubscribe bounces users. In other words, you’ll have to first download them, and only then will you be able to delete them using the removal interface. 
  • Hard automation — anniversary and data scenarios are also limited. In a nutshell, automation conditions do leave room for improvement.
  • Versatility — according to many, Mailjet isn’t a universal tool. Yes, with the platform, you can create emails and build campaigns, but it won’t do all the work for you. For example, it doesn’t cover CRM integrations or sales funnel services. 
  • Navigation problems — with Mailjet, there isn’t always logic behind their interface. Simply put, one action isn’t followed by another logical activity. Sometimes, you’ll just have to resort to the “back” button way too often. Or, for example, you can’t just return to the main menu because there is no “save” button. This way, you have to fully complete one action and only then move to the next.

Now, let’s move on to the most important topic — Mailjet pricing.

Mailjet Pricing

There are multiple plan options with Mailjet. First of all, there is the above-mentioned free plan. You won’t have to pay any fees with the free plan and it won’t even require a credit card input. Next comes the “Essential” pricing plan, which costs as much as $15 a month. With the Essential option, you can count on 15,000 emails per month, no limits to daily sending letters, no Mailjet logo, email address verifications, nice segmentation, and 50 email previews.

The more advanced option is Premium. Premium users obviously get way more perks. In addition to the above-mentioned features, they also receive advanced statistics, marketing automation tricks, 10 sub-accounts, A/B testing features, and priority online support. But with this plan, you’ll have to pay a bit more on a monthly basis — $25.

Finally, the most advanced plan is the Custom one. The price for it is set upon request and individually. With a Custom plan, you’ll receive all Premium plan features, plus 24/7 support, a dedicated personal manager, profound onboarding, deliverability stats, content analysis, and a bunch of other unique features. 

In addition, you can also purchase a yearly plan and save 10%. You can also request a custom price for the SMS feature — to do that, visit the company’s website.

Mailjet Support

Mailjet provides many customer support versions. If you visit their “Contact Us” page, you’ll see many assistance options, depending on what you need at the moment. For instance, there is technical support, pricing & billing help, a partnerships section, legal questions, abuse reporting, and just general product feedback. All these frequently answered questions should cover the typical issues clients have with Mailjet. However, if that doesn’t suffice, be sure to enter your email (scroll down), input your message (talking about your problem), and the support team will shortly get back to you.


Is Mailjet an ideal email marketing tool? Probably not. Is it still good enough, given its price and the quality of services? Definitely. If you opt for Mailjet, you should be aware that you won’t get an all-in-one software covering all your needs. However, you will certainly end up with a product that significantly boosts your marketing efforts and enhances your revenue without demanding a million dollars for it.

So, at this point, you have to decide what exactly you expect from an email tool you’re searching for and then see if Mailjet suits the picture. But remember, you can always try their free plan and move from there. So don’t hesitate to do that!

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